Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sincere's Rise Out The Hood

From the young age of sixteen, Sincere Jones finds out how hard life is dealing with the death of his mother. As he stepping up to take care of his thirteen year old sister. Losing his mother came to him as one big surprise, learning last minute she had breast cancer. There was no way to save her, they found out the cancer had spread to other places sealing her fate. To avoid being two lost teenagers in the system, they were forced to live with their only aunt Teresa. She took them in a way to get over on the state. More cash relief and more food stamps, without that she would have never taken them into home in Marina Village Projects. She made them her personal slaves, cooking, cleaning, and making runs to the dry cleaners. He leaves his aunt’s house after meeting a nurse at Bridgeport Hospital that would take him and his sister in away from the poor living arrangements they were already in. Will this nurse be able to save him? Is her love enough to change him, or will the streets take him under? Only time will tell that but first you have to read the book!

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