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#BookSpotlight: Gemini by Ashley Cruse @MsCruse411 and Shaunta Kenerly #UrbanFiction

Book Title Gemini

Author Ashley Cruse & Shaunta Kenerly

Genre(s) Urban Fiction

Publication Date April 30, 2017

Publisher Self-Published

Print Length 145 pages


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Book Blurb

Gemini was a man who played the game, and when he played, he did it for keeps. His longtime girlfriend Crystal, was everything he could have asked for. She was very intelligent, beautiful, and carried herself nothing less than a queen. When you looked at Crystal, anybody would spring of envy because she got whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. The only person who competed with her attention was her father who truly raised the bar to how his princess should be treated. Gemini, being quite the business man, running his own lucrative business allowed him to afford Crystal with the lifestyle she was used to. He kept her happy with the finer things in life. His focus was getting to the money and everything that came along with it, her focus was to achieve that one thing she longed for the most. To never turn into her mother. Everything was good between the two for a while, until Taja entered the picture.

It was the way she carried herself that drawn her to Gemini’s attention. She wasn’t like the other females. Money didn’t impress her and neither did his flashy lifestyle. All Taja cared about was finally finding a place who accepted her as their own and really felt like a family to her. All the curveballs and obstacles thrown at Taja’s way allowed her to view the world in a different way that most wouldn’t understand. Her beauty captured him and her personality left him drunk each time he had the opportunity to interact with her. Taja’s energy drew Gemini closer and his love with Crystal started to fade. That was until he had received the news he had always wanted to hear; Crystal was expecting.

They say if you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fell for the second. But for Gemini that was far from the truth. He couldn’t let Crystal go because she still had his heart, yet he didn’t want anybody else to have Taja. A real man would cut off any female that threatens his relationship with his woman. Both girls belonged to him in his eyes and if that meant living a double life to keep them, that was the game he was willing to play.

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Author Ashley Cruse

Ashley Cruse was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. She knew at an early age she always had a gift of writing and was blessed with the gift of imagination. This became apparent, overhearing her mother bragging about her creative writing to family members. Reading and writing was her passion which she lost interest in when her mother passed away at the age of 15. It was a dream of her mother's to become a writer and she never got the chance to fulfill that dream due to losing the battle to lung cancer at the beginning of Ashley's Sophomore year in high school. Ashley would later face obstacles in life that would lead her to picking up a pen and paper and trying her hand at writing a book in her mid-twenties to redirect the negativity that surrounded her during that phase in her life.

Cruse would go on to write Aint that a Bitch, He Never Said Sorry, and Queens and Kings. When she had finally typed up the first two books, she tried her best to research how to publish the first one she had written. She came across a self-publishing company who helped assist her with having her book published in 2011 but did little in directing her with editing and so forth. It wasn't until she signed with Kiki Swinson in 2015 that she began to learn the fundamentals of publishing a book. It would then open up a whole new world to the literary world that she had no idea even existed. She would go on to publish, The Last One Standing I and II, and He Never Said Sorry under Kiki Swinson Presents.
Ashley would later leave Kiki Swinson in 2016 where she would go on to sign with Racquel Williams later on that summer. Her books, The Last One Standing, was rereleased under Leo Sullivan Presents and sign with Racquel Williams. She later republish The Last One Standing series (Part I and II) as Luvin’ Him Through the Lies: A Dope Boy’s Romance. Part III will be released in the near future. She is currently working on a couple of collaborations and a whole new series. She lives in Abilene with her three children.

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Author Shaunta Kenerly

Author Shaunta Kenerly is an author of many true crime titles. Shaunta is from Dayton Ohio and is well known to bring good reads to the inner city streets. He is well known for his realistic plots and characters. He is a bestselling author of two titles which include: Escaping The Allure Of The Game and The Streets Call Me Treasure.

Shaunta found his love for writing while serving time in both Ohio and Kentucky state prisons. After being released, Shaunta self-published Escaping The Allure Of The Game. With the success of that title he continued to release titles that had readers asking for more. Shaunta is also know in the literacy world as "Mr. Paperback." He strives to meet his readers across the nation by attending multiple events, book clubs and book signings.

Shaunta has been featured in Don Diva magazine for having one of the best reads for the summer of 2015. Shaunta currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where he is working hard on his next novel and movie production. Please continue to read and support this author as he continues to deliver readers with some of the best true crime titles.

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