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Introducing ...Authoress Regina Swanson !

Who Is Regina Swanson?

Regina Swanson is a romance fiction writer signed to Royalty Publishing House, living in Dallas Texas. She is the author of the My Husband's Other Women Series. All three books are currently available in kindle and paperback format on Amazon. She has degrees in Education, Counseling, and Psychology. Regina works as a Student Support Specialist with families and at-risk students. When she is not writing or working with families she spends time playing tennis and relaxing with family and friends.

The Series ...

My Husband's Other Women (Part 1)

Rayvon Laws swore he'd never get married. There were too many beautiful women in the world to choose from and he was too greedy to settle down with just one. The longest he'd been in a serious relationship was two weeks. But that all changed when he met Stacy who finally snatched up his heart… and all his other drama.

What he didn’t know was that Stacy, the self-proclaimed good girl, could get down and dirty when pushed to her limit. Dealing with her husband’s other women causes her to pull a few tricks from her own bag and sends everyone into a tailspin of confusion.

In a story of sex, lies and cheating who does it best Rayvon or Stacy?

My Husband's Other Women (Part 2)


In a game of love and war are there any true winners?

Rayvon has a new wife and a new baby. You would think that he would finally be satisfied but when it comes to Rayvon’s adulterous ways, you can never know for sure. Is his new family enough to help him leave his mistresses bed for good?

Janice will soon find out that all that glitters ain’t gold. Being a wife instead of the mistress slaps her in the face as the roles change and now she has to deal with what she used to dish out.

After finally being rid of her tumultuous relationship with Rayvon and starting a new family, Stacy is finally happy. Fortunately, Stacy was able to keep her daughter’s true paternity away from Rayvon. But how much longer can she keep it a secret?

As hearts are broken and secrets are revealed, nothing is off limits in this story of these husbands’ and wives’ battles to keep their families together.
My Husband's Other Women (Part 3)

Ephesians 5:25 says, husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church.

Rayvon Laws either never read the bible, or has no clue of the definition of love. Rayvon has proved that once a cheater always a cheater. As Part 3 unfolds, the women in Rayvon's life realize that every dog has his day. But which of his other women finally brings him to his knees?

Janice has put her heart and soul into making her marriage last. After realizing that her efforts will never be enough to hold onto someone who was never hers to begin with, will she be able to find peace and forgiveness in a man she once despised.

Stacy has been used to letting her sister handle anyone that wronged her. But when the tables are turned, she must find the courage needed to step into the unfamiliar role of protector.

At the end of it all who will be left scrambling to have the scales of justice tipped in their favor.
Customer Reviews
Great Debut by Lagyrl7 (My Husband's Other Women, Part 1)

"My Husband's Other Women DEFINITELY lives up to the title. Rayvon definitely shows that when it comes to mistresses and side chicks, he can't have just one.

M.H.O.W. was written as fiction, but this could easily be true life for several wives out there. The story is very relatable and believable. Rayvon showed that you can have the best wife at home, but when you're a true dog, you only care about yourself and what makes self happy. Stacy portrayed so many wives that usually ignore the signs that are often presented to them in regards to their man....but the deep love they have for them blinds them and clouds their judgment.

Overall this was a GREAT debut novel. The twists in the plot definitely kept you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book to another reader."

Awesome by Chanell Nicole (My Husband's Other Women, Part 2)

"This book was excellent from the beginning to the end!! Definitely a page turner!! A emotional roller coaster ride of lies, deceit, drama. I love how Janice and Rayvon got exactly what they deserved. That was sad what happened to Cree. Stacy and Tracy mom wasn't no good. I'm glad Stacy was happy even with all the drama. Can't wait for part 3! !"

Excellent Story by K. Avery (My Husband's Other Women, Part 3)
"Wow!!!! I don't know how much more I can say! I enjoyed book 3 just as much as I enjoyed the first two books! The whole story was great. I'm glad there were some happy endings and I'm glad Rayvon got what was coming to him!!! That karma.....ooh wee!!!!! I'm still sad that Cree didn't make it to the end, though!!! However, it was excellent!!!!"

Contact Regina Swanson

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Winner will be announced on Sunday, February, 1, 2015 at 7pm est. via email and published on this blog.
What's your definition of Urban Fiction and why did you fall in love with this genre?

