Thursday, January 22, 2015

When A Man Loves A Woman Review

Will T’s debut novel is a great romance/story. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. This story flows flawlessly from one page to the next …he definitely has a way with words. As for errors, there were less than five misspellings I detected, which made it very easy to read.

Carlos Love was the main character in this book. He is a handsome man who have had his share of women. Known as a womanizer, what happens when Cupid’s arrow hits him? Will she accept & the two be happily ever after or will Karma bite him in the ass?
Will will take you on a ride into the love life of Carlos & three women he were involved with; Jasmine, Cassandra and Danielle! When it comes to matters of the heart, decisions have to be made. But how do you know that you’ve made the right choices …to walk away, to stay, to give second chances, and to trust your instincts? Your heart? Or your gut? And if by chance you make the wrong decision could you deal with the consequences of your actions …the heartbreak?
Each relationship is totally different and each of the women helps Carlos grow into the man he is today! Love has definitely changed him.
Jasmine was madly in love with Carlos but he does something that Jasmine just can’t forgive. Their relationship ends & Carlos realizes the mistake he has made. He tries so hard to get Jasmine back into his life but she just can’t forgive him. Should she have let her pride get in her way? In all honesty, you really couldn’t blame her for rejecting Carlos. Heartbreak is a terrible thing to deal with.
Cassandra was a great catch for any man who didn’t want to get serious, or so she may have you think. Had she’d been honest with herself, her outcome with Carlos may have been different. She surprised me quite much! The choices we make, to live with them is the true challenge!
Now Danielle was the woman of any man’s dream. She had the intelligence, the wealth, prestige, beauty …everything any woman would die for. But could she be Carlos’ happily ever after? I absolutely loved their relationship. It was so honest & the love between them were genuine. Will there love stand the test of time? Until next time …
If you’re a softie for romance &/love stories, then I suggest that you 1-click this book now. You will not be disappointed! Will has done a great job!

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