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Upcoming Release + Sneak Peek | A New Jersey Love Story 3 by Myiesha

A New Jersey Love Story 3

        A slippery cat isn't always a good thing.
That is when it comes to the elusive Kitty. Once again, Kitty has managed to slip out of Camilla's grasp. This time leaving two people, that Troy and Camilla love, fighting for their lives. Still not convinced that she has gotten her revenge for Supreme and with her partner in crime, Keyonna dead, Kitty manipulates herself a new partner who also has a score to settle with Troy and Camilla.
What's a Bonnie without her Clyde?
While maintaining her home, running her daycare and finishing school, Camilla is out for blood on her one woman warpath. Convinced that the hospital has become her second home, she's determined to protect all those she care about and take down all who has chosen to become an enemy.  With her new sadistic ways of torture Camilla is proving why she's not the one to mess with.
Sometimes less is more even when it comes to family.
With his family growing by the minute Troy mistakenly lets his guard down and is now forced to deal with the consequences. Troy has tried to leave the killing in the past but with his family always being a target shit might just have to get ugly one last time.  Not feeling his wife acting like a lone ranger, Troy has made it his business to never be too far away.
The love this duo have for each other and their family has been tested many times and has proved to be Bulletproof.



           "Shit, Shit, Shit" I cursed as I pushed on the gas pedal of my truck. They had flattened the tires to all the cars so we would have no way of getting up out of here unless we walked.  I pressed on the gas pedal again and still the car didn't move.
           "Let's try my car" the Spanish chick said.
I didn't know her name but it's obvious she was on Troy and Camilla's hit list too because she also had a bullet in her ass.
           We got out my car and headed for her car. I felt my leg start to go numb from the gun shot Troy gave me. I hopped on one leg to her car and jumped in. She turned it on and pressed on the gas and the car started to slowly move.
           "Thank you Jesus" I said out loud. We wasted enough time here. I wanted to get as far away from here as possible.
           The Spanish chick drove the car down the dark road going as fast as the car would allow her to go. It had to be going at the most two miles an hour and it was at least three miles to get out of these woods. I started panicking because this was taking too long. I'm sure they weren't just going to leave us there like that. They had to have a backup plan and I wanted to be far gone by the time that backup plan showed up.
           "Fuck" she cursed. I looked ahead to see what she was looking at and there was a deer caught in the headlights in front of us, just standing there looking at us as if we were in the wrong. The shit started to freak me the fuck out the way it was looking back at us.
           "Blow the horn, maybe it'll move" I said to her.
           She blew the horn and it still just stood there looking at us.
           "The fuck wrong with that shit? Is it retarded or something?" I said at loud. A dumb deer in the headlights, I finally got it.
           "Get the fuck out the road" I yelled out the window at the deer.
           It still just stood there.
           "Go chase it away" the Spanish chick said.
           "Bitch you go chase it. Fuck I look like Call of the Wildman?" I said
           "Who the hell you calling a bitch? You can get your ass out my car"
           "Girl just drive the damn car, maybe it'll move." I said.
She pushed the gas and the car slowly drove in the direction of the deer. The deer turned towards us and charged at the car jumping on top of the hood causing us to scream. Well that was until I looked over at the Spanish chick who was just sitting there looking at me.
"The hell yo ass looking at? Drive the damn car maybe it'll jump off"
"Yo ass over there screaming like a little bitch is what I'm looking at" she said.
           The Spanish chick pushed on the horn and the deer jumped off the car and ran off into the woods. She pushed on the gas and car slowly drove down the road.
           We were driving for at least and half of hour when I noticed headlights coming towards us.
           "There's a car coming, they can help us" the Spanish chick said.
I watched as the car continued to drive towards us and then it stopped. The Spanish chick stopped her car as well. We sat there inside the car for a minute. The other car driver and passenger side door came open and two people stepped out and started walking towards the car.
           "I think we should run" I said.
           "Why?" she asked.
The lights from the head lights were blocking me from seeing clearly but once he walked in the way of the light, I was able to clearly see the gun that he had pointed towards the car.
           "Run" I yelled to the Spanish chick and we both popped the doors open.
I jumped out with the intentions of taking the fuck off into the woods but forgot about the numbness in my leg and fell to the ground
"Fuck" I said.
The guy walked up on me with the gun to my head.
           "Move and I'm blowing ya shit off" he said.  He pulled me up by my collar and dragged me to the car. The other man with him went running after the Spanish chick. I heard bullets and I assumed she was dead. I heard shuffling and the dragging of someone's feet. The partner came walking back dragging the Spanish chick back to the car kicking and trying to fight her way out of his grip. We were both thrown into the car and driven away. At that moment I blamed two people for this fucked up situation I was in. I blamed myself for not walking away from Kitty's offer and I blamed my father for not keeping his dick inside his pants 32 years ago.

A New Jersey Love Story 3 will be available for purchase Monday, January 25, 2016.

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