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#SundayExcerpt 004 Counterfeit Dreams by Sasha Ravae #UrbanFiction


Reagan Taylor’s life as a basketball wife isn’t as perfect as she expected. After enduring an abusive relationship for over seven years, she meets the man of her dreams. Her eyes are finally opened to true love for the first time, but will it last? Jewel Sanchez, a self-made d-boy, hustles every day to provide himself with the life he has been accustomed to since birth. As lieutenant of the M.A.C. Boys, Jewel makes sure he keeps his money close and soon his enemies closer. Robyn Johnson, a rich, party girl, is known all over Sacramento, but maybe for the wrong reasons. She often attempts to medicate herself with material objects and different men, but the pain never goes away. She was always proud of her strength, but will that be enough for her to survive? Brandon Edwards’ short-fuse proves to be dangerous for everyone around him. Always use to getting what he wants, Brandon does whatever it takes to hold onto his power and respect even if that means losing a few people along the way.

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I Need Your Help To Win This Logo Contest

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Great I hope! As for me, I haven't been feeling all that well these past few weeks. Nonetheless, I'm OK and still ticking. I shall overcome this as well.

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#SundayExcerpt 003 Love, Sex and Mayhem by Miss Radiance #Erotic #Romance


Andre Carter has never given a woman love or affection until he meets Kierra Murphy. Despite previously viewing these emotions with disdain, he is now willing to allow her inside of his heart. As they indulge in gratifying love, an ex-lovers' catastrophic rage of jealousy threatens to destroy their solid bond.
Love is like a drug, and sex is one of the most powerful forces known to man. When blended together these two things can be very explosive, sometimes causing more pain than pleasure. Only time will tell if this combination will be enough for Andre and Kierra to conquer all the obstacles threatening to tear their relationship apart.

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Upcoming Release + Sneak Peek | A New Jersey Love Story 3 by Myiesha

A New Jersey Love Story 3

        A slippery cat isn't always a good thing.
That is when it comes to the elusive Kitty. Once again, Kitty has managed to slip out of Camilla's grasp. This time leaving two people, that Troy and Camilla love, fighting for their lives. Still not convinced that she has gotten her revenge for Supreme and with her partner in crime, Keyonna dead, Kitty manipulates herself a new partner who also has a score to settle with Troy and Camilla.
What's a Bonnie without her Clyde?
While maintaining her home, running her daycare and finishing school, Camilla is out for blood on her one woman warpath. Convinced that the hospital has become her second home, she's determined to protect all those she care about and take down all who has chosen to become an enemy.  With her new sadistic ways of torture Camilla is proving why she's not the one to mess with.
Sometimes less is more even when it comes to family.
With his family growing by the minute Troy mistakenly lets his guard down and is now forced to deal with the consequences. Troy has tried to leave the killing in the past but with his family always being a target shit might just have to get ugly one last time.  Not feeling his wife acting like a lone ranger, Troy has made it his business to never be too far away.
The love this duo have for each other and their family has been tested many times and has proved to be Bulletproof.



