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Ménage: A Cali Love Story
by P.R. Hawkins

Before California Henderson stumbled into Jazzy’s on a hot summer day, she had discovered neither her ass nor her voice. Prior to getting on stage and belting out a poem talking about that good for nothing ex fiancé of hers, Artimus Jackson, her asset was just a butt to sit on and her voice just something that came out of her mouth. A little naïve, having grown up a good church going girl from the South, she didn’t know the power of either.
Along with the interesting characters of Jazzy’s, she goes down a road of discovery and finds herself and her voice and must make a decision to go with one of the new men in her life. Neither one of them, Big Malik, young sexy, masculine and just so fine her legs flew open every time she saw him, or Black, a metrosexual Renaissance man who makes her heart flutter and her pulse race with his intellect, is the kind of man she saw herself with. Both men come with baggage and drama.
“Never date a man you wouldn’t mate,” was her granny’s motto that played in California’s head whenever she looked from one of her men to the other. But her Granny was long gone and California has started making her own decisions. She quit her job in pursuit of her dream and got a man who is good to her and one that is good for her. But why does she have to choose? If it’s all left up to California, she’s going to do everything in her will to be able have her cake and eat it too.
Meet the Author behind the Book!
P.R. Hawkins

Chesterfield Writing Semi-finalist and Comedy Central Laugh Riot Semi-finalist Writer, Actress and Comic.
Born in Dallas, Texas, P.R. Hawkins had no idea when she was making up stories to entertain her younger sisters and brother that she would one day pursue a career as a comedy writer and actress. Always the, “life of the party”, no one was surprised when she accepted a $10.00 bet to tell a joke on stage at Apollo Night at Steve Harvey’s Comedy house in Dallas, Texas. To her total amazement she got a standing ovation and was asked to perform again. Soon, she was a comedy club regular.
Paulara’s first book deal was with Urban Books. Currently her books, Ain’t Nothin’ Down About It , and Keeping Up With The Joneses, can be purchased on and at major book stores. Her e-book, Stevie, Part One Undeniable Swag, is currently available on amazon Kindle. In 2014, she will release 12 e-books. She has appeared in the following features: Trippin’, Early Bird Special, Shoot My Head and The Medicine Show. Paulara was a Semi-Finalist in The Comedy Central 2000 Laugh Riot Competition, The 2001 Chesterfield Writing Competition and has been seen on the 2002 season of Comic View on BET. Playing a broad spectrum of characters, Paulara was also seen as a prostitute named, Honeybee, on the hip-hop UPN sitcom, Eve. Paulara was also featured in the August 2006 issue of Essence magazine as a Celebrity Personal Assistant.
Currently Paulara is working on her fifth book, I Just Want To Look Good Naked. Her gospel play written with “blessed” selling author E.N. Joy premiered at the Museum of African American Art located on the 3rd floor of Macy’s at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza to standing room only audiences and received ovation after ovation. The response was so fabulous a stage was built to host all future plays and presentations. Currently the play is in negotiation to go on a ten city tour. Paulara is not the female Tyler Perry but the African American Nora Ephron!
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