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Vaneka Miles
-Founder & Owner

Vaneka Miles is a literary promoter, virtual assistant, book blogger and book reviewer from Potecasi, North Carolina. She discovered her love for reading and writing when she was a young child. She enjoyed writing poetry and short stories; it was her way of escaping the realities of life.

Vaneka is the Founder and Owner of Vaneka's VIP Literary Services (VIP), a literary promotional company created on January 4, 2015. She was a nominee for the Literary Jewels Literary Achievements Award for ‘Best Promoter’ in November 2015 and July 2016.

Vaneka enjoys spreading news about new books and authors of African American Fiction Literature. She has a dream of one day becoming a Literary Publicist, as well as a published author. Vaneka has many projects she is currently working on, some of which includes; expanding her literary business, launching a literary magazine, and writing a novel.

Currently residing in Franklin, Virginia, Vaneka is a proud mother of three: two sons; Naijuan and Jaylen and one daughter, Ja’Mari. When she is not promoting, blogging, planning a blog tour or hosting an interview she can be found spending time with her family, reading, watching Law & Order: SVU &/or other favorite shows or relaxing at her home.

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Our mission is to provide quality, targeted social media marketing & publicity for authors, publishers and their brand. VIP specializes in African American Fiction Literature but are open to a variety of genres.

Vaneka's VIP Literary Services is a rapidly growing company whom is upgrading and improving services for increased author exposure and publicity. VIP strive to gain exposure for authors through social media marketing and publicity as well as personal engagement and interactions. VIP is focused on building a platform like no other in the Literary industry to aid in the reach to billions of readers with African American Fiction Literature.


Vaneka's VIP Literary Services provide a variety of services, such as; author and book publicity, book reviews, interviews and now, blog tours. VIP provide affordable services with daily, weekly and monthly rates to authors. VIP also provide services for publishing companies at monthly rates. We offer customized services and blog features for authors.

To learn more about our services, visit our website or email us directly at vipliteraryservices@yahoo.com.

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