Saturday, February 28, 2015

Featured Book Review

My Bestfriend's Man

 OMG, what can I say? P. Dotson ...I certainly didn't expect this one! This book was 100% amazingly awesome! It had me glued in from the moment I began reading it. It is definitely a five star page turner! Right out the gate, I advise everyone who hasn't read this book to do so immediately! You will not be disappointed!

There were minimal errors in this story, which I loved! As you all know, I hate reading a book that has too many errors! This story was executed well. I loved the storyline. It was different, & I loved it! The characters in this novel were something else, especially that darn Roxie! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here goes ...

Savannah was a great lady, I loved her & respected her a lot. She was however a bit naïve to me. I mean come on chick, you should have known, seen, felt, etc. how your best friend felt about you. Needless to say, she was blind to the facts of her best friend's devious ways! Anywho, she was very heartbroken by her first love, her knight, Brandon. Supposedly he was a two timer & got caught red handed! That crossed the line with Savannah & she got up out of there quick fast & in a hurry. But her heart still belong to him even thou, now, she has a new man. Brain seems like the perfect guy, but is he really? I think he need some meds personally! He wants too much too fast from Savannah & of course it's pushing her away. Besides, he's just a distraction, that apparently isn't much of a distraction for Savannah! I'm extremely scared for her life if & when she breaks it off with him ...he's a little psychotic!

Now that darn Roxie! Roxie is just delusional. She's an undercover lesbian who's madly in love with her best friend & doesn't want anyone to have her. Talk about being obsessive ...Roxie is that & so much more! There are no lengths that will restrict her to eliminating anyone & anything that stood in the way of her having Savannah all to herself! If only Savannah felt the same way about her. I don't know how Savannah deals with a friend like this ...I couldn't imagine having a friend like this! The acts she pull are unspeakable. Especially at the end of the book! P. Dotson, you should have known better than to leave us hanging like that!

I can't wait for book 2 to drop myself. I have to know all the juicy details that will arise. Will Roxie pay for the things she's done? Will Brandon & Savannah really have their happily ever after? What about Brain's crazy behind? Will he pay for his crimes as well? What will his little brother do? Hmph, I guess we all will have to wait a little bit longer to find out! Umm, P Dotson, when will part 2 be here ...inquiring minds would like to know!

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Win a free eBook!!!

Ms. Venom wants to show her appreciation & love to all those that have supported her in her literary career. She is also looking for new readers to read & enjoy her books. Ms. Venom is having a contest for two (2) lucky winners to win a copy each of her upcoming release, which will be March 16, entitled "Schemes & Daydreams."

To be a winner you must follow all of the guidelines stated on the flyer below. To like Ms. Venom's Facebook Author Page, click here. Make sure you send all proof and the answers to all questions via email to

Her books, Sincere's Rise Out the Hood and Sincere's Rise Out The Hood II are available via Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited. They are required for this contest. Happy Reading & Good Luck!

Excerpt "Sincere's Rise Out The Hood" by Ms. Venom

Chapter nineteen

This nigga was piss-drunk and we struggled to get his ass out the car and upstairs to his apartment. I scratched my damn arm on the door, that shit hurt like hell and I swear I wanted to punch my brother in his face for being that damn drunk. Lucky for him it was just a scratch. I told Nassir to put him on the sofa. I was not trying to struggle with him all the way to his bedroom. We placed him on the sofa and bounced to my apartment across the hallway. As soon as we walked into the apartment, Nassir grabbed me by my waist from behind and began kissing my neck.
“Come on Bae, I need to get in the shower.” I giggled as he released his grip and slapped my ass as I walked towards the bedroom. He walked in the room behind me. I took my clothes off as I walked into the bathroom and threw them in the hamper. I turned the hot water on and put my hair up in a ponytail. I got in the shower and let the hot water beat down on my body. A few seconds later, I lathered the soap on the cloth and began to wash.
I heard Nassir walk into the bathroom a second later, I felt him standing behind me. He stepped close to my body and I could feel his rock hard dick pressing up against my ass, all eleven and a half inches of thickness. I smiled as I felt his hand come up behind me and slide up to my breast. He kissed my neck, he began to run his tongue from my neck to my earlobe. The warmth of his tongue felt so good. He knew that my neck and ears were my weak spots. I moaned softly as he turned me around to face him.

