Friday, February 20, 2015

Suicide Queens

by Amaleka McCall

Allyson "Ally" Cintron grew up in a family of killers. Her father was the head of the notorious Los Asesinos--a crew of hired hit men who carried out some of the deadliest hits on some of the most powerful players in the game. When the tables unexpectedly turn on the family, Ally is the only one left alive. Reeling from the death of her parents, Ally tries to commit suicide. When she is found clinging to life, the social services system places her at Amityville Juvenile Detention and Psychiatric Center.

At Amityville, Ally meets Bianca and Charlie, who were also locked up for trying to take their own lives. Bound by pain and suffering the abuses of the system, all three girls form a pact and name themselves the Suicide Queens. When Ally tricks a doctor into releasing her, she is out for revenge and returns to the only life she knows--street life. Will her father's old ties help her? Or will she inherit her father's debts to the streets?

Walk with this Suicide Queen and find out if she has what it takes to stay alive in a game so bloody she might wish she were dead.

by June Miller
Meet Charlie, third member of the infamous Suicide Queens. Charlie didn't get a chance to have a normal childhood and never knew what it was like to have friends because her father always moved his family around the country like nomads. At the tender age of , her luck changed and her family finally settled down in Long Island, NY. Charlie isn't a social butterfly but still meets Will, a young high school student, who instantly takes a liking to her because of her odd behavior and characteristics. Charlie falls for him fast and hard finally feeling like she was a normal teenage girl experiencing love for the first time, but it's short lived.
A terrible turn of events lands Will in the hospital and Charlie in the nuthouse for trying to commit suicide. While there, she's subjected to endure unspeakable treatment by the hands of Dr. Drummond who she finds out takes advantage of particular girls admitted to his institution. Charlie meets and befriends Ally and Bianca who are in the institution for trying to commit suicide. As they get to know one another they realize trying to commit suicide is not the only thing they have in common where Dr. Drummond is concerned. They make a pledge, declare war on everyone who have wronged them and create a hit list. Their bond is formed and cemented through their friendship and they become the Suicide Queens. Charlie finds a way to get Ally and Bianca freed from the nuthouse and plans the execution of the first person on their list, Dr. Drummond. Unfortunately Ally and Bianca botch the Drummond hit and an innocent child is murdered.

When Charlie gets out of the nuthouse, her first stop is to find her first love, Will but when she does she finds out things have changed. She and her friends on the opposite side of the hit list as attempts on her life are made. Charlie is in a race against time to warn the Ally and Bianca that they are being hunted for the murder of Dr. Drummond. Now Charlie is faced with having to choose between trusting love or trusting friendships. Will she make the right choice, because the wrong one will mean the end of the infamous Suicide Queens.

Book 3 Coming Soon from C.N. Phillips

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