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$0.99 New Release

Alicia Howard Presents ...

Delusional by Ashlynne


Ariana is a heart broken girl who uses bed hopping as an excuse to shut out the world. Sleeping with different men was the only way she would get back at her love Jadence, who made her abort his kid then ended the relationship. Jadence never meant to hurt Ariana but her having a kid at the age seventeen while he was twenty two wouldn't work. Jadence values her future and doesn't want to jeopardize it with his carelessness. His Carelessness rubbed off on Ariana making him watch Ari sleep with everyone he knows but when she sleeps with the wrong guy, Jadence has no choice but to do what he has to, to keep her safe.

Jadence and Ariana both share something other than love for one another. They share the love for Aura. Aura is the only person that can keep Ariana on the right track. She is like Ariana's guardian Angel. Watching the pain of Ariana has Aura scared of love. Jadence does everything he can to protect Aura's innocence and he swears he won't hurt her the way he hurt Ariana but when he finally has her innocence for himself a heart full of emotions is released and the three want one thing; each other. Jadence will do anything to give his girls the future they ask for rather that means double crossing, jail time or even death.

Now Available On Amazon for $0.99
or Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Do You DARE2BEE A Published Author?

Brittani Williams Presents …

Is Now Accepting Submissions

If you are an aspiring author looking to have your book published, a new author looking to reach a larger audience or an established author looking to step up your game, Dare2Bee Dramatic Publishing is now accepting submissions!

Brittani Williams is the national bestselling and award winning author of 9 novels, best known for Daddy's Little Girl and the Black Diamond Series. She is also the designer behind countless of bestselling book covers. If you feel you have what it takes you are welcomed to submit!

If you have a manuscript that you'd like to submit you can send it to:

Brittani is only looking for fiction works at the present time. You must submit the first 30 pages or 3 chapters with a full synopsis. Also send an author bio and full contact information so that she can reach you if she is interested in reading your entire novel.

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Wifetress Review

Melinda Graves pen game is amazingly sick! This novel will have you glued to the pages all the way to the end, making you itch for more like you’re a heroin addict! I couldn’t put this book down at all until I completed it! It’s filled with a rollercoaster of love, lies, great sex, betrayal, jealousy, envy and deception. When people you love whom you refer to as family, deceive you in numerous ways as if you’re a stranger from off the streets, there’s no limit to their actions. There’s guaranteed to be chaos! The pain, the tears shed, & the broken hearts in this story could be felt within you & relatable to many.

Lex, Trisha, Tone, Monique, Aaliyah and Carlos are all great friends but consider and treat each other like family. When life progresses everything goes from happiness to despair; lies are told, friends become enemies, family deceive one another, hearts are broken, jealousy and envy surface and death takes you home. The suspense & twist in this story will catch you off guard. When you think you know all you should, you find out it’s so much more adding to the tea.  

Trisha was driving herself crazy from the infidelity her husband put her through. It's a shame that you feel more like your husband's mistress than his wife. She could have left him, with nothing to lose, but her heart wouldn't allow her. Weak-minded, she allowed her husband to disrespect her and make her feel & look like garbage. She is set out to make him & his mysterious “wifetress” pay when it’s all said & done. A happy & content face for now, but will she pull it off? Will the monster deep within be released?

I couldn’t stand Lex, Trisha’s husband. The way he treated his maid & wife were uncalled for. This multimillion baseball player was indeed a monster, a devil in disguise. He absolutely doesn’t deserve to be happy! I hated his character although it suited him so well. You just have to read this book to see what I’m speaking of. He’s one dirty dude. I can’t wait to see what happens to the rest of his life! Hopefully, Melinda will write him off!

I felt bad for Aaliyah. A battered woman who chose to take her own life to escape the hell that she lived. I would have found another way out though, never suicide. From the descriptive detail of how Carlos character is, trust & believe, you will want to jump in the print of this book & “write in” you beating his behind! He & Lex are the worst (just the same), but yet hate each other …now isn’t that something? Carlos had his own vendetta. Even so, he had no one to blame for his pitiful life but himself. He set it all in motion. You have to be careful what you ask for …it could harm you more than it can bring you good! You’re going to have to one-click this book to find out what happens with these two!

