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#BookSpotlight: Still Anonymous by Shataya Simms @Livin_Anonymous #UrbanFiction

Book Title Still Anonymous

Series Book #2

Author Shataya Simms

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; African American Fiction

Publication Date April 28, 2017

Publisher Nu Class Publications


ISBN-10 099805108X

ISBN-13 978-0998051086

Print Length 308pgs, eBook | 360pgs, Paperback

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Book Blurb

In this tale-twisting sequel to Living Anonymous, we pick right back up where the characters left off.

Betrayed by one of her most trusted friend’s, pop-star Aneesah “Anì” Bradshaw is left fighting for her freedom in the court of law. Catching a break, she is released from prison but pays the ultimate price of losing the love of her life. Now shunned by the media and critics alike, Aneesah is left to pick up the pieces of her fallen career. Going out on a whim and doing things her way, she regains her popularity in the music industry but struggles with the loneliness that seems to be embedded in her heart.

Rekindling an old flame, life seems to finally fall back into place for the pop-princess; however, a dark secret looms over her head, jeopardizing her relationship. Hit with a life-altering tragedy that shatters her world, Aneesah gives up her career, isolates herself from loved ones, and ultimately spirals out of control, leading her down a dark, twisted path of self-destruction.

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Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Living Anonymous chronicles the young-adult life of Aneesah Bradshaw. Abandoned by her drug addicted mother and absentee father, nine-year-old Aneesah is forced to live with her foster family in Ardmore, PA. Behind the picket fence in this middle class suburb, lies a dark secret of child abuse and neglect, until one day Aneesah befriends Capree Johnson who saves Aneesah from her living nightmare. Life is sweet living with the Johnson family, led by music tycoon Kevin "KJ" Johnson, founder of illADELPHIA RECORDS. Going from rags to riches overnight, Aneesah is thrust into the glamorous life of a pampered princess, until she is faced with a life changing blow. Betrayed by the one person she thought would never hurt her, Aneesah journeys out into the world on her own where she meets James Hennessey aka Nyce, and is instantly intoxicated by his love. However, secrets, lies, broken bonds, and deceit continue to follow her, interrupting her seemingly picture perfect life and plaguing her relationship with Nyce who follows a strict code of Living Anonymous.

Author Shataya Simms

Temple University graduate and a Philadelphia native, Shataya Simms’s passion for writing began at the age of seven when she wrote her first short story for a school project. Since then, her writing style has flourished and continues to mature with her life experiences. After six years of service as a Project Manager, Shataya took a leave of absence to concentrate on completing her first novel, Living Anonymous and released it as a self-published author in October 2015 with much success. Shataya has since signed with NuClass Publications located in Philadelphia and has released her second book Nyce in January 2016.

“There are no rules in art; in creation. Art is a representation of life and life is messy so I love drawing outside of the lines,” is the creed that Shataya lives by. Although she embraces urban fiction, Shataya has plans on releasing a children’s fantasy series as well as venturing over into the paranormal world.

Not only does Shataya have a passion for writing, she also dedicates herself to talking to the youth, in particular young single mothers in hopes to encourage them to continue to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles life may throw their way.

Currently, Shataya is on a promotional tour. She continues to write and is in the middle of penning out her fourth book while making a name for herself in the literary world.

Shataya resides in Pennsylvania with her fifteen year-old son.

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