Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Featured Review: Hustle Hard by Rikenya Hunter

Hustle Hard

This story was absolutely amazing. It was well planned out, executed well. The characters had their own characteristics and played their part. I loved the fact that I could vividly see the storyline as if it were a movie and that I could feel all the emotions that each character portrayed.

As far as grammar and punctuation, there were none. This story was edited extremely well. I honestly did not see only misspelled words or have to try to figure out what has been written. I hate trying to figure a sentence out or seeing a lot of editing issues in a book. This story flowed gracefully from page to page. It was such an easy read.

Kourtney is a very strong, family-oriented, independent woman. She hustles hard for her and her family, doing what must be done respecting herself and using her intelligence and wisdom to guide her. After suffering with multiple losses in death from those close to her within less than two months apart, she tries her best to remain strong and keep it all together for her family as well as herself. Even though her life is falling apart she still manages to keep it together, as well as find love.

Jamal is the perfect gentleman. He goes out his way to make Kourtney his wife. As he tries to get out the game, shots are being taken at him. Life in danger, he gracefully manages to overcome his obstacles and get what he once thought he never would want or ask for.

I absolutely loved Kourtney and Jamal's relationship. Their chemistry was mind blowing. To me they were the perfect couple. I honestly believed that Dwight was not the man for her. I really don't believe he was "trying" and that he was only using her. Kasey was very young and very naïve. She made her bed and unfortunately had to sleep in it.

Enis was a ride and die, and I respected him. At first I thought he was hating but I see he was actually right and Jamal seen so himself. Cassandra was one strong woman and I 100% respect her. I can honestly see why Kourtney was the way she was. Her mother definitely raised her right!

I loved every minute of this story. When I thought one thing was going to happen, it turned out to be something different.

Rikenya did an amazing job! The suspense in this novel had me on a reading high! Sleep and work was the only thing that kept me from reading it all the way through the first time I started it. I give this book 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.

This story is so relatable to an everyday person's life. Just read it you'll see and believe me you're going to love it just as much as I did. This could be a standalone but, I would love to find out what could happen beyond "The End." What say you, Rikenya?

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