Sunday, May 14, 2017

#PreOrderRelease Spotlight: 14 and Pregnant by M. Williamson @KeyJackOfTrades #Drama

Book Title 14 and Pregnant: A True Story

Author M. Williamson

Genre(s) Drama; African American Fiction

Release Date TBA

Publisher JL King Publishing

Book Blurb

At 14 years old Kimberley is feeling neglected by her parents who work all the time, and is surrounded by peer pressure that has her wanting to do things that she’s not ready for.

Suicide, Drugs, unprotected sex, pregnancy, and STD’s will have this teenager growing up faster than she wanted, and faced with life changing decisions that will change her life forever.

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Author M. Williamson

Born in Florence (South Carolina) raised in Brooklyn (New York) but makes Charlotte (North Carolina) home. Due to tragic childhood events, (read what happened in 14 and Pregnant) Makesha found solace in the arts at a young age. The stage, singing and dancing became her therapy. Her first play was at eleven in Florence and where life began to impact her “art.”

Her experiences shaped, not only what she “wanted” to do, but “destined” to do.

Accepted into Eramus Hall High School for the Performance Arts, Makesha leveraged this as a segway to New York City Technical College followed by Medgar Evers College. Framed by long evenings with stage performances and plays — Makesha was home...

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