Sunday, July 5, 2015

Intoxicated 3 by Miss Candice


Time and time again it seemed like the world was against Paris Lately. Or was it? Sometimes it seemed as though she was throwing herself a pity party. No one was to blame for the bad in her life but herself. Paris thought burying her problems at the bottle of a vodka bottle was the best thing to do. But all that proved to do was cause self-destruction.

Life had been one big rollercoaster ride for Paris and the people in her life. Lenox seemed to be changing for the better but obviously that wasn’t enough for Paris who made it her business to expose the real him. Janessa had proven to be none other than a backstabbing jealous best friend who wanted nothing more than to have Paris’s life. No one could be trusted. No one with the exception of the smooth talking, gentleman of a gangsta Kingston Bates of course.

He swept a broken hearted Paris off her feet with his smooth-artsy talking ways. But that wasn’t enough. Still, she sulked and grieved over the failing of her marriage. A marriage she had done so much to keep together. Kingston was obviously the perfect man for her but she couldn’t stop dwelling over the past. Will she push him away? Or will Kingston console her and help her get over what could have been?

Tempers get to raging, the envious hearts of others cause blood to be shed, and murder to be on the rise. Will Paris’s intoxication caused by the addiction of Lenox subside? Or will she creep back into old habits? Find out now in the finale of Intoxicated.

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart 3 by Sherene Holly Cain
Sherene Holly Cain is back bringing us the Finale to her hot series!!!

Lousa Barrymore's dreams are finally coming true. She's now engaged to Blair, and they're expecting their first child together. Just when things seem to be going great in her life, her ex, Bryan shows back up while making promises that he's a reformed man. Will their reunion be a blessing in disguise or a nightmare from hell?

Delisha Mathews has had quite the ordeal after being turned into a drug addict and witnessing the two men she loved shot down by her worst enemy. Seems her dreams of becoming a famous singer and finding true love are all up in smoke. Will she be able to pick up the pieces or is everything destined to go up in flames?

Shanea Townsend thought she had gotten rid of her husband along with the drama and pain he caused her. Her lover has returned from the dead, but she's still vulnerable to a world that always seems to draw her into the drugs and alcoholism of her past. Can she resist her urges enough to claim the life she deserves?

Tressa Washington had it all when two men confessed their undying love for her and she reunited with the son she left behind years ago. However, unfortunate circumstances has shattered her happily ever after. Can she pick up the pieces of her broken life and move forward?

Psychiatrist Glenda Ross is still on the scene, determined as ever to save them from a life of misery. Will she succeed in helping them cope or will they continue the path of sleeping with a broken heart?

Make sure read Part 1 and Part 2!
Dropping Monday, July 6th

"This Love Is Trill: A Houston Romance" by Dechella Taylor


Gideon Simmons is 18 years old and fed up with witnessing his father go at his mother’s head so he does what any young thug from the ghetto would do. He kills him, and his best friend Blow helps him cover it up. After killing his father, Gideon is forced to make up the loss of income, or he’ll soon have nowhere to stay. He starts working with Tank, the king of the streets in Houston, Texas and his come up is fast. So fast that he starts to elicit jealousy in not only the hearts of his enemies, but also in the hearts of the very same person that he thought was his friend. Blow. Ignoring Tank’s warning, that jealousy becomes his downfall, and Gideon will learn that there is no love lost when it comes to the money.

Tai Hill and Chiasa Smith are besties until the end. Spoiled rotten by Tank, who is Tai’s older brother, the girls think that life is all fun, games, and parties, until a tragedy hits their lives, and they suddenly find their worlds turned upside down. Tai is in a relationship with a cheating, no good weed head, all the while running from the love of Princeton, an up and coming rapper who is borderline obsessed with her. And then there’s the charming, irresistible, Gideon Simmons, there to save her when she has no one left to turn to.

Tank is 35 years old, and he’s been hustling for 20 years now. He’s seen it all, and he’s ready to hang it up, and fade into the background. The only problem Tank has, is that he doesn’t have anyone to hand his reigns off too. He refuses to let his younger sister Tai get into the same kind of life, and when he meets Gideon, he knows he has a contender. Tank starts to mold Gideon into the young thug that he needs to be in order to handle the streets, but mistakes are made and those mistakes become deadly.

This Love is Trill is gritty, urban, and full of broken hearted people all searching for love in the worst place ever; the streets.
Dropping Monday, July 6th

"Breathless 3: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire" by Shani Greene-Dowdell
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In the finale book of the Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire, the Turner and Baker women are at odds over the men who've captured their hearts. Clara Baker has reasons near and dear to her for being so hell bent on keeping her daughter, Destiny Baker, away from Jacob Turner. Reason #1, Jacob’s father, John Turner left her high and dry with the burden of their love to bear over four decades ago. Clara puts forward a tough exterior, but the dormant pain she’s kept a secret for forty years is eating away at her soul. When she lays eyes on Jacob’s father, fireworks spark in the least expected way.

With John’s wife, Tammy Turner, cocked and ready to do whatever it takes to keep her husband, both Destiny and Clara are in for their fair share of heart wrenching drama. Meanwhile, John is prepared to do whatever it takes to make things right with Clara. Through it all, Jacob and Destiny are left to navigate the waters that were muddied by their parent’s choices well before their time. To complicate matters, Justine still hasn't given up on a second chance with Jacob.

Will Jacob and Destiny’s love be enough to make it to the altar or will their parents and Justine’s shenanigans finally sever their bond beyond repair?