Thursday, January 22, 2015

When Church Is Over


Sharon is happy being single and living her life. Her mother felt like she was getting older and should be married. Sharon wished that she could be more like her sister carefree and living their lives even with the mistakes they made. While dealing with church folks and Derrick a man that her mother set her up with Sharon doesn’t know if this is the path for her.
Sharon with dealing with Derrick’s insecurities, nosey church folks and deciding to come back to the church in which she grew up in it was a lot to deal with, and spoiling her niece and nephew will Sharon allow herself to discover what she is called to do?
After discovering some disturbing new about Derrick Sharon focused on the gift that God gave her and that is praise dancing. While doing what God has called her to do she met a man she fell in love with.
Will Derrick let her go so she can be happy? Will her parents accept her decision? How will people act When Church I Over?
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