Thursday, February 26, 2015

Excerpt "Sincere's Rise Out The Hood" by Ms. Venom

Chapter nineteen

This nigga was piss-drunk and we struggled to get his ass out the car and upstairs to his apartment. I scratched my damn arm on the door, that shit hurt like hell and I swear I wanted to punch my brother in his face for being that damn drunk. Lucky for him it was just a scratch. I told Nassir to put him on the sofa. I was not trying to struggle with him all the way to his bedroom. We placed him on the sofa and bounced to my apartment across the hallway. As soon as we walked into the apartment, Nassir grabbed me by my waist from behind and began kissing my neck.
“Come on Bae, I need to get in the shower.” I giggled as he released his grip and slapped my ass as I walked towards the bedroom. He walked in the room behind me. I took my clothes off as I walked into the bathroom and threw them in the hamper. I turned the hot water on and put my hair up in a ponytail. I got in the shower and let the hot water beat down on my body. A few seconds later, I lathered the soap on the cloth and began to wash.
I heard Nassir walk into the bathroom a second later, I felt him standing behind me. He stepped close to my body and I could feel his rock hard dick pressing up against my ass, all eleven and a half inches of thickness. I smiled as I felt his hand come up behind me and slide up to my breast. He kissed my neck, he began to run his tongue from my neck to my earlobe. The warmth of his tongue felt so good. He knew that my neck and ears were my weak spots. I moaned softly as he turned me around to face him.