I looked up in his face as he pulled me close and kissed me passionately. He picked me up into his arms. I straddled him in the air, his arms were holding my legs as his hands cupped my ass. I reached down and inserted his thickness into my wet pussy, it was tight and wet when his dick slide right inside opening me up. I moaned out-loud tightening my grip on his neck. Nassir started moving me up and down as if he were lifting weights. Each time I felt him moving in and out of me, speeding up his pace going deeper. His strokes became longer and deeper.
He had me moaning out calling his name, “Oh fuck… Fuck Nas damn baby… Shii-itt…” My head fell back and I began to buck on his dick in his arms, grinding my hips pushing him deeper inside of me. “Oh shit, right there baby… Right there...” His grip got tighter his body moved faster. Nassir started moaning, while kissing me deeply. “Oh shit ma, I’m about to-…” Is all that he said, I felt his dick pulsating inside of me and his leg started shaking as I felt his warm cream filling me up. I came a few seconds after he did. He slowly lowered me my down in the shower, pushing me against the wall of the shower kissing me.
Nassir spread my thighs and started playing with my clit, massaging it back and forth then in a circular motion. My knees got weak and I felt like I was going to fall. I came for the second time on his fingers. Standing up in the walk-in shower, Nassir turned off the water and once again he lifted me in his arms carrying me out of the bathroom to the bed. Our bodies dripped a trail of water as we finally made it to the bed. He place me down on my back on the soft comforter and began to kiss his way from my lips to my breast, placing my wet nipples into his mouth. Nassir flicked his tongue across my nipples and that shit sent chills down my spine, causing me to moan softly.
He gently nibbled on my nipples and rolled them around in his teeth, that shit sent me through the roof. I loved when he did that sht. He kissed his way to my naval, then my thighs. He pulled my thick lips apart and began to French kiss my clit, “Damn daddy, do that shit...” He started going faster moving his tongue in circles, he started sucking on my clit making it swell up.  I wrapped my legs around his neck locking him in place as I pulled at the sheet, “Oh my goodness, Oh shit. Baby I’m about to-to- oh shit!” I screamed as my juices squirted in his mouth. He welcomed every drop as he swallowed it.
My body was shaking uncontrollably, I released his head from my grip. Nassir climbed on top of me entering my dripping wet pussy. The bed was soak-and-wet, good thing this was his side of the bed. “Damn this pussy is wet as fuck.” Is all he said before he instantly turned into a beast on a- mission. Nassir started pounding my pussy, all you heard was wet flesh slapping against each other. “Oh fuck, baby slow down… Ooh my God!” I couldn’t help it, he was rearranging my insides. I came three more times before he let off a big nut that made his body shake. Nassir was grunting and moaning making all kinds of love faces. He pulled out rolling over and crashing on the bed. We were dripping wet with sweat and tired as fuck. He cuddled up next to me and we fell asleep.
I woke up early morning with cottonmouth to find that niggas put my ass on the sofa. The liquor was still in my system and I could feel a headache coming on. I walked to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. Once I got the bottle of water, I took my ass in my room and headed for the shower tossing the water on the bed. I stripped out of my clothes as I turned the water on and got in after taking off my boxers. I was tired as fuck, I took a quick shower then wrapped up in a towel as I got out. I grabbed the pill bottle out of the cabinet.
I walked in my room and sat on my bed, I grabbed the bottled water and opened it. I took two pills out the bottle and swallowed them down with the water. I laid my ass across the bed and fell back to sleep.  A few hours later, I woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, grits, and toast. Destiny was in the kitchen cooking her ass off. I got out the bed and got dressed, I looked at the clock on my nightstand it read 9:30 AM. I had a few things that I needed to do today, before I attended Mrs. Martinez’s funeral and reception this evening.
I drove by the Ave to see how shit was moving out there. I drove to the corner of Stratford and Central Ave, the block was live up and down. The fiends were out in herds, Rob handled the crews but they all knew they worked for a nigga above him. Only a few people knew who I was, but the corner boys and small-timer knew nothing about me. I never touched the work, but I always made sure the money count was right. Everyone on my team was never left hungry. I made sure nobody starved on the streets.
Meaning each team from the top niggas down to the corner boy’s pockets were-full. No one wanted for nothing. If a nigga got caught he or she kept their mouth shut and did the bid. If the evidence wasn’t strong enough to make the charges stick, I made sure to have the best Attorneys working to get them off and back on the streets. My team stayed loyal, I even had this nigga James’ team falling apart. I took over most of his blocks and had his team working for me from the inside.
The streets were talking and I knew this nigga was definitely getting tired of my shit. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t give a fuck. I had more than an army standing behind me. Some of the craziest killas in the Port. A few nigga just came home from doing bids for manslaughter and so forth. No one really fucked with my team. Once we took a block it was ours, there was no getting it back unless you were ready to die. I tried to give my time to my newfound organization, every chance I could get.
My goal was to knock James out of this city, hell he could vacate the state. I was on the come up and I was taking over everything everywhere. Shit was crazy, but I loved it. I had legit money, but that street money felt so good. It was definitely my time to shine. After I ate, I left out the house headed for the club to see how shit was looking after that big ass event. Dip-set had it live up in here, not to mention I was celebrating my twenty-second birthday. Life for me was finally looking better from the time, I lost my mother until now. Shit seems so perfect.
Up until now, I never really thought about my future seeing how perfect everything is. Now I to find someone to share it all with and live a happy life, this street shit is not going to be forever. Anyways I hit the club with-in an hour and a half of leaving the house, made sure the bars were-stocked and that morning’s food delivery was on time. I got up with Jonathan the club’s manager, to go over the books and to see how much we took in for last night’s venue. His office was located on the first floor, to get in you had to punch in a single code that stayed the same at all times. If you didn’t have the code, you would have to get buzzed into the office.
Only two people knew the code to the keypad, Jonathan and me. Not even the security or bouncer had the key codes. I punched in the code and knocked on the door, as I let myself in not waiting for him to ask who was at the door. There was a camera setup above the door outside of the office and a security monitor on the left side of his desk, so he could see who approached his door at all times. Cameras ran through-out the club on both level and all of them connected to the monitor in my office. I knew what went down in the club at all times, so no one was going to blind side me.
