Thursday, March 16, 2017

#BookSpotlight Dangerous by @MickeyBlk09 #AARomance #Erotic #Suspense

Book Title Dangerous

Author Mickey Black

Genre(s) African American Romance; Erotic Suspense

Publication Date November 30, 2016

Publisher Crave, Inc

Print Length 265 pages


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Book Blurb

Mia Thorne is on a mission for freedom and independence. But it will come at a DANGEROUS price.

Mia is married to Caleb Thorne, of the revered Thorne family, an ambitious politician with deadly secrets. After growing tired of years Caleb's unfaithfulness and neglect Mia demands a divorce. When her husband refused, Mia hatches a plan to use blackmail to get exactly what she wants.

In search of incriminating evidence Mia hires private investigator Antonio Alba, the guapo to uncover Caleb Thorne's dangerous connections to a notorious South American drug lord.

However, all does not go as planned. Mia Thorne is instantly attracted to her private investigator, and the two embark on an illustrious affair, revealing a woman buried inside she did not know exist.

Then when tragedy strikes, all bets are off. Mia Thorne is forced to make a decision, and fast.
Or else become a casualty in a dangerous game of sex, lies and murder.

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Author Mickey Black

Mickey Black has stepped forward with his debut Dangerous as a new voice in Erotic Suspense. Originally signed with Greenday Publishing, Black is now setting out on his own to deliver readers stories that engage, entice and excite. Be on the lookout for the upcoming trilogy DEVIOUS, beginning with Devious Sex (Book One).

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