Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don's Jewel

After the tragic death of her parents Jewel and her ten year old sister, Julia, are left alone. Jewel, once a hood princess has been dethroned. When Jewel learns that her head has a price on it she is determined to find out who and why before she loses the only family she has left. With careful instructions not to trust anyone Jewel is forced out of her element and has to think quickly on her feet. Once sheltered and oblivious to the hard knock life, Jewel is now on the run and time is not on her side.

August Santana is the best at what he does. Seasoned in the game Santana never misses a target that is until he comes face to face with the hood princess, Jewel. Together they become caught up in a tsunami of lies and betrayal. People ae not who they say they are and everything is not always as it seems. Will Jewel survive the madness that threatens her life? Will she triumph against all odds and revenge her father’s untimely murder? Engage in the love story that will leave you breathless as you turn each page.
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