I even have cameras at the side doors where the food was delivered. The back entrance to the parking lot where the staff entered and exited each night. I also had a camera that covered the entire parking area.  I kept security heavy ever night in the club. New Haven was not my city, but business was booming and I was definitely about to get familiar.  When I was-done going over the books with Jonathan and was sure shit was set, I took the deposit and headed to the next spot to check shit out and get the deposit for the bank.
After hitting all my spots, I went to deposit the money in the bank and then headed back home to shower again get dressed. When I walked in the house, Destiny and Jodie were on the sofa cuddled up watch T.V in the living room. I could smell food cooking in the kitchen fried chicken, rice, corn, cabbage, and cinnamon cornbread. Destiny loved some damn cinnamon cornbread, mama taught her how to make it from scratch. I loved the way she cooked, damn am I glad that she always paid attention when it came to cooking. Then again her ass was hella greedy, so you really couldn’t tell her nothing.
She did her thing though, hands-down besides both my mothers, Destiny was the best now all she had to do was teach Cynthia how to cook and we would be set. Destiny looked up at me as I walked in the door. “You are going to Mrs. Martinez’s funeral?” She sat up on the sofa and looked at me with the saddest look in her eyes. “Damn Sin, I didn’t even know she passed. When the hell did that happen?” I walked over and sat on the chair across from the sofa where she sat next to Jodie.
“She passed a week or so ago, the twins were going crazy at the hospital. Sinita seemed like she was in shock. I didn’t get to see everyone else, but I am sure I will see them later on tonight at the house. I am only going to the church to pay my respects then head to the house.” She shook her head as if she was trying to rid her mind of the thought of Mrs. Martinez passing away. “No I’m not going to go, send the family my love and respects.” I nodded my head in her direction and headed to the shower.
An hour later I got out the shower and got dressed, I got dressed in a black Sean Jean V-neck shirt with a pair of black Sean Jean jeans and my black and white Air Force Ones. I put on my Kush oil and then put on my platinum chain and my platinum Cavalli watch with diamonds embedded in the headpiece. I put my phone in the clip on my hip and headed out the house. I was on my way to St. Mary’s Church to pay my respects and head to the house Mrs. Martinez owned on the West Side of the Port. It took me thirty minutes to get from downtown to the North-end to St. Mary’s Church. I walked in signed the book and walked up to the front of the church. I walked up and looked down at her face, she looked as if she was peacefully sleeping.
I felt bad for not having the chance to say good-bye. She was going to a better, I know she will see my mothers and everyone else that has moved on. The church was already packed, I had to go I didn’t feel comfortable being there. I showed love to the family sitting in the first two rows, then headed to the house. I had noticed Rob wasn’t there yet, but I left anyways.  I pulled up to the house and noticed a few cars was parked out front.
I parked on the side of the house, when I got inside Sinita was in the kitchen with a few family member I never seen before. They were cooking and preparing all this food, she was in mourning but she managed to keep herself together. I noticed her hands were shaking while she was trying to cut red peppers to go in potato salad. I touched her hand, “Sinita are you alright?” She looked up at me and the tears started to flow heavy from her eyes. She dropped the knife and fell into my arms.
I held her tight as we walked into the other room. “Sincere you are so big now, wow I am so sorry you have to see me like this. Sorry for the loss of your mother, I haven’t seen you in so many years. Where is your sister?” We sat down on two chairs that were sitting off to the side. “She’s home she sends her love, she wanted to be here but she is a very emotional person. Well with the loss of two mothers, I don’t think she would have been able to handle the loss of Mama Martinez.
She was like a grandmother to us, this hurts me deeply and I am sorry for your loss as well.” She smiled at me, but you could tell her smile was forced. We talked for a while, after I asked her if she needed my help with anything. She told me that me, that just being here was good enough for her that all I needed to do was sit and relax. About two hours later, most of the food was done and people started pouring in from the church. I was talking to the twins and their cousin Monty, when Rob walked in with this beautiful female. I really didn’t get a clear view of her face, but I knew by looking at her body that she was the same female that I secretly crushed on back in high school.
I finished my conversation with Monty and the twins and headed off in Robs direction.  Once I found him sitting outside in a chair on the in-door porch. The female was no longer with him, he was sitting out there talking on his phone. When he saw that I was standing there, he stood to his feet and with the phone in his left hand he gave me dap with the right and a half hug. I sat down across from him and let him finish his conversation. When he got off the phone, he turned his attention to me and we started talking about the team and what’s been going on in the streets. He caught me up to some crazy shit that had popped off with this nigga James.
I will handle the situation myself, right now was not the time to think about that. Rob said he wanted to introduce me to his niece he told me that she was smart, beautiful, and independent. I looked at him and thought to myself, “Why the hell is this nigga trying to set me up with a random chic. Even if she is his fam. why do he feel, I need him to set me up with anybody? I could do that shit myself.” Rob got up out the chair and walked to the door, he called female by her name and I was curious to see who he wanted me to meet.
I looked over at him and saw that he had a huge smile on his face. I shook my head silently laughing to myself. I stood to my feet as he turned to look in my direction hearing him say my name. It seemed like the next few minutes were moving in slow motion. She turned to look at me, we made eye contact and smiled at each other. She said, “Hi how you doing?” I felt this warm sensation go through my body and my heart started to beat faster.
Yo, I swear at that very moment I fell in love with an angel. We started talking and before I knew it, Rob had disappeared. That nigga was slick as fuck, but it was all good. Shalazia Martinez was beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and I swear she made me feel like that young high school nigga all over again crushing on her hard.  After our conversation, I found out that we had so much in common. I was attracted to her for so many reasons. She was definitely going to be my wife one day.
I promise the world that shit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Queen of the South
Tanika Honey Ward
Queen of the South


