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#SneakPeek A Baltimore Love Story by Melissa Kelly #UrbanFiction #WomensFiction

Dropping Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Chapter 1
I couldn’t believe this shit was happening again. Every time I returned back home from a business trip, I would always find something out of place and it’s always in my bathroom with no explanation for it. When I would ask my dumb ass boyfriend of five years, he would come up with some cockamamie story that I was just supposed to believe. ‘It was like that when you left,’ ‘I don't know how it got like that.’ No one has been here all week but him, so why is there three washcloths in my shower smelling like a floral fragrance when there was only my washcloth hanging up when I left. Why is there a hairball in my trashcan that is not the shade of my own hair? And why is the top off of my Beyoncé Heat perfume when it was on there when I left. I am so sick of going through these changes with Raheem I don’t know if I am coming or going anymore. He calls me ‘crazy’ all the time, well every time he tries to cover up his dirt. He always is telling me that I need help. “Maybe he is right in a sense; it is time for me to get out of here before I end up in someone's mental ward or jail for murder if I keep fucking with him,”
I said out loud as I headed towards the basement shower, there was no way I was taking a shower in the bathroom attached to our bedroom that he had his latest bitch in.No one would have been able to tell me that I wasn’t going to be headed down the aisle soon to be married to my Prince Charming. All I had ever wanted, like every other woman, is that fairytale magical love. I wanted my cottage house with the white picket fence and have two kids, twins hopefully – one boy and one girl. I had just always longed for that perfect life and that perfect love. But, I was slowly realizing there might not be a wedding. My Prince Charming was turning into a lying, cheating asshole wrapped in fake aluminum foil. And just like a woman would do, I blamed myself. How could my so called man look me in the eye and tell me how much he loved me and be the same man to always end up hurting me and breaking my heart. Everything that I had worked so hard to obtain was gradually vanishing away from my life. I wanted so bad not to care, but I couldn’t. I was honestly stuck on fucking stupid.
I heard the front door slam as I was finishing up my shower. I knew he would see my Gucci luggage and know that I was home.
"Hey babe! Where you at?" I heard him yell from upstairs.
I bit down on my lip before I answered. "Just getting out of the shower, I will be up shortly," I said in my sweetest voice although, I was raging inside.
I grabbed my Victoria Secret's Love Spell and begin to lotion down with it, not missing a crack or crevice of my body. I wasn’t doing it for him either. I liked to stay on point and smell good at all times. I never knew who I might run into.
I am the Fashion Designs Director for the Target stores in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. My office is located in downtown Baltimore. Maryland was my home. My twin sister, yes twin, Tangie lived in Philly. The only differences between us were that she had light blue eyes that she took after our Dad. My eyes were a light hazel shade that I took after our Mother. Other than that, we were both 5'5, 135 pounds, and blessed with that bronzed butter pecan skin tone. We were raised middle class. Both of our parents are corporate attorneys. I usually stayed with my sister when I had business in Philly. I loved my sister to the moon and back, but she could be somewhat whorish with the men and I wasn’t down for that. Trust me; I loved fucking like crazy; just like the next woman. I just tended to be more careful in my selections, or at least I thought anyway.
My sister and I have had many arguments over her lifestyle and she always ended up telling me she was grown and it wasn’t my business. In the end, I chose to love her from a distance and stay out of her business. After all, it wasn’t my life. I had enough of my own drama going on to be worried about what was going on in her life."Bay, what's taking you so long?" I heard Raheem scream from upstairs.
"Damn, I've been in here daydreaming and forgot all about his ass," I laughed out loud as I started up the steps to face the lying scumbag I fell in love with.
Raheem greeted me with a hug, a kiss on the lips, a pat on the ass and a big ass grin when I walked in the living room.
"What's got you so happy to be cheesing the way you are?" I asked in a nonchalant manner. I didn’t give a fuck what had him so happy, I was trying to hold my anger in just being around his stupid ass. I have allowed his bullshit to go on for entirely too long. I was putting an end to it soon....very soon."Bay, I might be getting a promotion at my job. I have a meeting this weekend with the Sales Director in Philly!" Raheem screamed out to me with excitement. I hadn’t seen him this happy in ages. I tried to be happy for him, although it was taking everything in me not to blow his fucking brains out right now. I was glad to see that he was trying to do something positive with his life instead of being a nickel and dime corner boy for the big time hustler’s. His other job was a clerk at the local Fed Ex store. Maybe he could change."What promotion? Oh sorry, congratulations. Umm, what promotion again, I never heard you say anything about a promotion,” I asked confused.
Raheem looked nervous for some reason when he responded. “Babe, I didn’t say anything because I want it to be a surprise. I still don’t want to ruin it. I am going to go to Philly, see if I like what I am hearing and when I come back, I promise to give you all the details,” just a stitch of guilt ran through Raheem for lying to Angie. He tried his best not to think about it, because regardless of how guilty he was, it was not going to stop him from doing what he had set out to do. Life was just fucked up at times. Shit was what it was.
Shit was sounding kind of fishy to me, but I chose to go along with it, for now.

