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Love Will Make You Do Some Stupid Things by @AuthorCarynLee #SundayTeaser #4 #UrbanFiction

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About The Book
Book Title Love Will Make You Do Some Stupid Things
Author Caryn Lee
Genre African American Urban Fiction
Publisher Self Published
Release Date March 21st 2016
Print Length 208 pages

Chassidy, Jalissa and Tanessa all have one thing in common and that is being with men that are afraid of commitment. Chassidy and Cassius have been together since they were teenagers. Chassidy has always dreamed of being a wife, having a loving husband and having a wonderful family. However, Cassius is in love with his best friend Jennifer and has to choose between the two. He doesn't want to hurt either one of them, but someone heart gets broken during this crazy triangle love affair.
Tanessa has given Travon multiple times to get his life together, but Travon is comfortable with Tanessa always bailing him out of trouble. A situation occurs and Tanessa makes a decision to either stand by his side or to walk away.
Jalissa and Jamar have always had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. No matter how many times that Jamar is caught cheating on her, she always takes him back. Jalissa finally gets fed up and end their relationship. During her break up she meets someone new. In the meantime, Jamar doesn't want her to be happy if she's not with him. Although he has a new girlfriend, Jamar secretly still wants Jalissa back and doesn't know how to move on. Never say what you will do or won't do when you're in love because Love Will Make You Do Some Stupid Things!

