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Book Blitz: The Company by @XylaTurner @OliviaGaines @TianaLaveen #Adult #Romance

The Company
Olivia Gaines, Tiana Laveen, Xyla Turner
Publication Date: May 17, 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance
Truth is stranger than fiction at The Company. Things get especially exciting when the unknown comes wrapped in the gossamer thread of magic and mayhem. On the other side of this shimmery coin lies Love, the protective cloak that gives all we do meaning and validation. Thus, the world of the supernatural is a prelude and backdrop to romance that unfolds in all its glorious colors.
A woman uses a love potion to attract a man and repel another, yet gets more than she bargained for when the unexpected happens right where she least expects it. A man, both angel and demon, struggles with his identity while danger lurks around the corner and a new, powerful emotion takes over his being, shaking him to the core. An ambitious account executive is thrust in the midst of an old war between vampires and hunters, a kiss has her float in mid-air, and the world she’s always known shatters around her.
Trapped in the Company by Olivia Gaines

It all went wrong. Clarice’s plan was to use just a bit of the love potion to attract one man, hoping to repel another, but a twist of fate and poor timing left her trapped in the company with Elliott Marsden for the weekend. Keeping her reputation intact was the least of her concerns; she needed to be extra savvy to survive a night with Elliott
Company Secrets by Xyla Turner

Jessica Cayman is an ambitious Account Executive for Delancey, Inc. She stays in her lane, works hard and has her eyes set on becoming a partner within the next year. The plan is easy until Sage Wesley, III from The Company refuses to work with her.
His aversion to Jessica turns into a kiss that literally has both of them off their feet. Floating in midair? Then a bite on her neck?
There are too many secrets and Jessica soon finds herself in the middle of an old war between vampires and hunters…too many company secrets.
Cruz Control: In Bad Company by Tiana Laveen

Born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Cruz Black spent most of his life attempting to escape the stifling, horrifying bonds of his bloodline. Part Angel Child, part Demon Child, his upbringing was built on the opposite side of ‘normal’. But, things change when the notorious King Angel Child of New York, Dr. Saint Aknaten, takes him under his wing. During an investigation into a Los Angeles hate crime case assigned to him by Saint, Cruz finds much more than he bargained for causing the sparks fly in an inferno of attraction when Cruz meets Chef Erika. Like brimstone bricks, the pair fall for each other fast and hard, and the chemistry is unmistakable. Cruz has found his mate, but will Erika stick around once he reveals the true nature of a beast?


Trapped in the Company by Olivia Gaines

“Good morning beautiful,” Elliott Marsden said with a way too happy smile coming across his way too handsome face.
“Good day to you Mr. Marsden,” she responded. Her hands clamped tight around the box of ink pens she was taking to the conference room for the morning meeting. A few extra notepads were going as well.
“Why are you always blowing me off?” Elliott wanted to know.
“Because if I took you seriously, we would be in HR with me filing a claim for sexual harassment,” she said flatly.
Elliott balked at the use of such dirty words. He adjusted the overpriced tie as he formed his lips to say something that was probably going to irritate her all day. Clarice held up her hand midway, stopping at about her waistline.
“I know, as a salesman, you are a ‘people person’,” she added the last part with air quotes. “It is a refined portion of your skill-set to blow smoke up the keister of every limp wiener you encounter, but Mr. Marsden, I am not a wiener, nor am I limp enough to require your unneeded fluffing.”
“Jeeezusss on a stick,” Elliott responded.
“No Mr. Marsden, Jesus died on a cross,” she said flatly. “The meeting starts in 15 minutes. The coffee is hot, the doughnuts are on the table and you have lipstick smudges on your face.”
It never failed. No matter what approach Elliott took with Clarice, she never had time for him. It was even more insulting since he was the number one salesman in the company that he could not sell her on the one product he knew better than the nose on his face. Himself. This was a major issue for him, becoming more troublesome with each day that passed, especially now since he would be in the office every day with her. Before, he only saw her a few times a month when he came in off the road. Irony punched him in the chest and told him to take a seat. He worked hard to obtain the promotion to get the new job because he wanted more than anything to come into the office every day so he could be closer to her. For some damned reason, the woman turned him on. She turned him on to the point of distraction. He couldn’t understand it either, simply because she was nothing like any woman he had ever dated.

Company Secrets by Xyla Turner

“I have a Jessica Cayman here to see you…Yes…Will do.” He never broke contact with us as he spoke, including replacing the receiver on its base. “He will not be able to see you now. He said that what he said over the phone earlier still stands and there was no need for you to come.”
Say what?
I’ve been known to have a temper or two and sometimes Sandra will schedule me a ‘walk’ to cool down when she felt me creeping to that place of madness, but it was a little late at that moment. I started walking towards the only door that I saw behind the receptionist area.
“Where do you think you’re going?” The man called as he stood up.
“Oh, no you don’t,” Sandra slid behind his desk to block him from stopping me.

