Thursday, May 11, 2017

#NewRelease Spotlight: I Gave You My All, Now Baby Be Mine by @MsCaramelShawty #UrbanRomance

Book Title I Gave You My All, Now Baby Be Mine

Author Queen Bianca

Genre(s) Urban Romance; Urban Fiction; African American Fiction

Release Date May 10, 2017

Publisher Talehia Presents

ASIN B071L9868R

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Book Blurb

"What is temptation? Temptation is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.”

Gabrielle Montell, an unruly and juvenile teen, has always lived a sheltered life until she finds herself in a great deal of trouble when she starts an inappropriate fling with her best friend’s dad; also known as one of the most respectable pastors in the small town of Port Isabel, Texas.

Jairus Scott lived a great life with his family whom stuck by him and upheld their reputation as a Christian family, but when Jairus is asked to counsel the ill-mannered and feisty teen, he finds himself failing to resist the attraction between himself and her.

While trying to keep her relationship a secret, Gabi finds herself lying to everyone she loves and cares about, but what happens when her secret gets leaked to everyone…including her best friend Cassie. Will Gabi find a way to protect the man she unintentionally fell in love with? Or will everyone be against her and throw Jairus in jail? Will they ever be able to love a normal life together? Or will a tragedy happen that will tear them apart forever?

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Author Queen Bianca

Bianca Laster, better known as Queen Bianca, started writing at a young age. It started off as random short stories and play scripts for her drama group in middle and high school, but by the time she was fifteen, she knew she wanted to become a best-selling author. Being a mother to her two sons and the third born out of five kids, Bianca has always been known to strive for excellence and achieve her goal of being an author.

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