           "Shit, Shit, Shit" I cursed as I pushed on the gas pedal of my truck. They had flattened the tires to all the cars so we would have no way of getting up out of here unless we walked.  I pressed on the gas pedal again and still the car didn't move.
           "Let's try my car" the Spanish chick said.
I didn't know her name but it's obvious she was on Troy and Camilla's hit list too because she also had a bullet in her ass.
           We got out my car and headed for her car. I felt my leg start to go numb from the gun shot Troy gave me. I hopped on one leg to her car and jumped in. She turned it on and pressed on the gas and the car started to slowly move.
           "Thank you Jesus" I said out loud. We wasted enough time here. I wanted to get as far away from here as possible.
           The Spanish chick drove the car down the dark road going as fast as the car would allow her to go. It had to be going at the most two miles an hour and it was at least three miles to get out of these woods. I started panicking because this was taking too long. I'm sure they weren't just going to leave us there like that. They had to have a backup plan and I wanted to be far gone by the time that backup plan showed up.
           "Fuck" she cursed. I looked ahead to see what she was looking at and there was a deer caught in the headlights in front of us, just standing there looking at us as if we were in the wrong. The shit started to freak me the fuck out the way it was looking back at us.
           "Blow the horn, maybe it'll move" I said to her.
           She blew the horn and it still just stood there looking at us.
           "The fuck wrong with that shit? Is it retarded or something?" I said at loud. A dumb deer in the headlights, I finally got it.
           "Get the fuck out the road" I yelled out the window at the deer.
           It still just stood there.
           "Go chase it away" the Spanish chick said.
           "Bitch you go chase it. Fuck I look like Call of the Wildman?" I said
           "Who the hell you calling a bitch? You can get your ass out my car"
           "Girl just drive the damn car, maybe it'll move." I said.
She pushed the gas and the car slowly drove in the direction of the deer. The deer turned towards us and charged at the car jumping on top of the hood causing us to scream. Well that was until I looked over at the Spanish chick who was just sitting there looking at me.
"The hell yo ass looking at? Drive the damn car maybe it'll jump off"
"Yo ass over there screaming like a little bitch is what I'm looking at" she said.
           The Spanish chick pushed on the horn and the deer jumped off the car and ran off into the woods. She pushed on the gas and car slowly drove down the road.
           We were driving for at least and half of hour when I noticed headlights coming towards us.
           "There's a car coming, they can help us" the Spanish chick said.
I watched as the car continued to drive towards us and then it stopped. The Spanish chick stopped her car as well. We sat there inside the car for a minute. The other car driver and passenger side door came open and two people stepped out and started walking towards the car.
           "I think we should run" I said.
           "Why?" she asked.
The lights from the head lights were blocking me from seeing clearly but once he walked in the way of the light, I was able to clearly see the gun that he had pointed towards the car.
           "Run" I yelled to the Spanish chick and we both popped the doors open.
I jumped out with the intentions of taking the fuck off into the woods but forgot about the numbness in my leg and fell to the ground
"Fuck" I said.
The guy walked up on me with the gun to my head.
           "Move and I'm blowing ya shit off" he said.  He pulled me up by my collar and dragged me to the car. The other man with him went running after the Spanish chick. I heard bullets and I assumed she was dead. I heard shuffling and the dragging of someone's feet. The partner came walking back dragging the Spanish chick back to the car kicking and trying to fight her way out of his grip. We were both thrown into the car and driven away. At that moment I blamed two people for this fucked up situation I was in. I blamed myself for not walking away from Kitty's offer and I blamed my father for not keeping his dick inside his pants 32 years ago.

A New Jersey Love Story 3 will be available for purchase Monday, January 25, 2016.

Get caught up with the rest of the Series:

New Release | No Limits To Our Love by Thai

No Limits To Our Love
Author: Thai
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance;
Women's Fiction
Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
Amazon Price: $0.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Ranking: 4.5 Stars


Everyone goes through that stage in a relationship where they question if all that they’ve been through is really worth fighting for? When you’re all cried out, and tired of just being tired. For Jasmine and Mike, that’s exactly where they are.

Jasmine wants everything to work out with the only man that she has ever loved, but nothing is worse than when you feel like you’re on a sinking ship. Not knowing exactly when to jump off, afraid that you might drown.

Mike is in love with Jasmine, without a doubt, but how will he ever be able to fully trust her again when she so easily lied to his face? Neither can understand why love must be so hard.

Jasmine and Mike are both fighting to keep it together. When new opportunities present themselves, causing chaos and friction to their already dying relationship, will Jasmine and Mike be able to prevail? Or is it just not meant for them to be together? Find out in this tale if there really aren’t any limits to their love.

Click here to purchase.

New Release | Married To A Distinguished Thug 3 by Shvonne Latrice

Married To A Distinguished Thug 3
Author: Shvonne Latrice
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance;
Women's Fiction
Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
Amazon Price: $7.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited


The couples are back, and now that Cori is in town, she is ready to do some damage.

