Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do You DARE2BEE A Published Author?

Brittani Williams Presents …

Is Now Accepting Submissions

If you are an aspiring author looking to have your book published, a new author looking to reach a larger audience or an established author looking to step up your game, Dare2Bee Dramatic Publishing is now accepting submissions!

Brittani Williams is the national bestselling and award winning author of 9 novels, best known for Daddy's Little Girl and the Black Diamond Series. She is also the designer behind countless of bestselling book covers. If you feel you have what it takes you are welcomed to submit!

If you have a manuscript that you'd like to submit you can send it to: dare2beesubmissions@gmail.com.

Brittani is only looking for fiction works at the present time. You must submit the first 30 pages or 3 chapters with a full synopsis. Also send an author bio and full contact information so that she can reach you if she is interested in reading your entire novel.

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