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#WriterWednesday #AuthorSpotlight Domina: Submission Is A Privilege by Peter Mack @FilthyConfess #BDSM #Erotica #Urban #Murder

Writer Wednesday is a spotlight that consists of an interview & book spotlight on an author's most recent published book. There will be an author/writer featured each Wednesday. Let's welcome Author Peter Mack to Vaneka's VIP Literary Services!

Peter, what's the title of your new book?

Domina: Submission Is A Privilege

Is this book a standalone, spin-off, or part of a series?

Book 1 of a series.

List the main genre & sub genres this book is classified as.

BDSM, Erotica, Urban, Murder

What is your book about?

Domina Jax had only meant to make ends meet, only to discover the joy of role playing as a Domme. When her benefactor dies, she must expand her hustle, exposing her to new dangers.

What message, lesson, or moral are you trying to deliver to readers in this book?

Domina is an education into the lifestyle of a real Domme. It is meant to challenge the readers perceptions of sexual boundaries and offer an alternative to sexual pleasure.

Is this book a reflection of a personal experience?

Yes. It is based on the real experiences of Regina A. Bolton, a Domme living and working in Los Angeles.

Where can this book be purchased?

Domina can be purchased on Amazon and also at my website.

Picture an otherwise calm woman who only wants to find love, but her work as a Domme prevents this. Making men submit to her in the bedroom brings her the money she needs but not the sexual gratification.

What inspired you to become a writer?

A strong desire to tell of my experiences and explore the world of relationships and how we balance love and financial security.

What genre(s) do you write and why?

I resist genre, but if I had to classify my writing I’d call it LIFE.

Where can readers purchase your books?

On my website.

What's next for you in your literary career?

Right now I’m working on the sequel to my recent release Coke Like The 80s.

Fav 15
Favorite Authors Walter Mosley
Coffee or Tea Tea
Favorite Movie/TV Show The Mack/Downton Abbey
Favorite Season Winter
Favorite Blog/Blogger Lissha Sadler
Favorite Book Success Through Mastery by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Favorite Food Rice
Favorite Song What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye
Favorite Actor/Actress Peter Sellers/Sofia Loren
Favorite Quote Love and starvation can’t eat out the same bowl.
Favorite Sport/Hobby shooting dice
Day/Night Night
Favorite Holiday Kwanzaa
Favorite Restaurant Chin Chin
Favorite Vacation Spot Swimming Pool anywhere

Book Information
Title Domina
Author Peter Mack
Genre African American Romance, African American Urban Fiction, BDSM, EROTICA
Publisher Peter Mack Presents
Release Date April 1, 2016
Print Length 102 pages
Price $5 Amazon Kindle; Free with Kindle Unlimited

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About Peter
Peter Mack is the author of over ten novels, including the Pen American Center book prize award winner, FILTHY.

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