I loved Tone’s character. For him to be so smart, it took him a long time to put the pieces of the puzzle together though. He was blinded by love and the power of the P! I was sadden by his fate. He really didn’t deserve all that was thrown at him. Good men are hard to find & his wife just threw him away. Shame on her!

Monique had the perfect life, but if you’re not happy I guess it really isn’t so perfect. She is the owner of the most successful African American sports agency in the country, has a great son & an amazing husband! So why isn’t she happy? Why would you bring so much misery to the ones you love? Sleeping with her husband’s best friend she is known as one man’s wife …another man’s mistress!

Maybe they will all meet this sista named KARMA …she tends to visit from time to time and is a force to reckoned with. I Can’t wait to find out all the juicy secrets in part 2. Make sure you all go and one-click this great read! You won’t be disappointed. Excellent job Melinda!

Wifetress ~ New Release


Monique has the perfect marriage, a life most women would for but her husband isn't enough for her anymore...however, her best friend's multimillionaire husband, Lex, is.

Trisha has no clue why her husband is treating her like a mistress when she's held him down from day one. But she will soon out and someone is going to pay!

Aliyah is attempting to put her life back together after an unsuccessful suicide attempt due to a horrific husband when someone from her past gives her a reason to live. Will Carlos let that happen?

Ain't No Fun When The Thot Got The Son ~ New Release

When you become an overnight phenomenon in the NFL, the money comes faster than your next breath. After signing a 90 million dollar contract, JT had the world at his fingertips. After crossing paths with an unexpected pretty face from his past he found himself waking up the next morning alone and unable to remember anything from the night before. JT blows the night off as a bad experience and goes back to his brighter-than-lights lifestyle– but things quickly change when the thot claims to be pregnant. His mind was made up and he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that trifling woman never had his child– even if it risked his career and his life.
Don't blink on this thrill ride that'll leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat with every breathtaking turn. Sex, lies, and murder plague every part of this deadly game. The stakes are high and trust is becoming more unfamiliar with each roll of the loaded dice. JT knew the cost of losing but his addiction for winning fueled his every move and wouldn't allow him to quit. The only thing he didn't know was when a thot wanted you there was nothing you can do about it.

Ain't No Fun When The Thot Got The Son
Amazon Author's Page

For The Love of A Hustler ~ New Release

The first release from Blake Karrington Presents ...
Azriel Jacobs has had enough. Enough of her abusive boyfriend, and the frenemy who pushed up on her man the first chance she got. When someone tries to kill her, Azriel decides it’s time for a change. With money in her pockets, and larceny in her heart, she leaves home and heads for the unknown. Change is not as uncomfortable as she initially thought it would be, and Dallas, Texas is definitely not as “country” as she imagined. As she works to rebuild her life, a chance encounter with Damazi Calloway opens the door to an opportunity for love. While she is determined to forget her past and focus on a future with her new man, the past comes rushing back to remind her that there are consequences, For The Love of a Hustler.

For The Love of A Hustler
Colette Pratt

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When Church Is Over


Sharon is happy being single and living her life. Her mother felt like she was getting older and should be married. Sharon wished that she could be more like her sister carefree and living their lives even with the mistakes they made. While dealing with church folks and Derrick a man that her mother set her up with Sharon doesn’t know if this is the path for her.
Sharon with dealing with Derrick’s insecurities, nosey church folks and deciding to come back to the church in which she grew up in it was a lot to deal with, and spoiling her niece and nephew will Sharon allow herself to discover what she is called to do?
After discovering some disturbing new about Derrick Sharon focused on the gift that God gave her and that is praise dancing. While doing what God has called her to do she met a man she fell in love with.
Will Derrick let her go so she can be happy? Will her parents accept her decision? How will people act When Church I Over?
Available Now on Amazon Kindle

Don's Jewel

After the tragic death of her parents Jewel and her ten year old sister, Julia, are left alone. Jewel, once a hood princess has been dethroned. When Jewel learns that her head has a price on it she is determined to find out who and why before she loses the only family she has left. With careful instructions not to trust anyone Jewel is forced out of her element and has to think quickly on her feet. Once sheltered and oblivious to the hard knock life, Jewel is now on the run and time is not on her side.

