Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Delusional by Ashlynne


Ariana is a heart broken girl who uses bed hopping as an excuse to shut out the world. Sleeping with different men was the only way she would get back at her love Jadence, who made her abort his kid then ended the relationship. Jadence never meant to hurt Ariana but her having a kid at the age seventeen while he was twenty two wouldn't work. Jadence values her future and doesn't want to jeopardize it with his carelessness. His Carelessness rubbed off on Ariana making him watch Ari sleep with everyone he knows but when she sleeps with the wrong guy, Jadence has no choice but to do what he has to, to keep her safe.

Jadence and Ariana both share something other than love for one another. They share the love for Aura. Aura is the only person that can keep Ariana on the right track. She is like Ariana's guardian Angel. Watching the pain of Ariana has Aura scared of love. Jadence does everything he can to protect Aura's innocence and he swears he won't hurt her the way he hurt Ariana but when he finally has her innocence for himself a heart full of emotions is released and the three want one thing; each other. Jadence will do anything to give his girls the future they ask for rather that means double crossing, jail time or even death.

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