Kiyuki has spent months of her life building a relationship with her new man, and rekindling with her sister, Namiko. For her, life couldn't be better. But what will happen when all of her scheming secrets are revealed? Will she be able to beat Cori to the punch, or will she go down in flames?

Find out in Married to a Distinguished Thug III, if the truth will set you free, or just set you on fire.

Click here to purchase.

Have you read Parts 1 & 2? Part 1 is currently FREE!

Promo Boost | The Streets Love You, But I Can Love You Better 2 by Sativa Outlaw

The Streets Love You, But I Can Love You Better 2
Author: Sativa Outlaw
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance
Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: January 20, 2016
Amazon Price: $2.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Ranking: 4.3 Stars; Amazon Bestseller in African American Romance & African American Urban Fiction


Being shot, having a baby, and finding true love were things that Shiyann never expected to happen to her. With their handsome son, engagement, and ownership Newman’s, Shiyann and Jock couldn’t be happier. Jock decided to take over the store as manager and Shiyann handled the paperwork; everything seemed to be running smoothly. 

Shiyann loved her small family, and even though she loved Jock’s thuggish ways, she appreciated the change in his lifestyle. Jock didn’t mind working as a grocery store manager. As long as he had Shiyann and Baby J, he was the luckiest man alive. The teenagers they hired to run the store gave them time to themselves. Tio ran the streets, he made sure Shiyann and Jock were taken care of as long as Jock helped him out whenever he needed him. 

After Tio’s unexpected murder, Jock is forced back into his old habits of killing and banging. The hardest part is keeping it away from Shiyann, but soon after she finds out, they find themselves with a whole new set of problems. Shiyann has another stalker, but he isn’t as sane as Finn was. Can Shiyann and Jock survive issues from their past, or will they lose everything to the streets? 

Click here to purchase!

New Release | Sprung: Turned Out By Love by Shameka Jones

Sprung: Turned Out By Love
Author: Shameka Jones
Genre: Urban Fiction; Women's Fiction
Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
Publication Date: January 20, 2016
Amazon Price: $0.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Ranking
4.9 Stars; Amazon Bestseller in African American Women's Fiction & African American Urban Fiction

This is the Spinoff to the 'Turned Out By A Thug' Series.


As children, we all have dreams and aspirations of what we want to be when we grow up. And with the great support of family, those dreams are possible to achieve. Quincy had always dreamt about playing in the NBA, but growing up in the ‘hood, dreams seemed far away. With hard work, and a good support system, he was able beat the odds and make it out. Just graduating from Georgetown, he was now entered into the draft. 

Being a star basketball player in college had its perks, but it also caused drama with his girlfriend Sydnee. Her drama causes him to second guess their relationship, when he sees his sister's best friend, Kayla. He had always had a crush on her but she had a man. She was actually engaged to get married, but he caught her looking at him a time or two. One gaze too many makes him believe that he has a chance with her. 

Now with his eyes on Kayla, he is determined to make her his. But her love for her fiancé` is making that a hard thing to accomplish. Quincy is aware of the challenge ahead of him, and he is willing to take his time. Will he be able to convince her to leave her fiancé` to be with him, or will she lead him on? How long is he really willing to wait on her? Will her indecisiveness cause him to lose interest, and push him into the arms of another women? The answers to those questions and more will be revealed in this series.

Click here to purchase.

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New Release + Sneak Peek | Disloyal: A Treacherous Love Story by Tracee Boyd

Disloyal: A Treacherous Love Story
Author: Tracee Boyd
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance
Publishing House: Royalty Publishing House
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
Amazon Price: $0.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited

This is a Standalone Novel.

Come and get acquainted with Haven and Lotus.  These two ladies couldn't be more different.  While Haven gets nice checks from being a successful author, Lotus gets checks from the State of Michigan and lives in section 8 housing.  The one check that they both want but neither seems to be able to get is from their baby daddy, Aaron Avery.
Everything comes to a head when Aaron's child support for both kids get out of control.  Being married to a woman who doesn't want to be bothered with his kids and baby mamas, Aaron's back is against the wall.  His child support bill is mounting and his wife is running out of patience.  When an opportunity is presented to Aaron which will end in a big payoff he jumps at it thinking he can smooth his life out but he couldn't have been more wrong.  Having two baby mamas and a no nonsense wife is a recipe for disaster and Aaron soon learns walking away from his responsibilities was the biggest mistake of his life. 