The Chapter Excerpt
Chapter 1 ~ CHASSIDY

Tonight I sat at the dinner table alone waiting on Cassius arrival from work. Once again he was late coming home from work. Lately he has been giving me some lame ass excuse explaining to me that he had to work late for a project that he was doing. Cassius was a Computer Information System Manager for Dell. From my understanding his position doesn’t require him to work late nights or hours. I did like the typical girlfriend would do and took it upon myself to call his office. I mean after all if he was there he would answer his phone. His office phone just rang and prompted me to the voicemail. The next thing I did was call the front desk receptionist. I knew that Dell was closed and their normal business hours were from 9am till 5pm. Therefore I wasn’t surprised to receive the receptionist voicemail as well. The last call that I made was to my cheating boyfriend and that was Cassius. “Hello Mr. Where are you? I’ve been waiting on you to walk through the door since 6pm. It’s going on 8pm, is everything okay.” I asked sounding like a concerned girlfriend. “Yes everything is fine. I’m actually in traffic right now on my home. Today was a little busy at the office and I got off later than the usual time. It’s pretty late and I don’t want to keep you up waiting on me. If you’re tired I understand, just lie down don’t worry about me.” “Oh no it isn’t a problem. I actually had dinner ready and the table set. I cooked your favorite, Smothered Pork Chops, with Potatoes, and Asparagus. I was waiting to have dinner with you, we haven’t did that in a very long time.” “That’s sweet honey, I’m on my way home to you right now. Let me get off the phone and it get home to you safely. I have to concentrate on the road. See you soon, bye.” Cassius ended the call. Meanwhile I drove through downtown Chicago with my best friend Jennifer on the passenger side. She resumed back to giving me oral pleasure after I ended the phone call with my woman Chassidy. Jenny has been my best friend since freshman year in college. We both shared the same major, Computer Science/Software Engineering. We
both were employed for Dell, which meant that we both seen one another a lot. Her soft Puerto Rican lips swallowed my dick whole. Lucky for me that I arrived to our destination. I pulled over to park quickly in the dark and pushed Jenny’s head down further while I reclined my seat. “Oh shit! You’re such an amazing job baby.” I said grabbing her into a fist. Jenny slurped and spit on my dick like she was a porn star. She wasn’t boring like Chassidy, her head game was strong and nasty. Our sex was fun and risky just like I loved it. Jenny would allow me to enter every hole in her body. She sped up sucking and bobbing fast on my dick. I begin to shake, shoving my dick down her throat so that she could swallow all of my sperm. Jenny finished the blow job raising her head and smiling. She looked out the window and noticed that we were parked in front of her place. “Oh Papi I don’t want this to end. Please come upstairs for a little while to fuck my brains out,” she begged and pleaded. Jenny opened her legs exposing her pretty pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She never wore panties when it came to pleasing me. “I wish that I could come up but Chassidy is waiting for me at home. This weekend we can have some fun. I promise but now I have to go,” I said. She kissed me softly on my lips, “Love you Papi, drive home safely.” Jenny got out of my car. I watched her switch her hips as she walked inside her building. Her front lobby was had glass doors allowing me to view her. Jenny’s doorman stared as Jenny walked passed him, he looked back at me with slight grin. I grinned back and pulled off. I hit Lakeshore Drive making it to place in twenty minutes. I walked in through the door and Chassidy was sitting at the dining room table upset. “Hey baby sorry that I’m late. It was hectic day at work.” I went to give Chassidy a hug. She stood up and smacked me across my face. Smack! “Don’t you bring your ass in here to me Cassius! I know that you were with her, best friend my ass! You smell just like that Spanish whore!” she yelled. Chassidy walked off and went into our bedroom slamming the door behind her and locking it. I was used to this type of behavior and knew that tonight that I was sleeping in the extra bedroom." 
"I couldn’t argue or get upset with her because I was guilty. Everything that she said was the truth but tonight I was too tired to even lie and beg for her forgiveness. I laid down in my bed crying alone. How many times do I have to go through this with Cassius? He fucked up six months ago when I caught them both kissing at their office Christmas Party. I was looking for Cassius so that we could leave and they were busy kissing by the elevator. I slapped Jennifer so hard that she fell to the ground, causing her shoes to fall off. I left Cassius standing there and took a taxi cab home. We broke up for a month until I took him back because I didn’t want to see him with her. Here it is six months and he’s still fucking her. I don’t understand, I just want to be the woman that he likes and the only one for him. I’m more than sure that if Cassius really wanted to be with her then he would’ve started off being with her. They have known each other since college, meaning that he could’ve been with the trick hoe. I truly don’t know why he cheats on me. I felt as if I had my shit together. I’m twenty seven years old, I started off with my BA-PA a Physician Assistant Bachelor’s degree. I felt like challenging myself so I did two more years earning my Master’s. Both beauty and brains combined, I’m light brown, stood at 5’6”, slim thick, with my natural hair that draped down my back. I’ve only had two sexual partners in my life, a credit score of 729. I work for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, there I practice Family Medicine. I absolutely love my job and very much happy with my career, too bad I can’t say the same for my love life. When I first met Cassius I was so happy and everything was so perfect. Then here comes his best friend Jennifer, moving her ass from New York to Chicago. She connected instantly with Cassius, who in return got her a job working for Dell. At first I was too blind to see that the two of them were both too close to be just best friends. My two best friends Jalissa and Tanessa brought it to my attention. Being stupid and naive I didn’t want to believe it and defended the both of them. After Cassius begged me to come back he made a promise that he would cut Jennifer off. Several months after I didn’t detect or see in cheating behavior. In the back of my mind I knew that he was still involved with her. I was aware that he had had her name and number stored under a fake name. When he was asleep at night I will go through his phone reading their text messages. What gave it away was the photos that they both exchanged. Cassius caught on to me going through his phone that now he erases the messages. I took a mental note of the pictures that Jennifer was sending him. I stepped it up in the lingerie department and found myself buying the same trashy lingerie as her trying to impress him. I even dyed my hair brown with blonde streaks like hers. Learned Spanish so that I could speak in Spanish while we were having sex, calling him Papi as I climaxed. Stupid me, none of that shit worked or stopped him from seeing her. Apart