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Zedekiah Strickland was the daughter of Herman Strickland; a wealthy city developer. Zedekiah’s family afforded their daughter with a lavish lifestyle. However, all of that changed, when Zedekiah’s father was falsely accused of horrific sex crimes.

Jessur, is the heir to the most notorious drug cartel in Mexico, however he longs to leave the lifestyle and leaves to attend college in The States. While there, he meets Zedekiah and falls in love. With his birthright as King of the Cartel looming, Jessur has a tough decision to make. Will he choose love or the cartel?

After the accusations against her father, the Feds seized the Strickland family’s assets and Zedekiah was forced to find a hustle to help take care of her family; and pay for the best lawyer to defend the charges pinned against her father. Zedekiah abandoned all of her values, when she decided to become a madame of an escorting business along side her best friend Monique.

Zedekiah worked hard to take over the underworld of Atlanta in pursuit of the person(s) that were responsible for destroying the Strickland family. Thus, becoming the ‘Queen of the South.’
Coming Soon
Queen of the South 2

Mafietta: Rise of A Female Boss

Blake Karrington Presents
E.W. Brooks
Available Now on Amazon
When my children ask me how I did it, I tell them I watched the mistakes of those that came before me. Then I used their mistakes to create the playbook that took our family to the top.

Up until our time, many were the stories of kingpins turned inmates. Most often, the girlfriends, mistresses, and wives who survived the experience were lost once their man was shipped away on a forced vacation. This would not be me.
I turned this paradigm on its head. I turned trouble season into double season!!!!! "Mafietta"

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Reader's Voice!

Poor Editing 

I have been reading books that seem to have a lot of poor editing! I am an avid reader and I really don't like to see a good title that has poor editing in it. As a reader, I want to be able to enjoy the book without having to correct words that are either misspelled, or it's not in the correct spot. 

I love urban books. I think authors should take their time when writing a book, and make sure their grammar, punctuation, and their words and sentences make sense. I am becoming a writer myself, and I've always been a spelling and grammar freak. I can easily see where things should be corrected.

I would suggest that author's take their time; making sure everything is in it's place with no errors before they publish it. Author's get bad reviews because they rush through their writing, and/or don't take the time to edit their own work, and make sure that they can pull a 5 start novel.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Faith Has No Color

Available Feb 23rd

Precious thought she had found a good man in Darrell, but quickly found out that he was no different than the previous men that she had chosen. Giving up on thinking she will never find a good man, in walks Bill. Finding love is not always easy and doesn't always come packaged the way we think it should.

Precious felt things were finally going well, then tragedy strikes and she has to rely on the faith of friends, parents, and her ever loving grandmother to pull her through.

While struggle with her own faith, Precious has to also deal with a crazy ex, a bigoted old woman, and another unexpected surprise. It's not until Precious relies on her own faith that things start to turn around.

Giveaway Alert !!!

Make sure you enter for your chance to win Part 3 of the "Married To A Bitch" series! There's still time! Contest ends tomorrow at 12pm!