           As I sat in the meticulous clean and sterile office, thoughts of what I was planning on putting in motion swirled around my head.  The office was orderly, clean with expensive furniture, with the smell of plum dancing through the air, and I instantly thought about my life.  It was full of drama and cluttered.  That's exactly why I was doing what I was doing. I wanted my life to represent this office I was sitting in: orderly, fresh and neat.
"Are you sure you want to do something like this?  It's going to be stressful to say the least and to be honest, I'm not sure I would ever enter a situation like the one you've spun up."
           My lawyer was looking at me like I was a crazy ass maniac, but I had given this a lot of thought and no one was in my shoes, so no one could judge the decision I just made.  I've stressed over this and it all came down to the decision that I was basically forced to make. I'd be the first to admit that it was crazy as hell, but I was willing to do it.  When your back was against the wall and you had no other options, you'd be surprised at the decisions you'd make.  I still couldn't believe what I was doing but oh well, I was sitting here and I was about to face this head on.  I needed to know that in the end, everything was going to be alright and I was sure the end was near.
           "Yes, I'm positive.  You have no idea how many nights I stay awake thinking about this situation.  Something needs to be done and this is my absolute last hope.  This has to work.  Believe me, if there was another avenue I could take, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I'm putting all my eggs in this one basket and I'm hoping it doesn't ignite and burn us all involved to hell.  Set everything in motion," I answered with total confidence, but my insides were boiling and I felt the immediate need to use the bathroom.  It was all or nothing.  Either this was going to work, or my heart was going to be shattered in a million pieces.
           "Ok, I'll make sure everything is set.  Now please be prepared because you know once the ball starts rolling, this dangerous game is in motion and it's going to change lives forever."
           When she said that, I knew there was no turning back and I knew what she said was so true.  What I was planning on doing was going to change lives forever, but it had to be done.  Messing around in other people lives was something I never did but again, before I lost it all, I had to try and patch this up and yes, others were involved and had no clue as to what I was doing; but if it all worked out, I'm sure after the shock wears off, they will appreciate what I've done. Nevertheless, I'm sure that wouldn't come for a while because if someone did to me what I was setting in motion, I would be pissed.  Life isn't promised to any of us, so I was going to push ahead with this plan and allow the chips to fall where they fall.
           I clenched my eyes shut and said a quick prayer because I was about to enter into a world of mayhem.

