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#NewRelease: Cairo 2: Cash Rules Everything Around Me by @DaiTheAuthor Daijah Shine #UrbanRomance

Book Title Cairo 2: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Series Book #2; The Finale

Author Daijah Shine

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Romance; African American Fiction; African American Romance; Urban Romance

Publication Date June 15, 2017

Publisher Leo Sullivan Presents

ASIN B072KS6224

Print Length 237 Pages

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Book Blurb

“That feeling you feel, it comes with the territory, kid. This shit is unpredictable, and sometimes it doesn't make sense. It isn't always supposed to. You'll get used to it.”

Stepping into the big leagues, Cairo finds himself having to make a choice that will leave him second-guessing everything he once knew. Diving head first into the fast life, the teen quickly realizes that money is the motive, the only motive. No matter who had to be stepped on or crossed, it was merely a sacrifice made in order to come up. Desperate to keep his family’s head above water, Cairo falls deeper into the game under Wise’s watchful eye, not realizing the consequences that came along with it.

Blinded by the luxuries of the lifestyle of a hustler, he slowly loses himself to the ways of the street life and becomes oblivious to the trouble stirring up right under his nose. With a storm brewing, will the teen fold under pressure when he realizes that he’s at the center of a war? Or will losing the ones he cares about become the first sacrifice of many?

Barely escaping with her life, Sanaa just can’t seem to catch a break. Facing one problem after another, she finds her once blissful life, spiraling out of control. When her ex resurfaces, Sanaa will stop at nothing to protect her newfound happiness and salvage her own life. Wanting to protect her loved ones and save her relationship, she is left with no choice but to face her past head on, leaving her in a fight for her life.

When facing their problems on their own becomes too much, will they be able to depend on one another or will their troubles prove to be too overwhelming and cause the bond the young couple once shared to crumble?

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Cairo: Rise of a Street King (Book 1)

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"What I do doesn't define who I am. You know me, Sanaa."

Often times we tend to neglect the truth due to the fear of facing it. Seventeen-year-old, Cairo Hartwell, is left with no choice but to face his harsh reality head on after the loss of his older brother. With bills piling up, rage coursing through his veins, and money on his mind, will the streets be the only thing he has left to turn to?

After a damaging past and a fresh start, things start to look up for the beautiful and smart teenager: Sanaa Wilkinson. With a new love interest, Sanaa finds her life turning upside down right before her eyes. Facing a dark past with a bright future has her back thrown against a wall as she finds that friends aren't the only ones switching up.

With her past continuously haunting her, will the love of her dope boy be the very thing that saves her?

As Cairo finds himself under the wing of one of Philly's finest drug lord's, he falls head first into a world of trouble and a web of lies. When bad turns to worse, and push comes to shove, he finds himself torn between the streets and his family.

When all is said and done will Cairo live up to his name and come out victorious?

Author Daijah Shine

Daijah Shine was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Writing had always been a form of escape for her. She started writing at the ripe age of seven, creating songs and short poems.

At the age of fourteen she was introduced to a "new world" of literature. After reading Kia Dupree's "Damaged" and Sister Souljah's "The Coldest Winter Ever", Daijah decided to step into the world of writing.

After five years of seasoning, Daijah has taken a step full front with her debut "A Thug Worth Fighting For: A Tale Of Our Passion".

With her writing, she aims to embody realistic situations; thinking outside the box but remaining relatable. Expect the unexpected from this young writer, for there's always a twist and turn when you least expect it!

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