Suicide Queens

by Amaleka McCall

Allyson "Ally" Cintron grew up in a family of killers. Her father was the head of the notorious Los Asesinos--a crew of hired hit men who carried out some of the deadliest hits on some of the most powerful players in the game. When the tables unexpectedly turn on the family, Ally is the only one left alive. Reeling from the death of her parents, Ally tries to commit suicide. When she is found clinging to life, the social services system places her at Amityville Juvenile Detention and Psychiatric Center.

At Amityville, Ally meets Bianca and Charlie, who were also locked up for trying to take their own lives. Bound by pain and suffering the abuses of the system, all three girls form a pact and name themselves the Suicide Queens. When Ally tricks a doctor into releasing her, she is out for revenge and returns to the only life she knows--street life. Will her father's old ties help her? Or will she inherit her father's debts to the streets?

Walk with this Suicide Queen and find out if she has what it takes to stay alive in a game so bloody she might wish she were dead.

by June Miller
Meet Charlie, third member of the infamous Suicide Queens. Charlie didn't get a chance to have a normal childhood and never knew what it was like to have friends because her father always moved his family around the country like nomads. At the tender age of , her luck changed and her family finally settled down in Long Island, NY. Charlie isn't a social butterfly but still meets Will, a young high school student, who instantly takes a liking to her because of her odd behavior and characteristics. Charlie falls for him fast and hard finally feeling like she was a normal teenage girl experiencing love for the first time, but it's short lived.
A terrible turn of events lands Will in the hospital and Charlie in the nuthouse for trying to commit suicide. While there, she's subjected to endure unspeakable treatment by the hands of Dr. Drummond who she finds out takes advantage of particular girls admitted to his institution. Charlie meets and befriends Ally and Bianca who are in the institution for trying to commit suicide. As they get to know one another they realize trying to commit suicide is not the only thing they have in common where Dr. Drummond is concerned. They make a pledge, declare war on everyone who have wronged them and create a hit list. Their bond is formed and cemented through their friendship and they become the Suicide Queens. Charlie finds a way to get Ally and Bianca freed from the nuthouse and plans the execution of the first person on their list, Dr. Drummond. Unfortunately Ally and Bianca botch the Drummond hit and an innocent child is murdered.

When Charlie gets out of the nuthouse, her first stop is to find her first love, Will but when she does she finds out things have changed. She and her friends on the opposite side of the hit list as attempts on her life are made. Charlie is in a race against time to warn the Ally and Bianca that they are being hunted for the murder of Dr. Drummond. Now Charlie is faced with having to choose between trusting love or trusting friendships. Will she make the right choice, because the wrong one will mean the end of the infamous Suicide Queens.

Book 3 Coming Soon from C.N. Phillips

Catchin' Feelings for a Married Man

New Release
by LaQuita Cameron

Kara’s gotten her feelings wrapped around Jazz in hopes of becoming the number one woman in his life. Too bad his wife is already in that spot! Her love for him has her lowering her standards to maintaining her side chick status. But Kara wants more… She becomes demanding and gives Jazz ultimatums proving she is over his games. His empty promises and lies show her he isn’t the man he claims to be. But like most women, Kara is determined to fight for her love…

Jazz is hooked on Kara’s young love. After witnessing his best friend and wife having sex, he’s confused and unsure of who he can trust. His life is flipped upside down by drama and tragedy, once the set up of his best friend comes back to haunt him.

“Zen” aka Zenayia struggles to love her husband Jazz… She’s gotten lost in her feelings for his best friend Damon. Her affair with Damon ultimately puts her in a compromising position when she is deemed with an unexpected pregnancy. Her marriage is on the line resulting in her hiding secrets are unmasked.

The ultimate betrayal of his best friend Jazz leaves Damon questioning those around him. He is jealous of Jazz and wishes he had his lifestyle. Their friendship will be tested, pushing Damon to make drastic decisions to keep his affair with Zen under wraps. He is determined to find out who set him up, but he has no idea his enemy is right under his nose…

#2 Bestseller ~ You're My Little Secret 2

by Chenell Parker
#2 Bestseller in African American Urban Fiction
#2 Bestseller in Urban Fiction
#2 Bestseller in African American Romance
Brooklyn went from being a naïve eighteen year old virgin to being the pregnant side chick of a soon to be married man. Dominic has always wanted to be a father and he’s excited that Brooklyn is making his dream a reality. Dominic loves Brooklyn but his history with his fiancée Kennedi has made it difficult to choose between the two.

Kennedi's greatest desire is to give Dominic a baby, but after having three miscarriages, she is discouraged and the news of Brooklyn's pregnancy is devastating. She loves Dominic and must decide if marrying him is an option for her.

Will a baby bring Dominic and Brooklyn closer while tearing him and Kennedi apart or will Brooklyn forever be his little secret?

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On and Popping !!!