Chapter 1 - Aaron

           "Man, these fucking bitches are trying to kill me with this damn child support."  It seemed like I was getting a letter from FOC every damn month.  These women were trying to get over on me and I wasn't about to let that happen.  I threw the Friend of the Court letter across the room, and I could feel my head banging.  I needed something to drink and I needed something strong.
           "I told you about fucking around with all those females at the same time, and now look at you; you have two women suing you for child support and you have a wife who doesn't want anything to do with the situation, which in my opinion, another crazy ass situation all in itself. You're being trifling as hell man, and I'm getting tired of warning you about the crazy life decisions you make. Stop fucking up, Aaron.  You need to get off your ass and stop trying to live off of unemployment and take care of your kids."
My brother Ace thought he was my father and right about now, I didn't need to hear his preaching.  If he wasn't going to cut me a check to get these blood sucking baby mamas off my neck, he could save it. I'm sure he looked down on me because I wasn't going to work every day, but it wasn't my fault that the factory that I worked for laid me off.  I needed some more time to get my situation together, and the last thing I needed was for him to be on my damn neck about two bitches I no longer dealt with.  All this stress was fucking getting to me and I wasn't in the mood to hear about who needed shoes, clothes and copays.  No one ever worried about me and how I was keeping my head above water.  If I knew what kind of drama those two was going to rain down on me, I would have never been with either one of them.  I know I sound like a prime asshole but the truth was I loved my son and daughter, but I couldn't have the relationship I wanted with them because of the mothers. So in turn, I kept all four of them at arm's length.  On top of all that, I had a wife who loved me but hated my package and right now, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place because she didn't want to hear shit about any baby mama drama and that's all that seemed to be going on.
"Ace, I get what you're saying, but no one seems to see where the hell I'm coming from.  Every time my fucking cell phone rings I can promise you it's one of them begging for something.  Pussy is not worth all this drama.  It's almost as if they treat the kid like a damn job and I'm the payroll department.  These women need to know that just because you have a child with a man does not mean you can run his life for the rest of his life.  They are so hard to deal with, especially Lotus' crazy ass."
As soon as I said that, I felt a little guilty because the truth was, between the two of my baby mamas, Lotus was the one that caught my heart, but she was too much of a loose cannon and our personalities just clashed.  My wife  knew how I felt about Lotus so in turn, she wanted nothing to do with her which meant my son as well.
"Aaron, stop saying their begging you for stuff when in actuality, they shouldn't have to ask you for shit because you should be man enough and just make sure they all have what they need and if you were doing that, your phone wouldn't be ringing off the hook, now would it?  I just don't get your way of thinking, man.  Put yourself in their shoes for a moment."  Ace shot me an angry glare and I knew I had struck a nerve.  "I'm sure you promised both of them the world just so you could fuck, and then you moved on the moment each told you she was pregnant. And then to add insult to injury, you get married to someone new.  That's a slap in the face.  Of course they're mad."
           Ace had no idea what it was like to have two baby mamas who kept shit going, and a fed up wife.  It's easy to take the woman's side but I was stressed out too, but I was the one being looked at as the bad guy.
           "If I had the money, I would give it to them but hell, I have to live too, and you know Zara be on my head about taking money out of our house when she's the only one working to give to them.  That unemployment check only goes so far. Hell, if I do get some extra money, I have to give it to her on some of our bills. Believe me, the kids are taken care of and if I don't give them money, don't think for one second that either one of my kids will go without."
           See, this is the mess that sent my blood pressure through the roof.  Both of my baby mamas knew I didn't work and I had just gotten married, so why call me with that mess and it seemed like when one called, they sent a text to the other one because then I would hear from the other within a few hours, one request for shoes turning into two request for shoes.  Some may look at me and call me a deadbeat, but I didn't give a shit. I truly didn't because I've been the same type of nigga my whole life up until I met my wife Zara, so my baby mamas brought all this drama on themselves.  They both knew I wasn't ready for kids when we were dating.  Now both of them wanted to cry and complain that I didn't do anything for my son and daughter. How dumb is that?  You create a fucked up situation and then you want to complain about it. I was sick of all of them and it was time I put my foot down.