“Well, we may as well go out to celebrate this secretive promotion,” I said sarcastically.

We arrived at Fofo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse and were greeted by the valet. This was a very upscale neighborhood in this section of downtown Baltimore. Surprisingly, the wait was not long. As the hostess seated us, she took our drink orders. I ordered a Pineapple Martini and Raheem ordered double shots of Captain Morgan, his usual for the last five years.
“Are you ever going to think outside your drink box and order something different? You have been drinking that same nasty garbage since I met you,” I questioned.
Raheem stared me down for a few seconds before answering my question. “How do you know I don’t when I’m not with you,” he replied thinking of the drink order he would be slurping up tomorrow. Tangie….Now that, he was looking forward to.
I felt there was a subliminal message in his response. I just didn’t know what it was. Just as I was getting ready to say something sarcastic out of my smart ass mouth, the waiter appeared.
His name badge read Jason. Jason was the epitome of fione. He had a cocoa brown complexion, a lil’ fro complete with curls. His eyes were the prettiest shade of brown I had ever seen in my life. He looked to be at least six feet tall and by his muscular frame, it looked as if this fine ass brother was packing a nice package between his legs.
“Good Evening. Are you ready to order?” he asked in a deep sexy voice.
“Yes, we are, I’ll have the …” Raheem answered without even asking me if I was ready.
Jason cut Raheem off abruptly with his eyebrow raised. “Ladies first, right my man?”
Raheem felt kind of embarrassed. He knew this nigga wasn’t trying to size him up in front of his woman. He decided to let that shit pass. He wasn’t going to let anything ruin his moment.
“Yea, you right. I don’t know what I was thinking,” Raheem chuckled.
I just shook my head. Raheem could be so asinine sometimes. He had changed so much over the years since I had first met him and sometimes I wondered to myself why I stayed.
“For you ma’am,” I heard Jason ask me.
Damn, he seems like such a gentlemen. He could teach Raheem a few things, I thought as I answered.
“I will have the Cajun Shrimp & Chicken with rice and another Pineapple Martini please.”
“A great choice,” he answered with a smile. He had the prettiest set of white teeth and the sexiest lips. For some reason, I wished they would have sent a female to take our order. I started having thoughts and desires that I shouldn’t be having of this strange man and he had only been in my presence for a mere five minutes.
“And for you sir?”
Raheem felt there was some kind of connection between the waiter and his girl. He was not feeling that at all. He knew that he did his thing and fucked around, but his excuse was he was a man. Men are dogs. Men cheat. Men lie. It’s like the shit is built up in their DNA. Women either handle it or they don’t. Plain and simple.
“Yea, I’ll have the same thing my fiancée is having, minus the Martini, another shot of Captain Morgan’s would be great though,” Raheem answered arrogantly.
“Coming up,” Jason said as he picked up our menus’ and walked away.
“Why do you have to be a pompous ass at times?”
“Oh, I’m the ass. But you were the one making googly eyes at the waiter.”
“What are you talking about?” I answered thinking, Was I really being that obvious?
“Neva mind, it’s not even that important,” Raheem replied nonchalantly.
“I see, I’m not important now…” I answered saddened.
Just as Raheem was about to respond, his phone vibrated. He picked it up; it was a text with a picture attached. As he opened it up, he saw a picture that was an up close shot of a perfectly shaved pussy and the caption read:
“She is wet and ready for you, Daddy.”
Raheem didn’t even think about answering Angie’s question after he got the text, so he replied back:
“And I’m ready to stick all ten inches of my dick in her. Keep her tight and wet for me mama. I will be all in those guts tomorrow.’”
“I have a surprise for you. I hope you’re down for it.”
