Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm In Love With A Rap Star Review

This book was very interesting. It keeps the reader engaged, wanting more and having them not wanting to put the book down. At least, that’s how I felt. This story was very entertaining. It would piss you off, make you cry, make you want to slap or beat a character’s behind or even make you want to murder a character yourself. It seemed like I was watching a movie in print.

Robin takes you into the life of Dafon, better known as Dada. Dada was just a typical stick up kid who had the dreams of becoming a rap star. Once he made it to the status he wanted, all hell broke loose & everything began falling apart for him. He let his money, fame & of course, women destroy his marriage, career & life in general. His beautiful wife Mel stood by his side for as long as she could take. Personally, I felt like she stayed way too long. But what can you say or do when you’re that young & in love? She was a very cool person but was a bit na├»ve to be “in love with a rap star.”  Her family & closest friends tried their best to discourage her from getting with & staying involved with Dada, but of course, she didn’t listen. Boy, did she have a lot to learn. I’m glad they had a mutual friendship & understanding when it came to their son, DJ. Hopefully he won’t follow in his father’s footsteps.

Believe it or not, some women would settle & appreciate being the infamous side chick. That’s exactly where Jasmine came into play in this great storyline. Crazy, nah! Psychotic is the best word to describe her. She worked her way into Dada’s life & stole his heart from Mel. Willing to except being the second woman, but consider herself to be wifey she gain his trust & so much more. Doing so, she learned of all his dirty little secrets & in the end she intentional destroyed Dada! A woman scorned is a hell of a price to pay …set out for revenge over her broken heart, she’s liable to do anything. As the saying goes, “Hell has no fury on a woman scorned.”

The jealousy between Jasmine & Mel was at an all-time high & I can’t wait to find out what goes down in part 2 between the two of them. The hatred was livid!

His manager, Mike knew a little too much & ran to the feds with it after being fired. I completely agree with the firing but what happens next was much like the beginning of Dada’s nightmare. Let’s just say you have to be careful about what you do & your surroundings!

The loyalty …who’s really loyal? What is your definition of loyalty, trust and respect? Many of the characters in this book meaning are kind of far-fetched from the true meaning of those words. Dafon was so loyal to everyone but he didn’t realize how unloyal they were to him. The ones you trust the most, would ultimately be the cause of your downfall if you’re not careful. His manager, best friend/brother, side chick all betrayed him in one way or another. They each had a helping in crumbling his world, but can you really blame them? The choices an individual makes is what set your future in existence and Dada definitely made some of the wrong choices.

Was his fate destined to him by his own doing? Or was he a victim of the one’s he loved? What will happen to Dada, Jasmine, and Mel? I don’t know about y’all, but part 2 isn’t getting her fast enough!

The drama, deceit, jealousy, and hatred surrounding this story will have you upset that the book has ended …only because you will have the need to want to know what happens next! Go 1-click this banger today if you haven’t already & read it ASAP!

Robin you did an awesome job with this story! The drama that surround this book were breathtaking and I’m sure your readers are dying for part 2 to drop. There were missing and/or misspelled words but it was very minimal and it didn’t interfere with my reading. Great job.

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