           "Real talk, Aaron, I don't know why Zara would even want to marry your ass.  I mean, really. She sees you sitting around smoking weed all the time and you don't take care of your kids, so what the hell is her problem.  Don't even answer that because I know what her problem is. She loves your situation because it gives her a chance to control you.  I know it's a man shortage out here but damn.  You better watch out for her because she's fucked up in the head.  Instead of letting you use her, she needs to be pushing you to do better but you don't see that since she pays for everything.  Mark my words Aaron, letting women pay your way through life is going to backfire on your ass."    
           My brother was starting to piss me the fuck off.  Yeah he owned a barber shop and brought in great money, but that didn't make him better than me.  So what if I had two kids the same age with two different women; I was a solid man and I didn't give a shit what anyone thought.  No one was perfect and I never claimed to be.  Zara was the woman I married because she didn't try to change me, she just accepted who I was and she was cool with that.
           "I've always been upfront with Zara and she knows the type of nigga I am, so she obviously is good with it. I'm not so sure about these crazy ass baby mamas I have, but who cares what they think.  I just need to up my hustle and get them off my back because this is getting old.  They won't leave my ass alone.  If I knew the kind of trouble they would be showering down on me, I would have never touched either one of them.  The only one that is halfway decent is Haven, and I know that's only because her stuck up ass thinks she's better than everyone because she's a damn writer.  She looks at me like I'm dirt but she forgets, she was trying to get me to marry her ass so what does that say about her.  They love talking down to me but at one point, both of them tried their best to get me to settle down.  The bottom line is they are both salty with me for not wanting to be with them.  People are so quick to think that just because you have a baby with a woman that you have to stay, but what if she creates a volatile environment?"
           "Haven is cool, Aaron, and you should be happy she has become so successful because when she's happy, that means your daughter is happy.  You need to be a better father to both of your kids, man, and stop with the bullshit because if you keep traveling on this road, you're going to hit a damn wall.  Everything is not about you Aaron.  Stop saying they're mad because you left them, even though they have every right to be because you misled both of them, but they want you to do right by your kids.  You keep talking about how stressed you are but you have no idea what they go through day in and day out with your kids, and here you are sitting up over here with a woman who really doesn't want your kids to come and even visit.  How can you marry a woman who's not into your kids?"  Ace took a sip of his Corona and gave me a look that made me feel like a piece of trash.
           "Look Ace, I love both of my kids but I can't tolerate the mothers so I lay low.  Who needs all that damn drama in their life?"  I finally took a long drag from my freshly rolled blunt and I could feel the calmness coming over me.  Hell, I needed to smoke just in order to deal with their crazy asses.
           "Aaron, you can bitch and moan all you want but you laid down with them and made kids, so you need to stop smoking all this damn weed, get off your ass, get a legit job and take care of your them.  If you didn't smoke all that damn weed and go to barber school, I would give you a chair in my shop, but there is no way you're embarrassing my ass because we both know you are not dependable."
           My brother stood up to leave and I was happy.  He could get too preachy sometimes when it came to my situation, but I wasn't about to let him or anyone else dictate my life.  It had been that way my whole life with him.  He was fifteen years older than me, so he practically raised me while our mother worked two jobs to support us.  I really respected my brother but I knew deep down he didn't respect me and the truth was, that really hurt because besides our mother who had passed away two years ago, Ace is the only person I knew had my back without a doubt and even though he worked my nerves, I would give my life for him.
           "Thanks but two things, I'm not giving up my trees and I'm not reporting to any fucking job every day, that's just not me.  I probably make what you make and I'm at home relaxing."
           My brother shook his head and told me he would call me later.  As soon as he left, my cell phone started ringing and why wasn't I surprised. It was Lotus, one of my kids' mothers, and I wasn't about to listen to her flap and scream about nonsense, so I sent her call to voicemail and finished my blunt.  I was sure whatever she was bitchin' about would still be on her mind later, and I knew her well enough to know she would be calling back in about twenty minutes.
           As the cloudy smoky haze danced around my head, I eyed the crumpled letter on the floor.  Everything Ace said was ringing in my head and I knew that if I didn't do something quick fast and in a hurry and get caught up on my child support, I was going to be sitting in jail, and there was no way I was going to let those crazy bitches put me behind bars.

