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#NewRelease Spotlight: In Love With My Cuddy Buddy by @Mz_Biggz & Tyanna

Book Title In Love With My Cuddy Buddy

Author(s) Mz. Biggs & Tyanna

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; African American Fiction

Release Date May 13, 2017

Publisher Shan Presents


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Book Blurb

“You don’t know distance until you’ve shared your bed with someone who’s fallen out of love with you.”

Distance was something twenty-seven-year-old, Taylor Griffith felt every day at the hands of her husband, Sincere.  Being neglected of time, attention, and sex, Taylor expressed her concerns to Sincere, but he refused to listen. Preparing herself to go out for their seventh-year anniversary, Taylor’s excitement was shattered when Sincere claimed he had been “called in to work.”  That was the final blow for Taylor.  To avoid being home alone on her special night, Taylor decided to go out with her best friend, Raven.  One night of fun left Taylor with more than she bargained for.

Sincere Griffith was a high-powered stock broker.  He had everything he could have ever imagined, including complete control over his wife, Taylor.  While Sincere was aware of the problems in his marriage, he wasn’t willing to work on them.  He was so sure of himself that Taylor would never leave him.  Or so he thought.  Aiming to keep his name clean in the eyes of the public, he found himself fighting his own demons.

Chaz grew up hustling in the streets after the death of his parents at a young age.  With the help of his adoptive parents and the birth of his daughter, Cassie, Chaz turned his life around.  Stepping away from the streets, Chaz used his money to start his own legitimate successful businesses.  With more money coming in than he knew what to do with and the unconditional love he received from Cassie, Chaz found himself being happy until he thought about the one thing he longed for being missing in his life…a wife.

Devyn is Chaz’s baby's momma.  She would love nothing more than the chance to be with Chaz again.  Chaz wasn’t having that.  Finding herself in a sticky situation, Devyn turns to stripping to help pay bills.  While stripping, Devyn found a sure way to make money by blackmailing someone.  That was until her idea backfired on her.

Will Taylor leave Sincere for good?  Will Sincere be able to continue to harbor his dark secrets?  Will Chaz find the wife he’s been missing?  Will Devyn come out on top with her blackmail scheme?  Paths will cross, hearts will be broken, liars will be exposed and new relationships will form.  Find out what happens when Taylor ends up falling In Love with her Cuddy Buddy…

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Author Mz. Biggs

Crystal Biggs ‘Mz. Biggs’ (formerly Crystal Lett) was born on September 20 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in a small town known as Moss Point. After graduating high school in 2002, she went on to get her Bachelors in Social Work in 2005 from Jackson State University and Masters in Social Work in 2006, also from Jackson State University. Currently residing in Jackson, MS, she is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Provisionally Certified Mental Health Therapist.  She is also presently working on her Doctoral Degree in Social Work and is a member of the prestigious sorority: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated by way of the Tau Upsilon Zeta Chapter.

In 2006, Mz. Biggs married De’Miktric Biggs Sr. and together they have three children (De’Miktric Jr., Allanah, and Kaiden). Facing her own personal life situations daily, reading became an outlet for her. No matter if she was at home, work, or out eating at a restaurant, she would pull out her kindle and start reading. It served as a stress reliever for her and opened her mind to a world of endless possibilities.

Deciding to Step out on Faith, she began writing her first series that consisted of three books entitled See What Had Happened Was: A Contemporary Love Story. With the help of Mr. Cole Hart, Mrs. Margaret ‘Mz. Demeanor’ Flack, and Ms. LaQuita Cameron, she was able to make her dreams a reality with her books being published under Pretty in Ink Presents. Other books by Mz. Biggs include: My First Taste of A Bad Boy (Books 1-3), Dirty South: A Dope Boy Love Story, Falling For A Dope Boy (Books 1-2), and Feenin' For That Thug Lovin (Book 1-2).  Mz. Biggs also completed a short story titled We Belong Together in A Bossed Up Valentine's which was a Valentine’s Anthology with other fabulous Ladies of Shan Presents.

Currently, Mz. Biggs is signed to Shan Presents where she has released her latest series, In Love With My Cuddy Buddy which is a collaboration with Author Tyanna.  Mz. Biggs will also be releasing Jaxson and Giah: An Undeniable Love 2 this month. Through writing, Mz. Biggs hopes to bring as much entertainment to the lives of others as the books she has read along the way have brought her. 

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Twitter @mz_biggzInstagram @mz.biggs

Author Tyanna

Tyanna Coston is a 38 year old Urban Fiction author newly signed to Shan Presents since September 2016 from Camden, NJ. She is a mother of a 19 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. She plans on expanding her genres while working on this author journey. Tyanna currently has 5 novels and 2 anthologies under her belt. She has some more new work coming your way. So, be on the lookout.

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