New Release


by Sonovia Alexander
Sonovia Alexander takes you into the world of African American beauty! The story begins with Deonne, the owner of On & Popping. On & Popping is a beauty shop on the first floor with a bar lounge in the basement. It gives you a little bit of everything one could desire to relax and catch up on the latest gossip around town. Everyone knows everybody's business.

The town of Millsap West wasn't ready for Deonne and her business ideas. Competition popped up on almost every block. On & Popping was a success for couples and party goers. Deonne is happy in love with her high school sweetheart. Her engagement to Maxwell has been the talk of the town and has brought her enemies and their jealous attitudes to the forefront. Her number one problem is Tonya.

Tonya would prefer to see Deonne fail at her endeavors. She wanted a lucrative business and a man that loves her too. Tonya hated the fact that Deonne wins the hair show every year. She vows that this year will be different.

The drama, love, and pain in On & Popping will make you laugh, cry, and relate to life's troubles and joy. The stylists bring their own drama and keep the tales coming. Will Deonne allow the drama in On & Popping interfere with her life? Will Tonya be her demise? Will family troubles break up her happy life? Find out now!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Ulterior Motives: A Tale of Love & Betrayal" by Dechella Taylor (Book Review)

I really enjoyed this book. In the beginning I felt as though it was taking too long to get to all the juicy stuff, but then again it was just very detailed and that was very good. Dechella, really executed this story thoroughly. The flow was pretty good & I actually like the way she wrote it. It was a little different from what I normally have read, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

There weren't any errors when it can to grammar & punctuation & I absolutely loved that!

This book really kept my interest and I had to keep reading to find out everything! The twist & turns in this novel were so realistic; the suspense will have you on edge. It was as if I could see everything unfold before my very eyes. Everyone had their own ulterior motives for something! Dechella definitely named this book correctly!

I really loved Melissa, she was a sweetheart & was a great woman who loved her kids & focused on everything that was important. However, she failed to take her marriage into consideration and all hell broke loose on that end plus more! Now Paige had it together but yet she didn't, a little confusing huh? She was indeed something else! The way she went about her life was crazy and you wouldn't expect that from someone who was well educated with an executive job. Looks can be deceiving though. Her love for her best friend was real, even though she kept her share of mind blowing secrets from her.

Hamilton was such a jerk and he truly got what he deserved. I just didn't understand him. That man had problems! I can't wait to see what happens of him in part 2.
I loved Sage, he was the definition of a great man. The liking he took to Paige made a huge difference and him wanting to help her through what she was going through made it even wonderful. After learning his ulterior motive, it was good for her as well as her best friend. I absolutely loved his character!

Timothy just couldn't seem to stay out the system, no matter how hard he may have tried. India & Marcus were two young, dumb & naïve individuals and I'm glad they got caught & will be paying for what they did. Yolanda on the other hand, I felt her pain! No matter what she did to stay on the right track, she always got the short end of the stick. Hopefully she will have a happy ending in Part 2!

Elizabeth was the worst! That woman, along with her crazy family, all need to be behind bars. The power they hold makes it so difficult, but yet they still had to result to extreme actions to keep their freedom! Now isn't that something? Will justice finally be served & they get what's due to them? Now that all the Ulterior motive are now blasted, what's going to happen next? Is Melissa going to finally give up on Hamilton? Will Hamilton try to get his family back? Will Paige & Sage live happily ever after? What will happen to Yolanda? Timothy? What about Leah & her mom; is their relationship reconcilable? Will the Singleton's get away with it all?

I'm itching for the release of Part 2! What ulterior motives will these characters have next? Or will more characters surface with their own?

I give this book 5 stars and I recommend that every one read it! Great job Dechella Taylor!

Contact Dechella

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reader's Voice!

I recently read Her Dirty Little Secrets by Mrs. Tanasia Thomas. She's a new author currently signed to Jessica Watkins Presents and let me just say, for her debut book 'she delivered.'

Pierce is a young, beautiful and goal driven young woman whose on track to live her dream of being a doctor. A series of unfortunate events caused Pierce to relocate to Miami in hopes of leaving all her troubles behind her and starting fresh with her young daughter. In Miami Pierce meets Gabe, who is relentless at wanting to get to know her. With love in the air, both Pierce and Gabe have secrets they haven't told each other. While ones past can't seem to let them go, another's planning to let their current lifestyle go for true love. Watch as friends turn into foes, enemies fight to reclaim what's theirs and others fight for love.

There was absolutely nothing that I didn't like about this book. It had everything; sexy characters, villains, drama, secrets, love, lies and sex. All these elements came together in this one book and made a great, attention grabbing story. The characters were good, the storyline flowed, the details wasn't filler information that helped the story flow and the editing was on point. One thing that I loved about this read was that Pierce wasn't your typical weak and helpless chick that was dependent on a man. She had a backbone and was very independent but she had her weak moments. Gabe was everything! He exuded confidence and demanded respect. I also loved that he was very romantic. This read was nothing that I expected but I'm definitely glad I read it.

