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#NewRelease Spotlight: Living This Thing Called Life 2 by Dreal C. @FliLow23 #WomensFiction #AARomance

Book Title Living This Thing Called Life 2

Series Book #2

Author Dreal C.

Genre(s) Women’s Fiction; African American Romance; Young Adult Fiction

Publication Date May 9, 2017

Publisher Self-Published

ASIN B07283J45W

Book Blurb

After surviving the aftermath of the school shooting that left her paralyzed from the waist down, Mia finds herself at a crossroad wondering what now is she do now in her life. That whole town was rocked to the core and not only her life was taken but two other girls lives also. How can she put her life back in order?

What is a girl to do going through not only physical and mental problems from the shooting but also facing love for the first time? Her crush Brent has moved on with his life while she was in a coma. Mr. Wilkins has committed suicide but it does not bring her justice nor life. New friends comes into her life with intentions. Life keeps throwing hardballs towards Mia but she knows in her heart that if she survived a shooting that she can take on anything else in life.

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Living This Thing Called Life (Book 1)

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Mia Saint never thought her life would take turns that her mother has never prepared her for. Her school life was going great. Her friends was there for her whenever she needed too. Her sister was busy with her own life as a popular kid. One mistake was made that cost Mia her entire life.

Witnessing an incident that no child nor teen shall see. Being pushed from student to eye witness to victim. School life, love life, and her relationship with her sister and friends started to collide into one. Life changing decisions was made. Enemies was formed. Her life has just begun.

Author Dreal C.

Author Dreal C. started writing when she was only twenty-one years old. She started writing what she has loved which was Twilight Fanfiction. As she began to write more and more, her mind started to play like a movie. She started writing her first series Living This Thing Called Life when she was twenty-four years old. She wanted to publish her stories to give readers a chance to see inside of her mind. Her first work Living This Thing Called Life is now published on Amazon.

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