August Santana is the best at what he does. Seasoned in the game Santana never misses a target that is until he comes face to face with the hood princess, Jewel. Together they become caught up in a tsunami of lies and betrayal. People ae not who they say they are and everything is not always as it seems. Will Jewel survive the madness that threatens her life? Will she triumph against all odds and revenge her father’s untimely murder? Engage in the love story that will leave you breathless as you turn each page.
Available Now on Amazon Kindle

Sincere's Rise Out The Hood

From the young age of sixteen, Sincere Jones finds out how hard life is dealing with the death of his mother. As he stepping up to take care of his thirteen year old sister. Losing his mother came to him as one big surprise, learning last minute she had breast cancer. There was no way to save her, they found out the cancer had spread to other places sealing her fate. To avoid being two lost teenagers in the system, they were forced to live with their only aunt Teresa. She took them in a way to get over on the state. More cash relief and more food stamps, without that she would have never taken them into home in Marina Village Projects. She made them her personal slaves, cooking, cleaning, and making runs to the dry cleaners. He leaves his aunt’s house after meeting a nurse at Bridgeport Hospital that would take him and his sister in away from the poor living arrangements they were already in. Will this nurse be able to save him? Is her love enough to change him, or will the streets take him under? Only time will tell that but first you have to read the book!

Available Now on Amazon Kindle 

When A Man Loves A Woman Review

Will T’s debut novel is a great romance/story. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. This story flows flawlessly from one page to the next …he definitely has a way with words. As for errors, there were less than five misspellings I detected, which made it very easy to read.

Carlos Love was the main character in this book. He is a handsome man who have had his share of women. Known as a womanizer, what happens when Cupid’s arrow hits him? Will she accept & the two be happily ever after or will Karma bite him in the ass?
Will will take you on a ride into the love life of Carlos & three women he were involved with; Jasmine, Cassandra and Danielle! When it comes to matters of the heart, decisions have to be made. But how do you know that you’ve made the right choices …to walk away, to stay, to give second chances, and to trust your instincts? Your heart? Or your gut? And if by chance you make the wrong decision could you deal with the consequences of your actions …the heartbreak?
Each relationship is totally different and each of the women helps Carlos grow into the man he is today! Love has definitely changed him.
Jasmine was madly in love with Carlos but he does something that Jasmine just can’t forgive. Their relationship ends & Carlos realizes the mistake he has made. He tries so hard to get Jasmine back into his life but she just can’t forgive him. Should she have let her pride get in her way? In all honesty, you really couldn’t blame her for rejecting Carlos. Heartbreak is a terrible thing to deal with.
Cassandra was a great catch for any man who didn’t want to get serious, or so she may have you think. Had she’d been honest with herself, her outcome with Carlos may have been different. She surprised me quite much! The choices we make, to live with them is the true challenge!
Now Danielle was the woman of any man’s dream. She had the intelligence, the wealth, prestige, beauty …everything any woman would die for. But could she be Carlos’ happily ever after? I absolutely loved their relationship. It was so honest & the love between them were genuine. Will there love stand the test of time? Until next time …
If you’re a softie for romance &/love stories, then I suggest that you 1-click this book now. You will not be disappointed! Will has done a great job!

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I'm In Love With A Rap Star Review

This book was very interesting. It keeps the reader engaged, wanting more and having them not wanting to put the book down. At least, that’s how I felt. This story was very entertaining. It would piss you off, make you cry, make you want to slap or beat a character’s behind or even make you want to murder a character yourself. It seemed like I was watching a movie in print.

Robin takes you into the life of Dafon, better known as Dada. Dada was just a typical stick up kid who had the dreams of becoming a rap star. Once he made it to the status he wanted, all hell broke loose & everything began falling apart for him. He let his money, fame & of course, women destroy his marriage, career & life in general. His beautiful wife Mel stood by his side for as long as she could take. Personally, I felt like she stayed way too long. But what can you say or do when you’re that young & in love? She was a very cool person but was a bit na├»ve to be “in love with a rap star.”  Her family & closest friends tried their best to discourage her from getting with & staying involved with Dada, but of course, she didn’t listen. Boy, did she have a lot to learn. I’m glad they had a mutual friendship & understanding when it came to their son, DJ. Hopefully he won’t follow in his father’s footsteps.

