Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Ulterior Motives: A Tale of Love & Betrayal" by Dechella Taylor (Book Review)

I really enjoyed this book. In the beginning I felt as though it was taking too long to get to all the juicy stuff, but then again it was just very detailed and that was very good. Dechella, really executed this story thoroughly. The flow was pretty good & I actually like the way she wrote it. It was a little different from what I normally have read, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

There weren't any errors when it can to grammar & punctuation & I absolutely loved that!

This book really kept my interest and I had to keep reading to find out everything! The twist & turns in this novel were so realistic; the suspense will have you on edge. It was as if I could see everything unfold before my very eyes. Everyone had their own ulterior motives for something! Dechella definitely named this book correctly!

I really loved Melissa, she was a sweetheart & was a great woman who loved her kids & focused on everything that was important. However, she failed to take her marriage into consideration and all hell broke loose on that end plus more! Now Paige had it together but yet she didn't, a little confusing huh? She was indeed something else! The way she went about her life was crazy and you wouldn't expect that from someone who was well educated with an executive job. Looks can be deceiving though. Her love for her best friend was real, even though she kept her share of mind blowing secrets from her.

Hamilton was such a jerk and he truly got what he deserved. I just didn't understand him. That man had problems! I can't wait to see what happens of him in part 2.
I loved Sage, he was the definition of a great man. The liking he took to Paige made a huge difference and him wanting to help her through what she was going through made it even wonderful. After learning his ulterior motive, it was good for her as well as her best friend. I absolutely loved his character!

Timothy just couldn't seem to stay out the system, no matter how hard he may have tried. India & Marcus were two young, dumb & naïve individuals and I'm glad they got caught & will be paying for what they did. Yolanda on the other hand, I felt her pain! No matter what she did to stay on the right track, she always got the short end of the stick. Hopefully she will have a happy ending in Part 2!

Elizabeth was the worst! That woman, along with her crazy family, all need to be behind bars. The power they hold makes it so difficult, but yet they still had to result to extreme actions to keep their freedom! Now isn't that something? Will justice finally be served & they get what's due to them? Now that all the Ulterior motive are now blasted, what's going to happen next? Is Melissa going to finally give up on Hamilton? Will Hamilton try to get his family back? Will Paige & Sage live happily ever after? What will happen to Yolanda? Timothy? What about Leah & her mom; is their relationship reconcilable? Will the Singleton's get away with it all?

I'm itching for the release of Part 2! What ulterior motives will these characters have next? Or will more characters surface with their own?

I give this book 5 stars and I recommend that every one read it! Great job Dechella Taylor!

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