of me felt bad that I slapped him. I got up and went to go check on him, Cassius was asleep. That’s strange because I could’ve heard him talking. I wanted to smack the shit out of him again but instead I was thinking about being messy. I went back in our bedroom and took it upon myself to call Jenny hoe ass. I didn’t care that it was late, hell she didn’t care about being with my man, did she?! I called her ass and she answered. “Hello,” she said sounding as if she was sleeping. “Wake up you sleeping whore. I’m going to tell you this one more time. Stay away from my man and get your own! Its bitches like you that make it hard for real women like me to keep our men. What’s wrong?! Why can’t you get a Hispanic man, you rice eating bitch!?” “You know Chassidy your problem is that you’re wasting your time talking on the phone with me, when you need to be in the bed with your man. You never take the time to listen to him. You’re a narcissists, it’s not always about you. You’re boring in the bedroom and damn traditional. Try sitting on his face, he loves shit like that. Lastly, Cassius loves my Spanish rice bitch!” A small lumped formed in my throat. I was speechless, deep down inside I wanted to cry. How could Cassius betray me like that and talk about me to this woman?! Jenny was still on the phone waiting for me to respond. “Hello are you still there Chassidy? The last thing I need to be doing is arguing with you all night on the phone. I have to be at work in the morning so therefore I need to get my beauty rest. I suggest that you go take care of your man because it’s woman like me that would love to be in your place right now. Trust me I tried several times to knock you out of the way. Cassius just won’t let me inside of his heart and he won’t stop loving you. He loves your boring, basic ass and you don’t even appreciate him. Good night, go and fuck your man sweetie.” Damn I felt lifeless like my soul had left my body entirely. Hell I felt like shit and worthless. Lately I have made it a habit of it always being about me. That’s why I took it upon myself tonight to cook and prepare us a candlelight dinner. I stood in front of the mirror taking a look at myself trying to figure out what has changed about me. All along I was focused on the outside when the inside is where the problem existed. Cassius fucking around with Jennifer wasn’t going to continue. Starting tomorrow that will be a thing of the past. Cassius and I will have a serious talk about everything that Jennifer mentioned. Jennifer That desperate bitch had some nerve to call me. What Chassidy felt to realize was that Cassius and I had a bond that will never be broken. He could be with her or the next woman and I will still be here. I’m his best friend, I’m irreplaceable. We’ve always been sleeping together, ever since college. Hell the first day that I moved back to Chicago Cassius fucked my brains out. He welcomed me to the Windy City and made sure that I was comfortable. I had a terrible set back in New York. After I finished school I found a job but it wasn’t in my job field. New York is a very competitive city and only the strongest survive. I didn’t have any luck or money. So I scraped up the last of the money that I had and ran back to Chicago. Cassius placed me in my apartment, paying the security deposit and rent. Chassidy didn’t know about any of this. I love my best friend, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have a roof over my head or a job. With his connections he was able to get me a job working at Dell. We both attended University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. There I earned my BA in Computer Science. I worked as an Information Security Analyst making a great salary. The only thing that I was lacking was meeting a good man. It wasn’t that men didn’t approach me or that I wasn’t dating. The problem was that I was comparing everyone that I met to Cassius. Cassius is the only man who I’ve ever truly loved and understands me. The only problem was that Chassidy was in the way. You would’ve thought that she would’ve left Cassius after she caught the both of us kissing. I just knew that she was done with, but no matter what she always take him back. I know that Cassius loves me and that one day we will be together. Happily together with a family and Chassidy will not be in the picture. Right now I was just playing my role, waiting patiently like Cassius ask me to do. They say a person cannot be in love with two people at the same time. Deep down inside I know that he is in love with Chassidy, but trust and believe he’s in love with me too. I know that I may sound delusional but I’m not. Every day we have lunch together. Every weekend he manages to visit and spend time with me. Every moment that I’m with him I please him. He may not be able to spend the night, don’t worry I send him home to her. Chassidy will never be enough woman for him. I on the other hand is all the woman that he needs. I’m spontaneous, freaky, and adventurous. When Cassius and I are together we do it all. He can have me in every sexual way. I never deny him or tell him no when it comes to sex. He treats me special and never denies me. So I’m going to need for Chassidy to chill the fuck out and stop calling my phone crying and shit. She’s a smart woman too bad she doesn’t have the common sense and knowledge when it comes to pleasing her man. I could teach her a thing or two. My text message alert went off, I replied back to Cassius, the love of my life. Cassius I pretended as if I was sleep when Chassidy came inside the room. Truthfully I was up texting Jenny back and forth. She sent me several nude pictures of her, helping me jag off and relax. Although we were just together I still wanted to come home and finish it off with my woman. Instead like always Chassidy wanted to fight and not fuck. Jenny told me that she had also called her cursing her out and trying to argue. That was another situation that I had to look forward to in the morning. The next thing that I had to do was cut off Jenny for a week or more. I really didn’t want to, but I had to do it to save my relationship with Chassidy. Things were starting to get out of hand and truthfully I had too much to lose. Jennifer was fun but Chassidy had my heart. Someday I planned on making her my wife and to start having children. The only problem is that I don’t like to be pressured. Chassidy and her parents keep pressuring me to marry her. When the time is right I will propose. She allows her parents to put all that fairy tale crap in her head. Don’t get me wrong I knew since the moment that I laid eyes on her that she was the one. I just want to be one hundred percent when I do marry her. You know no more cheating or having sex with Jenny or any woman. After all Chassidy deserves that and more.

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About The Author

Chicago native Caryn Lee was born to write thrilling novels. Growing up, her household was full of literacy and there her love for reading and writing was first formed. It started off with a small affinity for reading but soon Caryn’s literary collection was growing at warp speed and she hadn’t even realized it.

One day, she decided to try her hand at penning her own novel and her hit series, “Blackbone” was created. To date, Caryn has several successful novels and does not plan on giving up her love or pen anytime soon.

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