“You know I’m down for anything with your sexy ass ma.”
“I hope so, I’m sure it’s something totally out of your league.”
“Now you have me curious, what is it?”
“Spontaneous combustion for all parties involved.”
“Shit, I like the sound of that.”
“I hope so baby. Remember, I am a total freak. No inhibitions and I don’t want you to have any either. This weekend is about pleasure, different erotic zones. First time stimulations, ejaculations and orgasms.”
“Girl, I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, but that shit got my dick hard as hell. I’m down baby. Let me finish this meeting and I will hit you up in the morning when I board my flight.”
“Nite Daddy.”
“Good nite ma.”
When Raheem looked up from his phone, Angie was finishing up her food.
“Damn, I didn’t even know he had brought the food.”
I was getting more disgusted with him by the moment. I was determined to find out what was distracting him from me. I had gotten used to his cheating ways. I tried to block that shit out telling myself that he needed some variety but I would always be his top notch bitch. Here lately though, I was having a different outlook because whoever his latest quest was, she was making my man smile way too much. I was ready to go on a mission and I knew just who to seek out for help with making it happen.
“If you weren’t being rude all in your phone, neglecting your company, you just might have seen him when he placed the plates down,” I answered with disdain in my voice.
“You know what, I’m not hungry anymore.”
Raheem stood up, threw some money on the table. “I’ll be outside. Hurry up.”
I sat there dumbfounded for a moment. I couldn’t believe how the night had gone. I didn’t want to go out in the first place. We had come out to discuss his promotion. That never happened because he was too into his phone to be into me. I heard someone clearing their throat. I looked up at those beautiful brown eyes.
“Here’s your change, ma’am.”
I took every bit of him in. “You can keep it.”
“Can I ask your name?”
“Can I ask another question?”
“Can I take you out to dinner? Show you how a real man treats a real woman. You know some opposite sex etiquette,” he laughed.
I couldn’t help but to laugh too. First I was thinking, I had a man, this would be a form of emotional cheating that I hated. But, then I thought, Raheem isn’t just lying up with me and its only dinner. No harm in just dinner, right?
“Give me your number and I’ll think about it.”
“Seems fair,” Jason answered disappointed that he wasn’t getting her number too.
“I’ll be in touch,” I said as I walked out the restaurant with his number tucked in my bra.

Back at the house lying in bed I began to wonder where we went wrong in our relationship. We use to be the best of friends. We were so great for one another. I never used to question his love. But now, that was totally questionable. How could a man that claimed to love a woman continuously hurt, lie, and cheat? I searched my heart and soul so hard for that answer, but always came up with blank thoughts. I was supposed to be this man’s wife soon, but the way he has been treating me for the last six months, I just felt like another one of his whores in his stable.

Raheem climbed in the bed without saying a word to Angie. He wasn’t feeling her right now. He was thinking about her sister and what she meant with her subliminal text messages. He knew he would find out soon enough, in a matter of fact in less than twenty four hours. With the thought on his mind, he smiled, turned his back to his fiancé’ and went to sleep.

I looked at Raheem sleeping peacefully. My first thought was to go through his phone, but I remembered my daddy always telling me don’t get mad if I found something, because I shouldn’t be lurking through the man’s phone in the first place. I hated men at times; they were such dogs, always thinking with their dick. I was truly surprised there wasn’t an army of black women serial killers killing black men all over the country, just chopping dicks straight the fuck off!

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