Friday, January 23, 2015

For The Love of A Hustler ~ New Release

The first release from Blake Karrington Presents ...
Azriel Jacobs has had enough. Enough of her abusive boyfriend, and the frenemy who pushed up on her man the first chance she got. When someone tries to kill her, Azriel decides it’s time for a change. With money in her pockets, and larceny in her heart, she leaves home and heads for the unknown. Change is not as uncomfortable as she initially thought it would be, and Dallas, Texas is definitely not as “country” as she imagined. As she works to rebuild her life, a chance encounter with Damazi Calloway opens the door to an opportunity for love. While she is determined to forget her past and focus on a future with her new man, the past comes rushing back to remind her that there are consequences, For The Love of a Hustler.

For The Love of A Hustler
Colette Pratt

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