Saturday, February 28, 2015

What's Next

The "Hot Seat"

The "Hot Seat" will be conducted in Vaneka's Urban Fiction Books Facebook Group! There, a featured author will be put in the "Hot Seat!" Readers & other authors will have the chance to ask the featured author any question that they want! It's basically the time to get all up in the authors business, meet the author, get to know them & their literary mind, etc.! Stay tuned for all upcoming authors that will be placed in the "Hot Seat" 

Reader's Q & A

Would author's exists or have a career without the readers? No, they wouldn't! Coming soon to Vaneka's Urban Fiction Promotions is the Reader's Q & A! The Reader's Q & A is where readers respond to questions about the literary world & give their insight on it as well as what they feel about author's work and what's needed or not to improve the industry. This is a good chance for authors to hear their readers voice & act accordingly. The Reader's Q & A will be featured here as well as Vaneka's Urban Fiction Books Facebook Group!


The Read-A-Thon is a new feature coming to Vaneka's Urban Fiction Promotions! Read-A-Thon is the opportunity for readers to choose a $0.99 eBook from participating authors. The reader must read & review the eBook once they are done. Proof of review must be email to Participants that are interested must fill out the contact form located on the sidebar. All Participants will receive a $5 Amazon gift card once their review has been confirmed! 

The "Hot Seat" Authors schedule & the Reader's Q & A Questions will be listed soon!

The Read-A-Thon will be starting soon & will be announced as soon as it does! If you would like to be a participant, please fill out the Contact form in the sidebar. Any Author that would like their books to be a part of the Read-A-Thon, please email the link above.

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