Sunday, July 5, 2015

Intoxicated 3 by Miss Candice


Time and time again it seemed like the world was against Paris Lately. Or was it? Sometimes it seemed as though she was throwing herself a pity party. No one was to blame for the bad in her life but herself. Paris thought burying her problems at the bottle of a vodka bottle was the best thing to do. But all that proved to do was cause self-destruction.

Life had been one big rollercoaster ride for Paris and the people in her life. Lenox seemed to be changing for the better but obviously that wasn’t enough for Paris who made it her business to expose the real him. Janessa had proven to be none other than a backstabbing jealous best friend who wanted nothing more than to have Paris’s life. No one could be trusted. No one with the exception of the smooth talking, gentleman of a gangsta Kingston Bates of course.

He swept a broken hearted Paris off her feet with his smooth-artsy talking ways. But that wasn’t enough. Still, she sulked and grieved over the failing of her marriage. A marriage she had done so much to keep together. Kingston was obviously the perfect man for her but she couldn’t stop dwelling over the past. Will she push him away? Or will Kingston console her and help her get over what could have been?

Tempers get to raging, the envious hearts of others cause blood to be shed, and murder to be on the rise. Will Paris’s intoxication caused by the addiction of Lenox subside? Or will she creep back into old habits? Find out now in the finale of Intoxicated.

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