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#NewRelease Spotlight: Epidemic: Incredible Highs Painful Lows by DiNero @DineroElJefe1 #UrbanFiction #StreetLit

Book Title Epidemic: Incredible Highs Painful Lows

Author DiNero

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Street Literature

Release Date May 15, 2017

Publisher DiNero Publications


Book Blurb

Brenda Wilson-Reed has many demons in her closet and has never dealt with her husband, Courtney’s murder, or the secrets that she kept from him. Turning to drugs, she tries to escape reality as much as she possibly can until one wrong decision forces her to not only lose the one thing she has left; her children, but to face those demons head on. As much as she wants to get her life together, the very things that haunted her in the past may take a toll on her future.

Heather Mills is the pampered and rebellious daughter to Judge George Mills, one of the toughest judges in Michigan who is known for ruling with an iron fist and does not take pity on the strung out, including his own daughter. Tired of living under his thumb and wanting answers for the death of her mother, Heather’s sole purpose in life is to find out what happened to her mother and make her father miserable. Wanting to teach him a lesson, she devises a plan that will make him suffer; enters the wrong side of town to uncover the truth but gets caught into a web of all aspects of the ghetto life.

Jay and Slug are on the come up under the guidance of their boss Big E, whose past comes back to haunt him so the streets of Detroit are theirs after a meeting with the connect in Atlanta at the 1993 FreakNik they can finally take over the streets of Detroit using the same tactics of the Y.B.I. But with Slugs own addictions to the opposite sex, lines are crossed that he can’t come back from and his own little secret will put him in a line of fire that even he can’t put out.

Misty Engram and her only daughter MaRyah are both knockouts with bodies that will make a man lose his religion; and his wallet. Misty loves the high life; literally. With her skills, and her daughter doing whatever she needs, Misty can’t get enough. Until she meets 2 dirty cops with secrets her life takes a turn for better and worse But, when she is forced to choose between the two, she’ll find that there’s always a consequence, and someone is always waiting to catch you slipping.

Author DiNero will leave you breathless in this page turning tale of just how deep one hit can really get you in Epidemic: Incredible Highs, Painful Lows.

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Author DiNero

Author DiNero is no stranger to the struggles of life and with his debut, Epidemic: Incredible Highs Painful Lows, he is sure to be a name to remember.

From Brookhaven, Mississippi, he is one of eight siblings. Growing up he was always encouraged by his grandmother to tell his life story and share his dreams so that he may one day take the world by storm.

Following her wishes, he put his pen to paper and thus far has penned over 15 titles, debuting his first novel, Epidemic: Incredible Highs Painful Lows on May 15, 2017 as a tribute to his grandmother Alice Pearl on her birthday. He hopes that by sharing his works, the readers will grasp the concept of all the complex characters that will tie into each other through such historical events while at the same time causing your jaw to drop.

When he’s not writing, he enjoys studying history, cooking, reading just about anything that he can get his hands on, and spending time with his 12-year-old daughter.

Keep your eye out as DiNero is sure to take the world by storm.

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