Disloyal: A Treacherous Love Story by Tracee Boyd is now available on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

Promo Boost | Stay Loyal by Empress Simone

Stay Loyal
Author: Empress Simone
Genre: Urban Fiction
Publishing House: Empressed For Life Presents
Publication Date: January 10, 2016
Amazon Price: $1.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Ranking: 5 Stars


India Perini has always focused her attentions on maintaining the love of her children’s father, Veontrae Simmons. However, as time and life passes them by she is faced with the stark reality that Veontrae wasn’t all that he seemed. His thirst for extra-sexual counters including those with her own family but excluding India are the cause for his spiral and depression. He takes his ill feelings for himself and externalizes them unto the one woman who loves him more than she loves herself. India becomes Veontrae’s victim of lust, infidelity and domestic violence. After trying hard to make things work she can no longer take any more of his abuse. India makes a great escape to a life of tranquility and harmony. She now lives for her new love and blended family with Chance Myers and his daughter Marley. Their love is tested in the worst way as India now becomes a victim once again due to Veontrae’s wild side consisting of same sex romances. Find out how everything unfolds including if Chance and India’s newly established romance can withstand the perils of Veontrae’s down lo-ism and extra-curricular activities. 

Author Spotlight | Breanna De'Shay

About Author Breanna

Breanna De’Shay is a twenty-five year old Louisiana native who loves reading, writing and anything creative. Her favorite thing about a good book is one with a surprise twist. So as an author that's her goal - to hit you with a twist you never imagined was coming. Love stories are a favorite but Breanna De'Shay loves a good read where the villain wins as well. She really love connecting with people so if there's anything different you would like to read about just let her know! Breanna’s currently writing urban fiction, but she has a goal of writing horror in the near future.

The Interview

VIP: Hi Author Breanna, glad to have you here tonight! Tell us a little about yourself? Do you have kids, are you in school, how old are you, etc.?

Breanna: Heyyy! I'm 25 and I have a two year old son. I'm in school for Business. Let's see, I have a boyfriend his name is MJ. I'm from Louisiana and I'm a part of Mercy B Presents.

VIP: How many books have you pen and what are their titles?

Breanna: I have two that are published. A standalone titled, ‘For The Love Of A Hoodlum’ and Part 1 of a series titled, ‘Love On the Run.’

VIP: Can you tell us what ‘For The Love Of A Hoodlum’ is about without giving away the story?

Breanna: It's about a young man by the name of Tyran. He makes his way through life on the wrong side of the road but after a few scares in his life he finds himself second guessing his lifestyle dealing with how he makes his money and his friends and family.

For The Love Of A Hoodlum

VIP: Are experiences in “For The Love Of A Hoodlum” based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Breanna: It's actually based on my boyfriend. When we first met he told me some of the things he did and literally two days later I got the plot for ‘For the love of A Hoodlum.’ He's definitely my muse and he's the ‘real life’ Basim. He tripped out when he saw his name in the book, lol.

VIP: Can you tell us what “Love On The Run” is about without giving away the story?

Breanna: ‘Love On The Run’ is about a couple by the name of Leaux and Cortez. Leaux is the beauty who believes the love she has with Cortez can stand the test of time while Cortez is just grateful to still have Leaux by his side despite his past mistakes. Self doubt causes some issues to arise and their both left truly showing if their love is as deep as they claim it to be.

Love On The Run

VIP: How did you choose the genre(s) you write in and would you write outside your genre, which ones?

Breanna: I've always been an urban fiction fan but I'm a fan of reading regardless. Besides urban fiction I want to definitely try out horror maybe a little romance but horror definitely.

VIP: What sets you apart from other authors? How are you & your work different?

Breanna: My writing style sets me different and the way my mind thinks. I'm not the average person so I don't make my characters average but I also don't want them too extreme. I hate reading novels and I'm like "that can't happen in real life." I'm regular while still exciting.

Plus, I love twists. All my books will have some kind of twist and unlike other authors I love for the villain to sometimes win. So, sometimes my favorite character will be the one everyone loves to hate.

VIP: Being that you're going to school for business & have a 2yr old son, how do you keep and maintain balance with all that you do and being an author?

Breanna: I just got back into school and it's online so I try to do my work when he's sleeping and I write mostly while I'm at work and over the weekends. It's kind of hard but pressure makes diamonds so I don't worry. It'll pay off.

VIP: What project(s) are you working on now? Any scheduled upcoming releases?

Breanna: ‘Love On The Run 2’ is set to be released next Wednesday (1/24) and Part 1 of a new series (that is a surprise) is set to release on Valentine's Day.

VIP: Where do you see your career as an author in the next five (5) years?

Breanna: In the next five years I plan on being a household name, for fiction & also nonfiction. It's a few nonfiction books I want to write towards young women and girls. A few tales of my own I would like to write to let women know that they aren't alone in the things they go through. I definitely want to touch lives with fiction and nonfiction work.