That was my girl.
Apparently, she was not going to stop me but aid me in breaking all sorts of office protocols.
My hand jerked on the knob to open the door and allowed it to fling open so it would slam against whatever was behind it. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light within the room, I saw a chair swivel around towards me from the large wooden executive’s desk in the middle of the extremely large office. There was not much furniture in the office, except a bench on the far left side of the room. The shades were drawn, and there was no light coming through the thick, black drapes. There were several other doors, and one of them had a silver, locked padlock on the outside.
The man was hard to see in the dark room, but when he stood up, I could tell he was clearly annoyed.
“Did you just barge into my office?”
“I did,” I said, standing my ground. “The same rude way you hung up on me almost an hour ago. The same rude way you just refused to see me when I’ve come all the way to give you a piece of my mind, and the same rude way you are refusing to work with me and those were the specific instructions in order to receive the contract. WORK with one another.”
He was probably a surly old man who was angry at the world and had poor eyesight. Hence, the lights being off. Who does that during working hours?
“Rude?” He growled and started to come from around the desk. “You come here uninvited, and then you barge your ass into my office after my assistant sent you away.”
He was getting closer, and the man was not old.
Actually, he was quite handsome.
A young, tall Robert Redford, to be exact.
His dark hair was shaved on the sides, and the rest of his length was pulled back with almost no product, unlike his assistant who poured it on. The man’s facial features were sharp, as he had deep-set eyes, full lips, and a model might hurt him for those cheek bones. He was slightly pale, which made me pause because he might have been sick. Another reason to have the doors closed during the middle of the day.
“And you call me rude?” He broke my sympathy right in half.
“Yes,” I snapped as I took a step to meet him. “We’re supposed to be working together. How are we going to do that, if you are under some delusional impression that this account is yours? It’s not.”
Holy shit.
We were one foot within each other and we both stopped. He wasn’t a cute man; he was breathtaking.
Stop, Jessica.
Just stop.

Cruz Control: In Bad Company by Tiana Laveen

“Cruz, we hired Erika to cater all of our functions about two years ago.” She’d almost forgotten Randy’s drunken ass was still standing there. “She is one of the chefs over at the Commonwealth restaurant. If you don’t know what that is, it’s magnifique!” The man brought his pursed fingers to his lips and kissed them as if he were French. “I’ll have to take you there sometime. It will blow your mind! Erika is a true gem. She’s got the magic touch.”
“Thank you, Randy. You’re always so kind.” She crossed her arms and smiled appreciatively at the man.
“I speak the truth. Cruz, I’m going to start saying my goodbyes. Come along, I can introduce you to a few more people.”
“Hey, uh, why don’t you get started and I’ll join you in just a sec.”
Randy paused, looking rather surprised, and then a silly grin creased his face as he shot Erika an all-knowing glance. He looked back at Cruz.
“No problem!” The man departed, jolly and full of liquor.
I like Randy but Cheryl needs to really tell him to stop treating these dinners like some corner bar meet up. This ain’t Mardi Gras, goodness gracious. If he’d been laughing and speaking any louder, little children in China would’ve asked their parents who the hell was ringing in the New Year already… year of the damn hyena…
Just then, Cruz suddenly burst out laughing.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, quickly subduing himself. “I’m just thinking about something that happened earlier today. Excuse me.” He stood straight, attempting to look serious.

She wasn’t sure what to make of it, but she let the shit roll on past. After all, he’d been drinking quite a bit, too.
“So, are you his bodyguard?” She chuckled.
“Sort of…”
“Oh.” She turned and set the tray down on an empty table. “I thought I was making a joke. I’m sorry.”
The man smirked. “I was just teasing you. No, but I try to look out for him like he’s looked out for me. He’s family. Our fathers are cousins,” he clarified. Cruz crossed his arms and cocked his head ever so slightly to the right as he peered down at her. She didn’t miss how his sights landed smack dab on her breasts. “How long have you been cooking professionally?” he asked, his gaze hooking hers.
“Since I was eighteen. I’m now thirty, so as you see, it’s been a while.”
My birthday was just last month.
“Happy belated…”
She gasped in shock.
I said that in my head! How’d he know?!
Suddenly, his eyes widened, but he offered no explanation.
Oh no, uh uh… you are going to explain this shit to me right now!
“How’d you know my birthday just passed?” She swallowed, discomfort growing within her and refusing to mince words.
“You said I’m now thirty. You put the emphasis on the word, ‘now’, so I figured it must’ve passed recently.”
She looked at him for a moment, then burst out laughing, feeling rather silly. Of course… That makes sense. I must’ve been sippin’ the cooking sherry my damn self tonight. Just ridiculous.


