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Introducing ...Authoress Regina Swanson !

Who Is Regina Swanson?

Regina Swanson is a romance fiction writer signed to Royalty Publishing House, living in Dallas Texas. She is the author of the My Husband's Other Women Series. All three books are currently available in kindle and paperback format on Amazon. She has degrees in Education, Counseling, and Psychology. Regina works as a Student Support Specialist with families and at-risk students. When she is not writing or working with families she spends time playing tennis and relaxing with family and friends.

The Series ...

My Husband's Other Women (Part 1)

Rayvon Laws swore he'd never get married. There were too many beautiful women in the world to choose from and he was too greedy to settle down with just one. The longest he'd been in a serious relationship was two weeks. But that all changed when he met Stacy who finally snatched up his heart… and all his other drama.

What he didn’t know was that Stacy, the self-proclaimed good girl, could get down and dirty when pushed to her limit. Dealing with her husband’s other women causes her to pull a few tricks from her own bag and sends everyone into a tailspin of confusion.

In a story of sex, lies and cheating who does it best Rayvon or Stacy?

My Husband's Other Women (Part 2)


In a game of love and war are there any true winners?

Rayvon has a new wife and a new baby. You would think that he would finally be satisfied but when it comes to Rayvon’s adulterous ways, you can never know for sure. Is his new family enough to help him leave his mistresses bed for good?

Janice will soon find out that all that glitters ain’t gold. Being a wife instead of the mistress slaps her in the face as the roles change and now she has to deal with what she used to dish out.

After finally being rid of her tumultuous relationship with Rayvon and starting a new family, Stacy is finally happy. Fortunately, Stacy was able to keep her daughter’s true paternity away from Rayvon. But how much longer can she keep it a secret?

As hearts are broken and secrets are revealed, nothing is off limits in this story of these husbands’ and wives’ battles to keep their families together.
My Husband's Other Women (Part 3)

Ephesians 5:25 says, husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church.

Rayvon Laws either never read the bible, or has no clue of the definition of love. Rayvon has proved that once a cheater always a cheater. As Part 3 unfolds, the women in Rayvon's life realize that every dog has his day. But which of his other women finally brings him to his knees?

Janice has put her heart and soul into making her marriage last. After realizing that her efforts will never be enough to hold onto someone who was never hers to begin with, will she be able to find peace and forgiveness in a man she once despised.

Stacy has been used to letting her sister handle anyone that wronged her. But when the tables are turned, she must find the courage needed to step into the unfamiliar role of protector.

At the end of it all who will be left scrambling to have the scales of justice tipped in their favor.
Customer Reviews
Great Debut by Lagyrl7 (My Husband's Other Women, Part 1)

"My Husband's Other Women DEFINITELY lives up to the title. Rayvon definitely shows that when it comes to mistresses and side chicks, he can't have just one.

M.H.O.W. was written as fiction, but this could easily be true life for several wives out there. The story is very relatable and believable. Rayvon showed that you can have the best wife at home, but when you're a true dog, you only care about yourself and what makes self happy. Stacy portrayed so many wives that usually ignore the signs that are often presented to them in regards to their man....but the deep love they have for them blinds them and clouds their judgment.

Overall this was a GREAT debut novel. The twists in the plot definitely kept you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book to another reader."

Awesome by Chanell Nicole (My Husband's Other Women, Part 2)

"This book was excellent from the beginning to the end!! Definitely a page turner!! A emotional roller coaster ride of lies, deceit, drama. I love how Janice and Rayvon got exactly what they deserved. That was sad what happened to Cree. Stacy and Tracy mom wasn't no good. I'm glad Stacy was happy even with all the drama. Can't wait for part 3! !"

Excellent Story by K. Avery (My Husband's Other Women, Part 3)
"Wow!!!! I don't know how much more I can say! I enjoyed book 3 just as much as I enjoyed the first two books! The whole story was great. I'm glad there were some happy endings and I'm glad Rayvon got what was coming to him!!! That karma.....ooh wee!!!!! I'm still sad that Cree didn't make it to the end, though!!! However, it was excellent!!!!"

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