VIP: Do you listen to music or do you prefer peace & quiet when you are writing? Any specific snacks you like to munch on?

Breanna: Peace and quiet. I wish I could be one of those authors who listen to music but I can't, lol. I have to hear the characters.

I eat mostly gummy candy if I have it, lol, but I'm getting summertime fine so I can visit my babe so I gotta cut that out.

VIP: Which author(s) would you like to write a collaboration with?

Breanna: Hmmmm, that is a tough one. Honestly I don't know. I'm still getting set in my own writing ways and perfecting my craft and what makes my writing say "Breanna De'Shay" without someone reading my name on the cover. So for now I will say no one but down the line who knows.

VIP: Who are your favorite author(s) and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Breanna: Nisa Santiago is one of my all time favorites! I love everything she puts her pen to. She is realistic and makes everything so visual. I also love Kim K she is a great author! Of course I love the authors of Mercy B Presents, we have so much talent! Tiece is really good and Natalie Sade is great. I try to check out everyone's releases.

VIP: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor &/or inspired you to become a writer? Who do you look up to in the publishing industry?

Breanna: Definitely Mercy B! I remember finding her by accident when she was with Jaded Publications and I read every book she put out. It was just crazy watching Mercy blow up like she did.

As far as who inspired me to write, definitely Nisa Santiago, Nikki Turner, Teri Woods, Kiki Swinson. I've been reading way before the Kindle, lol, so whenever I needed to escape I would grab their books and let me mind travel. I just want to give a reader the same feeling they've given me over the years.

VIP: What’s your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

Breanna: Definitely this one! It's really kind of hard as a new author seeing so many other authors get way more shine than you and those days of watching your books on the chart are nerve wrecking so as I'm writing book four I constantly have to tell myself "Pray. Grind. And be patient." Because I know my time is coming and it's going to catch me by surprise once it does!

VIP: What are you currently reading? Do you read when you're writing your own book or do you wait until you've finished your book to read?

Breanna: I'm currently not reading anything but Author AC Taylor has a new book dropping tomorrow so that's next on my list!

I generally don't read while I write unless it's totally opposite of my subject and I know it is so I'm going to read hers. I learned the hard way about reading while writing, lol: JUST DON'T. It creates a lot of unnecessary doubt in yourself.
    -VIP Reply: That's totally understandable! I personally don't think Authors need to read while they are writing their own. I believe it would be confusing, plus what you said: gives you self doubt!

    -Breanna Reply: It's really confusing. The last thing you want to do is use someone else's ideas. Anytime an author says something about reading while writing, I'm like noooo! Especially a new one. Just no. Save yourself the self doubt. Read after yours is sent off:

VIP: Do you have any upcoming scheduled events; such as book signings, Interviews, etc.?

Breanna: As of now no. Most likely after ‘Love On The Run 2’ drops I'll have a giveaway in the Mercy B Presents author group and for my February release I plan on having a really cute giveaway.

I'm always networking and looking for ways to get myself noticed so who knows!

VIP: What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Breanna: Criticism? Honestly I haven't received much. Mercy will say little tweaks but I know it's out of love.

The best compliment is definitely someone finding me on Facebook and writing on my wall saying how they loved the book. Even just one or two people.

VIP: Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Breanna: Don't jump at the first publisher. Most popular doesn't always mean best (no shade to anyone because I honestly don't know anything about other publishers nor do I care) but find someone who loves the craft like you do! Don't get discouraged. You could blow up over night or it could take a few books.

Also, don't be around to ask other authors questions. Build relationships with them. I love the Mercy B authors and our group because it's always fun and just upbeat. It's never just about writing only.

And of course BE PATIENT! Believe in yourself. You're your first number one fan so cheer the loudest.

VIP: Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Breanna: Heyyyy readers! Be on the lookout for ‘Love On The Run 2!’ I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for the support.

VIP: It was a pleasure to have you here Breanna! I really appreciate the love & support! Best wishes & much love & success! VIP Supports You!

Breanna: Thank you so much!

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