Believe it or not, some women would settle & appreciate being the infamous side chick. That’s exactly where Jasmine came into play in this great storyline. Crazy, nah! Psychotic is the best word to describe her. She worked her way into Dada’s life & stole his heart from Mel. Willing to except being the second woman, but consider herself to be wifey she gain his trust & so much more. Doing so, she learned of all his dirty little secrets & in the end she intentional destroyed Dada! A woman scorned is a hell of a price to pay …set out for revenge over her broken heart, she’s liable to do anything. As the saying goes, “Hell has no fury on a woman scorned.”

The jealousy between Jasmine & Mel was at an all-time high & I can’t wait to find out what goes down in part 2 between the two of them. The hatred was livid!

His manager, Mike knew a little too much & ran to the feds with it after being fired. I completely agree with the firing but what happens next was much like the beginning of Dada’s nightmare. Let’s just say you have to be careful about what you do & your surroundings!

The loyalty …who’s really loyal? What is your definition of loyalty, trust and respect? Many of the characters in this book meaning are kind of far-fetched from the true meaning of those words. Dafon was so loyal to everyone but he didn’t realize how unloyal they were to him. The ones you trust the most, would ultimately be the cause of your downfall if you’re not careful. His manager, best friend/brother, side chick all betrayed him in one way or another. They each had a helping in crumbling his world, but can you really blame them? The choices an individual makes is what set your future in existence and Dada definitely made some of the wrong choices.

Was his fate destined to him by his own doing? Or was he a victim of the one’s he loved? What will happen to Dada, Jasmine, and Mel? I don’t know about y’all, but part 2 isn’t getting her fast enough!

The drama, deceit, jealousy, and hatred surrounding this story will have you upset that the book has ended …only because you will have the need to want to know what happens next! Go 1-click this banger today if you haven’t already & read it ASAP!

Robin you did an awesome job with this story! The drama that surround this book were breathtaking and I’m sure your readers are dying for part 2 to drop. There were missing and/or misspelled words but it was very minimal and it didn’t interfere with my reading. Great job.

Million Dollar Dreams and Federal Nightmares Review

Ace Gucciano's debut novel is a five star read. I loved every minute of it. The storyline was well written and flowed great from page to page. However, there were about 2 to 3 repeated sentences, a few misspelled & misplaced words in the text. I am most definitely looking forward to the next release.

Ace and Bishop were two friends who were more like brothers. They were fresh out of prison doing a 13 month bid. I hate the fact that Ace let his jealously & envy cause distance in their friendship. I felt he was very petty for acting the way he did because Bishop wanted a different environment & life for his family. Bishop definitely made the right choice moving to LA. His bittersweet mistake of taking that trip back to Atlanta caused him his life. It was sweet because he rekindled his friendship with Ace, but bitter because of their misfortunate deaths. It's always said that your past will catch up to you and Bishop & Ace's past definitely caught up with them but it also allowed their son's to walk right into their footsteps; filling their positions in the drug game.

Ricky, Ace’s son, and Junior, Bishop’s son, were young & at times clueless. They made many mistakes but learn from them all. One thing I can say, they asked questions when unsure about an issue. I'm eager to find out if they will 100% fulfill their million dollar dreams or if they will indeed have federal nightmares!

Sada & Natasha character was very well expected. I mean, I've always been told that you shouldn't put that much trust in a female, especially one you really didn't know, when you're in the drug game. That there was one of Ricky & Junior's biggest mistake & almost cost them their lives. They were out to get paid by any means necessary & paid the ultimate price for it. I guess they were truly on the wrong team!

LaTonya was very grimy. Just like a female to assume the worst & act on it before you know the story of what's going on. She was really pissing me off in this book. Her small role in the book was good but I hope to hear more about her in the next release, just to see what she's been up too after all these years. I'm also curious to know what Junior's homeboys back in LA have been up to since Junior left.

Juan & Lopez honestly thought they were going to get away with murder, seriously? Let's just say that I agree that they should have got revenge, but no one has the right to take a life & when you take a life you best believe, someone's out to take your last breathe as well, Karma!

Pedro was a very cool dude, I loved his demeanor. I was shocked that he didn't harm Ricky & Junior after that incident that took place, family or not. I'm glad that he didn't thou. He sees how loyal & trustworthy they are & you got to appreciate that.

I recommend that you all go 1-click this great read by Ace today, you won't be disappointed. This gritty street-lit drama filled of disloyalty, envy, greed, love, loyalty & respect will have you glued to the pages until the very end. Job well done Ace Gucciano!