I looked up in his face as he pulled me close and kissed me passionately. He picked me up into his arms. I straddled him in the air, his arms were holding my legs as his hands cupped my ass. I reached down and inserted his thickness into my wet pussy, it was tight and wet when his dick slide right inside opening me up. I moaned out-loud tightening my grip on his neck. Nassir started moving me up and down as if he were lifting weights. Each time I felt him moving in and out of me, speeding up his pace going deeper. His strokes became longer and deeper.
He had me moaning out calling his name, “Oh fuck… Fuck Nas damn baby… Shii-itt…” My head fell back and I began to buck on his dick in his arms, grinding my hips pushing him deeper inside of me. “Oh shit, right there baby… Right there...” His grip got tighter his body moved faster. Nassir started moaning, while kissing me deeply. “Oh shit ma, I’m about to-…” Is all that he said, I felt his dick pulsating inside of me and his leg started shaking as I felt his warm cream filling me up. I came a few seconds after he did. He slowly lowered me my down in the shower, pushing me against the wall of the shower kissing me.
Nassir spread my thighs and started playing with my clit, massaging it back and forth then in a circular motion. My knees got weak and I felt like I was going to fall. I came for the second time on his fingers. Standing up in the walk-in shower, Nassir turned off the water and once again he lifted me in his arms carrying me out of the bathroom to the bed. Our bodies dripped a trail of water as we finally made it to the bed. He place me down on my back on the soft comforter and began to kiss his way from my lips to my breast, placing my wet nipples into his mouth. Nassir flicked his tongue across my nipples and that shit sent chills down my spine, causing me to moan softly.
He gently nibbled on my nipples and rolled them around in his teeth, that shit sent me through the roof. I loved when he did that sht. He kissed his way to my naval, then my thighs. He pulled my thick lips apart and began to French kiss my clit, “Damn daddy, do that shit...” He started going faster moving his tongue in circles, he started sucking on my clit making it swell up.  I wrapped my legs around his neck locking him in place as I pulled at the sheet, “Oh my goodness, Oh shit. Baby I’m about to-to- oh shit!” I screamed as my juices squirted in his mouth. He welcomed every drop as he swallowed it.
My body was shaking uncontrollably, I released his head from my grip. Nassir climbed on top of me entering my dripping wet pussy. The bed was soak-and-wet, good thing this was his side of the bed. “Damn this pussy is wet as fuck.” Is all he said before he instantly turned into a beast on a- mission. Nassir started pounding my pussy, all you heard was wet flesh slapping against each other. “Oh fuck, baby slow down… Ooh my God!” I couldn’t help it, he was rearranging my insides. I came three more times before he let off a big nut that made his body shake. Nassir was grunting and moaning making all kinds of love faces. He pulled out rolling over and crashing on the bed. We were dripping wet with sweat and tired as fuck. He cuddled up next to me and we fell asleep.
I woke up early morning with cottonmouth to find that niggas put my ass on the sofa. The liquor was still in my system and I could feel a headache coming on. I walked to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. Once I got the bottle of water, I took my ass in my room and headed for the shower tossing the water on the bed. I stripped out of my clothes as I turned the water on and got in after taking off my boxers. I was tired as fuck, I took a quick shower then wrapped up in a towel as I got out. I grabbed the pill bottle out of the cabinet.
I walked in my room and sat on my bed, I grabbed the bottled water and opened it. I took two pills out the bottle and swallowed them down with the water. I laid my ass across the bed and fell back to sleep.  A few hours later, I woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, grits, and toast. Destiny was in the kitchen cooking her ass off. I got out the bed and got dressed, I looked at the clock on my nightstand it read 9:30 AM. I had a few things that I needed to do today, before I attended Mrs. Martinez’s funeral and reception this evening.
I drove by the Ave to see how shit was moving out there. I drove to the corner of Stratford and Central Ave, the block was live up and down. The fiends were out in herds, Rob handled the crews but they all knew they worked for a nigga above him. Only a few people knew who I was, but the corner boys and small-timer knew nothing about me. I never touched the work, but I always made sure the money count was right. Everyone on my team was never left hungry. I made sure nobody starved on the streets.
Meaning each team from the top niggas down to the corner boy’s pockets were-full. No one wanted for nothing. If a nigga got caught he or she kept their mouth shut and did the bid. If the evidence wasn’t strong enough to make the charges stick, I made sure to have the best Attorneys working to get them off and back on the streets. My team stayed loyal, I even had this nigga James’ team falling apart. I took over most of his blocks and had his team working for me from the inside.
The streets were talking and I knew this nigga was definitely getting tired of my shit. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t give a fuck. I had more than an army standing behind me. Some of the craziest killas in the Port. A few nigga just came home from doing bids for manslaughter and so forth. No one really fucked with my team. Once we took a block it was ours, there was no getting it back unless you were ready to die. I tried to give my time to my newfound organization, every chance I could get.
My goal was to knock James out of this city, hell he could vacate the state. I was on the come up and I was taking over everything everywhere. Shit was crazy, but I loved it. I had legit money, but that street money felt so good. It was definitely my time to shine. After I ate, I left out the house headed for the club to see how shit was looking after that big ass event. Dip-set had it live up in here, not to mention I was celebrating my twenty-second birthday. Life for me was finally looking better from the time, I lost my mother until now. Shit seems so perfect.
Up until now, I never really thought about my future seeing how perfect everything is. Now I to find someone to share it all with and live a happy life, this street shit is not going to be forever. Anyways I hit the club with-in an hour and a half of leaving the house, made sure the bars were-stocked and that morning’s food delivery was on time. I got up with Jonathan the club’s manager, to go over the books and to see how much we took in for last night’s venue. His office was located on the first floor, to get in you had to punch in a single code that stayed the same at all times. If you didn’t have the code, you would have to get buzzed into the office.
Only two people knew the code to the keypad, Jonathan and me. Not even the security or bouncer had the key codes. I punched in the code and knocked on the door, as I let myself in not waiting for him to ask who was at the door. There was a camera setup above the door outside of the office and a security monitor on the left side of his desk, so he could see who approached his door at all times. Cameras ran through-out the club on both level and all of them connected to the monitor in my office. I knew what went down in the club at all times, so no one was going to blind side me.