Olivia Gaines is the award winning best selling author of Thursdays in Savannah. She also writes the best selling serial The Blakemore Files. Olivia has been called a "queen of romantic comedy" and her romances are praised as "hilarious, touching, and heartwarming. Highly recommended!" She lives in Hephzibah, GA with her husband, son and snotty cat, Katness Evermean.

Tiana Laveen is the award-winning, bestselling author of the Saint series and the Race to Redemption series. She has written over twenty-five novels and is passionate about the work she creates, wishing to reach her readers cerebrally as well as in their hearts.

Xyla Turner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a teenager, Xyla wrote short stories and essays that have won numerous awards in local to nationwide competitions. She is an avid reader, but a sucker for romance. Specifically, sassy females and dominant males. Xyla is a dedicated educator and a life coach. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel. She writes different genres, but her favorite is romance.

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Love Will Make You Do Some Stupid Things by @AuthorCarynLee #SundayTeaser #4 #UrbanFiction

Sunday Teaser (formerly known as Sunday Excerpt) is a blog series that provides readers with an excerpt or teaser (or whatever you want to call it) of amazing books to gain readers interest & hopefully support authors by purchasing them. The teasers may be a chapter excerpt, a book trailer or anything else creative for readers to enjoy.

There will be a highlighted book each Sunday, unless otherwise stated. We have some great books lined up for your reading pleasure and we know that you will enjoy them. Let’s welcome the talented, Author Caryn Lee!

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#WriterWednesday #AuthorSpotlight Domina: Submission Is A Privilege by Peter Mack @FilthyConfess #BDSM #Erotica #Urban #Murder

Writer Wednesday is a spotlight that consists of an interview & book spotlight on an author's most recent published book. There will be an author/writer featured each Wednesday. Let's welcome Author Peter Mack to Vaneka's VIP Literary Services!

Peter, what's the title of your new book?

Domina: Submission Is A Privilege

Is this book a standalone, spin-off, or part of a series?

Book 1 of a series.

List the main genre & sub genres this book is classified as.

BDSM, Erotica, Urban, Murder

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#LiteraryStardom Chatting with Tabitha Sharpe, Your Next Fav #Author @rainejupiter

Literary Stardom is a spotlight for 'New Authors' that has 5 or less books under their belt. This new feature is targeted to highlight new authors because many new authors are often overlooked and readers don’t want to take a chance on purchasing a book by someone ‘new.’ However, many readers are missing out because these new authors have a lot of fire spitting from their pen! Some of you seem to forget that your favorite author was once new & you took a chance with them. So, my message is to stop overlooking these talented authors and give them a chance! Our next Literary Star is Tabitha Sharpe.
Born and raised in Nashville Tennessee, Tabitha Sharpe always had bigger dreams than what the country music capital of the USA said she should have. Her writing journey began as a young child desperate to find solace after losing her father. That peace finding journey turned into a hobby. That hobby lead her to writing for her high school and college newspapers. She fell in love with journalism and it jump started her into a career. On August 24, 2015, Tabitha released her first fictional novel, ‘Behind Our Husbands' Lies.’ In 2016, she busted out of the literary gate with her second full length novel, ‘Unhinged.’ Though she is a new face to the literary world, she is a force to be reckoned with her two back to back page turning novels.

Chatting with Tabitha

I had the honor of sitting down & chatting with Tabitha about her literary career. Tune in to hear what she had to say.

