Monday, February 23, 2015

Reader's Voice!

Poor Editing 

I have been reading books that seem to have a lot of poor editing! I am an avid reader and I really don't like to see a good title that has poor editing in it. As a reader, I want to be able to enjoy the book without having to correct words that are either misspelled, or it's not in the correct spot. 

I love urban books. I think authors should take their time when writing a book, and make sure their grammar, punctuation, and their words and sentences make sense. I am becoming a writer myself, and I've always been a spelling and grammar freak. I can easily see where things should be corrected.

I would suggest that author's take their time; making sure everything is in it's place with no errors before they publish it. Author's get bad reviews because they rush through their writing, and/or don't take the time to edit their own work, and make sure that they can pull a 5 start novel.

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