This was definitely a 5 star read! Great job Tanasia!

If you have a chance to read this, please do. I think that you'll like it.

The "tea" with Author Rikenya Hunter

Author's Spotlight
Meet Rikenya Hunter! She is currently signed with Ambiance Books and is the author of "Hustle Hard." I had the honor of chatting it up with her. Read the interview below and make sure you one-click her new book!
Rikenya Hunter, born in Louisville Kentucky, writes from a young adult’s point of view. Rikenya has always had a passion for writing and storytelling and has been keeping a journal of her own life since the age of eight. She has a unique way of seeing life from her character's eyes, leading you along the path as a participant instead of as an observer. Rikenya currently resides in Jacksonville Florida, with her high-school sweetheart and their two daughters. She's currently working on new material and working towards earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.
1. Could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m twenty-six years old, a Libra. I’m very creative, silly and sweet with a huge heart. I’m always laughing. I’m a mom to two daughters, ages four and three. I’m newly engaged to my high-school sweetheart of eight years. 

2. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book? What inspired you? When I was little, my siblings and I would create false news stories and record them as if we were news anchors. Around eighth grade, I started keeping a journal up until I turned twenty-one. A few years later, I just thought I would write a book in my spare time since it had always been a hobby. Now I’m signed and published! 

3. Do you have a specific writing style? Do you work with an outline, or just write? I honestly don’t have a specific writing style. I just write. I get an idea, freestyle and weave it altogether. 

4. How did you come up with the title for this novel? I started writing this novel and would always throw the words “Hustle Hard” throughout the story so I felt it would fit the title perfectly. 

5. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? The message I want readers to grasp in Hustle Hard is that everybody you see in life is going through something. Never let your problems get in the way of your goals. Hustle Hard to achieve your aspirations and dreams. J 

6. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? In this particular book, it’s all fiction. In some of my other novels, they’re based off some true events of my personal life, but as for Hustle Hard, it’s all fiction. 

7. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Niyah Moore is my mentor! She’s been amazing and I admire her so much. She actually wants to see you succeed, learn and grow. I’m grateful to be a part of her team. 

8. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? I wouldn’t say I have a favorite author, I like many different authors. There’s way too many to name!  

9. Who designed the book cover for this novel? Brittani Williams. She’s dope! 

10. What was the hardest part of writing your novel? This novel actually came pretty easy. 

11. Do you have a day job or are you a full time author? I’m in school full-time. I attend classes online. I’m aiming towards my bachelors in Business Administration. I’m a full-time stay-at-home mother too. I wear many hats. J 

12. What book(s) are you reading now? Between writing right now, I’ve downloaded many books, but I haven’t had enough time to actually sit down and read them. The last book I had read was by Joy Jackson called Rise of a Coke Queen. Cop that! It’s a page turner. 

13. How did you choose the genre you write in and would you write outside your genre? Growing up in high school, all I read was Urban Fiction. When I received my first Kindle, I read nothing, but Urban Fiction. I absolutely love the genre.  Maybe in the future I could explore other genres, but for right now, I’m sticking to Urban Fiction. J 

14. Do you ever experience writer’s block? Oh my goodness, I do. It’s the worse! When I experience writer’s block, I generally take a few days off from writing to clear my head and that seems to work for me. 

15. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? I loved Niyah Moore and Lashonda De’Vaughn. When I purchased my first Kindle, they were the first authors I read. 

16. If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change? I wouldn’t change anything. I’m grateful. 

17. How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre? I use social media to market my work. Everyone seems to have a social media account. It seems when you share something online, it goes viral quickly. Technology is great for networking. 

18. Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published? I’m currently working on two books that aren’t published yet. They’re coming real soon though! 

19. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? My favorite chapter would be the last chapter of the book. Koko went through a lot, but she didn’t let that discourage her. 

20. What project are you working on now? Any scheduled upcoming releases? I’m working on a standalone book now. It’s almost completed, but the title is still being worked out. I’m also working on collaboration with another talented author. It’s hot! 

21. Can you tell us about your upcoming releases? I have three books that have already been sent off to the editor. I’m working on a standalone book and collaboration with another talented author. I can’t wait to share it with the world! 

22. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment? Hmm, I haven’t received tough criticism. I genuinely received a lot of support and love. My biggest compliment I’ve received is readers thanking me for giving them standalone novels. I’m grateful for all feedback, negative or positive. It helps me grow. 

23. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers? My advice to aspiring writers would be to take your time and never give up! Writing a book takes patience. Don’t rush it! 

24. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans? I deeply thank all my fans and readers for all the love and support. I truly appreciate it! Look out for some new material coming soon! God bless.