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
Yes. I'm a newlywed, mother and writing fool. Outside of writing, I love to read, of course and crotchet. I'm in love with the hit TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals,’ so you can always catch me in front of the screen on Fridays.
Your publisher is Diamond M'Press Publications. Why did you decide to sign with them?
Well, I love Dominique. I love the way she moves and how ambitious she is. Our goals line up together and we get along great. She gives me the extra push and creative structure I need to complete my projects.
Who is your targeted audience and what message are you trying to relay in your writing?
I would say my targeted audience is always women, mothers, wives and grandmothers. Overall, while entertaining, I'm always trying to remind women of something. It might be that we aren't all perfect, sometimes the message is logic over love. But the audience is usually pretty much the same.
With thousands of books being released each day and new authors steady emerging, how are you going to stand out? Why should readers give your book(s) a try versus others in the same genre?
Readers should try me because I brand myself. I actually take the time to interact, to fall in love with my readers and give them a chance to fall in love with me. Also, I'm bringing back the truth to literature. It's our job to entertain, but our biggest job is to network and market. How can you do that if you're being a false character?
If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. I read that book in high school and I knew I was in love with writing. Since then, I've always thought damn, if I could have written this book I know I would be a legend. I don't want to be rich. I want to be an icon, a legend.
I'm sure you're a reader as well, who are some of your favorite authors and what's on your ‘To Be Read’ List?
Oh yes, I love me some reading. I am a big science fiction freak, so Stephen King, James Patterson, P.C. Cast, Ally Thomas. Right now, I don't have a TBR list. I'm working on finding some hot material to read.
Are you a full-time or part-time writer and how long has it been since you published your first book?
I am a full time writer. It has almost been a year. In August, my first book will be a year old.
What inspired you to become a writer?
Everything inspired me to become a writer. My main reason for writing was my cousin. She gave me a diary a few years after my father died because I was rebelling, and was just becoming evil. I had nothing left inside of me and she wanted me to find some kind of solace in writing down my pain, my memories, my happiness and all of that. Little did she know that hobby, would turn into my career.
So tell us, what books have you written?
So far, I have Behind Our Husbands Lies and Unhinged.
What genre is Unhinged and why did you choose to write in that genre?
Unhinged is a mystery novel. I've always loved solving mysteries, and riddles. I thought it would be fun to try one out.
Give us an insight into your main character(s). What does he/she do that is so special?
Well, Lilly is the main character. This book is literally centered around her. She is the lifeline of this book. She is special because she's an African American, multiple disorder having, secretary for a high school, murdering woman who still believes she deserves redemption.
Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from Unhinged?
Kimberly Elise. She is not as good looking as I'd like, but I know she could play the crazy parts well.
How do you connect and interact with readers?
I'm always talking with people. I like to find fun things for me to do with my readers or that my readers can participate in. Also, I just keep it honest. I don't mind showing them my life and I try to make them feel like they are a part of it.
What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
The hardest thing is momentum and confidence. Just trying to outdo yourself sometimes is hard. I always read too much into everything. I'm always worried something will be too slow, or not enough.
Do you think that giving away books for free works? Why or why not?
I guess it depends on what you're trying to achieve by sending out the free books. Readers hardly ever do if you give out free books do it for exposure. Nothing else. (lol)
Why do you feel that you will be reader’s next ‘favorite author’?
Because I'm not trying to impress anyone. I write for me and I still have the passion for it. I don't care about the money. I haven't seen a penny yet, and I'm still writing. So I would hope my honesty and integrity would motivate them to want to pick up one of my books.
Where do you see yourself in your career as a writer in 5 years?
I honestly see myself on a book tour with my science fiction novels.
Based off what you’ve learned in your writing career, what advice would you give to a new and emerging author about the publishing industry?
Everything that glitters isn’t gold. If you're a leader, don't be afraid to lead yourself into greatness. All you need is a little support and sometimes, that support can come from you.
How do you think the publishing industry will be in the future?
I think the Facebook authors will die out.
What can readers expect from you next?
My next novel I'm releasing is titled, ‘Homicide at Studio 1.’ It will be an amazing murder mystery.
Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.

Lilly is a woman constantly on the run. Battling inner demons while hiding from the deadly consequences of her past mistakes, she has vowed to give up her obsession with wanting to be loved. All that changes when she meets Malachi. He is perfect in every way, and Lilly thinks she can finally have her happily ever after. But some secrets refuse to stay buried, and all that Lilly has been running from is about to catch up with her.

Their love is put to the ultimate test as destruction, lust, and even murder threaten to rip them apart. Can love really conquer the brutal secrets that Lilly has desperately tried to conceal? Or will her time finally run out?

Genre African American Women’s Fiction, African American Urban Fiction, Mystery & Suspense
Publisher G Street Chronicles
Release Date January 21, 2016
Print Length 159 pages
Purchase Price $1, Free with Kindle Unlimited (Kindle eBook); $16 (Paperback)

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An #Erotic #Romance: Heart Breaker by Briana Cole @BrianaCSpice #SundayTeaser #3

Sunday Teaser (formerly known as Sunday Excerpt) is a blog series that provides readers with an excerpt or teaser (or whatever you want to call it) of amazing books to gain readers interest & hopefully support authors by purchasing them. The teasers may be a chapter excerpt, a book trailer or anything else creative for readers to enjoy.

There will be a highlighted book each Sunday, unless otherwise stated. We have some great books lined up for your reading pleasure and we know that you will enjoy them. Let’s welcome author, Briana Cole of Life Changing Books!