Saturday, February 28, 2015

Featured Book Review

My Bestfriend's Man

 OMG, what can I say? P. Dotson ...I certainly didn't expect this one! This book was 100% amazingly awesome! It had me glued in from the moment I began reading it. It is definitely a five star page turner! Right out the gate, I advise everyone who hasn't read this book to do so immediately! You will not be disappointed!

There were minimal errors in this story, which I loved! As you all know, I hate reading a book that has too many errors! This story was executed well. I loved the storyline. It was different, & I loved it! The characters in this novel were something else, especially that darn Roxie! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here goes ...

Savannah was a great lady, I loved her & respected her a lot. She was however a bit naïve to me. I mean come on chick, you should have known, seen, felt, etc. how your best friend felt about you. Needless to say, she was blind to the facts of her best friend's devious ways! Anywho, she was very heartbroken by her first love, her knight, Brandon. Supposedly he was a two timer & got caught red handed! That crossed the line with Savannah & she got up out of there quick fast & in a hurry. But her heart still belong to him even thou, now, she has a new man. Brain seems like the perfect guy, but is he really? I think he need some meds personally! He wants too much too fast from Savannah & of course it's pushing her away. Besides, he's just a distraction, that apparently isn't much of a distraction for Savannah! I'm extremely scared for her life if & when she breaks it off with him ...he's a little psychotic!

Now that darn Roxie! Roxie is just delusional. She's an undercover lesbian who's madly in love with her best friend & doesn't want anyone to have her. Talk about being obsessive ...Roxie is that & so much more! There are no lengths that will restrict her to eliminating anyone & anything that stood in the way of her having Savannah all to herself! If only Savannah felt the same way about her. I don't know how Savannah deals with a friend like this ...I couldn't imagine having a friend like this! The acts she pull are unspeakable. Especially at the end of the book! P. Dotson, you should have known better than to leave us hanging like that!

I can't wait for book 2 to drop myself. I have to know all the juicy details that will arise. Will Roxie pay for the things she's done? Will Brandon & Savannah really have their happily ever after? What about Brain's crazy behind? Will he pay for his crimes as well? What will his little brother do? Hmph, I guess we all will have to wait a little bit longer to find out! Umm, P Dotson, when will part 2 be here ...inquiring minds would like to know!

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