Contact Rikenya
Rikenya's Books
Publication Date: January 26, 2015
Publisher: Ambience Books
Publication Date: January 5, 2015
Publication Date: January 3, 2014
Publisher: Rikenya Renee Publications
Publication Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: Rikenya Renee Publications
Publication Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: Rikenya Renee Publications

Featured Review: Hustle Hard by Rikenya Hunter

Hustle Hard

This story was absolutely amazing. It was well planned out, executed well. The characters had their own characteristics and played their part. I loved the fact that I could vividly see the storyline as if it were a movie and that I could feel all the emotions that each character portrayed.

As far as grammar and punctuation, there were none. This story was edited extremely well. I honestly did not see only misspelled words or have to try to figure out what has been written. I hate trying to figure a sentence out or seeing a lot of editing issues in a book. This story flowed gracefully from page to page. It was such an easy read.

Kourtney is a very strong, family-oriented, independent woman. She hustles hard for her and her family, doing what must be done respecting herself and using her intelligence and wisdom to guide her. After suffering with multiple losses in death from those close to her within less than two months apart, she tries her best to remain strong and keep it all together for her family as well as herself. Even though her life is falling apart she still manages to keep it together, as well as find love.

Jamal is the perfect gentleman. He goes out his way to make Kourtney his wife. As he tries to get out the game, shots are being taken at him. Life in danger, he gracefully manages to overcome his obstacles and get what he once thought he never would want or ask for.

I absolutely loved Kourtney and Jamal's relationship. Their chemistry was mind blowing. To me they were the perfect couple. I honestly believed that Dwight was not the man for her. I really don't believe he was "trying" and that he was only using her. Kasey was very young and very naïve. She made her bed and unfortunately had to sleep in it.

Enis was a ride and die, and I respected him. At first I thought he was hating but I see he was actually right and Jamal seen so himself. Cassandra was one strong woman and I 100% respect her. I can honestly see why Kourtney was the way she was. Her mother definitely raised her right!

I loved every minute of this story. When I thought one thing was going to happen, it turned out to be something different.

Rikenya did an amazing job! The suspense in this novel had me on a reading high! Sleep and work was the only thing that kept me from reading it all the way through the first time I started it. I give this book 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.

This story is so relatable to an everyday person's life. Just read it you'll see and believe me you're going to love it just as much as I did. This could be a standalone but, I would love to find out what could happen beyond "The End." What say you, Rikenya?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Specials (Updated Feb15th)

In honor of Valentine's Day, because of the love and support from the readers, many authors &/or publishing companies are giving books away for free today! Some are having special sales: $0.99 books, 50% off on the regular price, price reduction for book box sets, etc.! Here are a select few! I will update this list throughout the weekend because some of the specials are just for Valentine's Day only and some last the entire weekend! Enjoy and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

New Releases from Kiki Swinson Presents! These books are no longer free, they are now $0.99!

Anyone Wanna Buy A Heart? by Yushekia Mason
Cut From The Same Cloth by Natalie Sade
Royalty Publishing House
These titles are now at their original prices! Some were originally priced at $0.99! Click Here to see all of Royalty Publishing House release!
Reduced price on (4 book) Box Set. Click Here or the picture below to purchase! Books included in this box set are: When Love Turns To War by Tenele Cocaine, Protect My Image by Mz. Leebra Clark, Karma's Temptress by Mz. Leebra Clark & Trifling Double Standards by Vallean Jackson.

$1.99 (Price goes up to $2.99 in 3dys)

Sealed With A Kiss by B.M. Hardin


Onyx Dripped In Love by Cali Carter

Free this Weekend Only
$0.99 Books
Cuffing Season by Solae Dehvine
You Had Me At Hello by Leondra LeRae
Confessions of A Dope Boy by First Lady K
Falling For An Alpha Billionaire by Sapphire

Butta: The Pole Vault Series by Red Diamond

Sidechick Chronicles by Shadress Denise

Sex Fiend 2 by C. Passion Bates

Fiending for His Love by Angel Williams

Money & Love Don't Mix by Ace Guccanio

Love, Honor & Loyalty by A'sunnshine

It's Either Me or Her by Tiece

Love Homicide by A'Shanti Sanders

How Deep Is Your Love by Johnazia Gray

Ménage: A Cali Love Story by P.R. Hawkins

Pills & Potion: Love Overdosing by Deidre Leshay

Wanting Choc'late by Sparkle Watson

Her Dirty Little Secrets by Tanasia Thomas

No Ordinary Love by Sasha Moore

The Way My Heart Is Set Up by Dechella Taylor

Just Free Books
A Diamond For Valentine's Day by Chocolatebosschick
It's Love for Her by Marques Lewis
Something Very Unexpected by Tracy Gilmore
Lies & Deceit by Angela Murray
The Game of Love by K. Alex Walker
Unrestricted Chains by Cynthia Blue

Menage with A Billionaire by Shelia Rose

The Road To The Perfect Guy by Marques Lewis

His Ebony Impulse by Kiara Night 

His Chocolate Fantasy: Bianca by L Hannover