I even have cameras at the side doors where the food was delivered. The back entrance to the parking lot where the staff entered and exited each night. I also had a camera that covered the entire parking area.  I kept security heavy ever night in the club. New Haven was not my city, but business was booming and I was definitely about to get familiar.  When I was-done going over the books with Jonathan and was sure shit was set, I took the deposit and headed to the next spot to check shit out and get the deposit for the bank.
After hitting all my spots, I went to deposit the money in the bank and then headed back home to shower again get dressed. When I walked in the house, Destiny and Jodie were on the sofa cuddled up watch T.V in the living room. I could smell food cooking in the kitchen fried chicken, rice, corn, cabbage, and cinnamon cornbread. Destiny loved some damn cinnamon cornbread, mama taught her how to make it from scratch. I loved the way she cooked, damn am I glad that she always paid attention when it came to cooking. Then again her ass was hella greedy, so you really couldn’t tell her nothing.
She did her thing though, hands-down besides both my mothers, Destiny was the best now all she had to do was teach Cynthia how to cook and we would be set. Destiny looked up at me as I walked in the door. “You are going to Mrs. Martinez’s funeral?” She sat up on the sofa and looked at me with the saddest look in her eyes. “Damn Sin, I didn’t even know she passed. When the hell did that happen?” I walked over and sat on the chair across from the sofa where she sat next to Jodie.
“She passed a week or so ago, the twins were going crazy at the hospital. Sinita seemed like she was in shock. I didn’t get to see everyone else, but I am sure I will see them later on tonight at the house. I am only going to the church to pay my respects then head to the house.” She shook her head as if she was trying to rid her mind of the thought of Mrs. Martinez passing away. “No I’m not going to go, send the family my love and respects.” I nodded my head in her direction and headed to the shower.
An hour later I got out the shower and got dressed, I got dressed in a black Sean Jean V-neck shirt with a pair of black Sean Jean jeans and my black and white Air Force Ones. I put on my Kush oil and then put on my platinum chain and my platinum Cavalli watch with diamonds embedded in the headpiece. I put my phone in the clip on my hip and headed out the house. I was on my way to St. Mary’s Church to pay my respects and head to the house Mrs. Martinez owned on the West Side of the Port. It took me thirty minutes to get from downtown to the North-end to St. Mary’s Church. I walked in signed the book and walked up to the front of the church. I walked up and looked down at her face, she looked as if she was peacefully sleeping.
I felt bad for not having the chance to say good-bye. She was going to a better, I know she will see my mothers and everyone else that has moved on. The church was already packed, I had to go I didn’t feel comfortable being there. I showed love to the family sitting in the first two rows, then headed to the house. I had noticed Rob wasn’t there yet, but I left anyways.  I pulled up to the house and noticed a few cars was parked out front.
I parked on the side of the house, when I got inside Sinita was in the kitchen with a few family member I never seen before. They were cooking and preparing all this food, she was in mourning but she managed to keep herself together. I noticed her hands were shaking while she was trying to cut red peppers to go in potato salad. I touched her hand, “Sinita are you alright?” She looked up at me and the tears started to flow heavy from her eyes. She dropped the knife and fell into my arms.
I held her tight as we walked into the other room. “Sincere you are so big now, wow I am so sorry you have to see me like this. Sorry for the loss of your mother, I haven’t seen you in so many years. Where is your sister?” We sat down on two chairs that were sitting off to the side. “She’s home she sends her love, she wanted to be here but she is a very emotional person. Well with the loss of two mothers, I don’t think she would have been able to handle the loss of Mama Martinez.
She was like a grandmother to us, this hurts me deeply and I am sorry for your loss as well.” She smiled at me, but you could tell her smile was forced. We talked for a while, after I asked her if she needed my help with anything. She told me that me, that just being here was good enough for her that all I needed to do was sit and relax. About two hours later, most of the food was done and people started pouring in from the church. I was talking to the twins and their cousin Monty, when Rob walked in with this beautiful female. I really didn’t get a clear view of her face, but I knew by looking at her body that she was the same female that I secretly crushed on back in high school.
I finished my conversation with Monty and the twins and headed off in Robs direction.  Once I found him sitting outside in a chair on the in-door porch. The female was no longer with him, he was sitting out there talking on his phone. When he saw that I was standing there, he stood to his feet and with the phone in his left hand he gave me dap with the right and a half hug. I sat down across from him and let him finish his conversation. When he got off the phone, he turned his attention to me and we started talking about the team and what’s been going on in the streets. He caught me up to some crazy shit that had popped off with this nigga James.
I will handle the situation myself, right now was not the time to think about that. Rob said he wanted to introduce me to his niece he told me that she was smart, beautiful, and independent. I looked at him and thought to myself, “Why the hell is this nigga trying to set me up with a random chic. Even if she is his fam. why do he feel, I need him to set me up with anybody? I could do that shit myself.” Rob got up out the chair and walked to the door, he called female by her name and I was curious to see who he wanted me to meet.
I looked over at him and saw that he had a huge smile on his face. I shook my head silently laughing to myself. I stood to my feet as he turned to look in my direction hearing him say my name. It seemed like the next few minutes were moving in slow motion. She turned to look at me, we made eye contact and smiled at each other. She said, “Hi how you doing?” I felt this warm sensation go through my body and my heart started to beat faster.
Yo, I swear at that very moment I fell in love with an angel. We started talking and before I knew it, Rob had disappeared. That nigga was slick as fuck, but it was all good. Shalazia Martinez was beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and I swear she made me feel like that young high school nigga all over again crushing on her hard.  After our conversation, I found out that we had so much in common. I was attracted to her for so many reasons. She was definitely going to be my wife one day.
I promise the world that shit.


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