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#BookSpotlight Pretty Lips That Thugs Love by @AuthorTwylaT #Romance #UrbanFiction

Book Title Pretty Lips That Thugs Love

Author Twyla T.

Genre(s) African American Romance; Urban Fiction

Publication Date February 17, 2017

Publisher Cole Hart Signature Novels

Print Length 266 pages


Book Blurb

Ashanti McNeal dealt with twenty-three-year-old Kentay Mills sneakily for years and now at the age of eighteen she is happy to be in an open to be in a relationship with him. She knows that Kentay loves her, but his love for the streets, as well as other women often complicates their relationship. Despite the fact that Kentay doesn’t treat her the way she should be treated, Ashanti just can’t seem to let him go.

Kentay has known the streets his entire life. Besides his love for the hustle, Ashanti is the only woman that has his heart but it doesn’t stop his from veering off and dealing with other women; including women he knows should be off limits. When he’s not with Ashanti or dealing with other woman, he’s hustling alongside his best friend Slick. Kentay learns to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

Twenty-year-old college basketball superstar, Ahmad Jones is the big man on campus at Mississippi State. Everyone knows him; that was until he met Ashanti. They instantly hit it off as friends but the chemistry between them is too strong for either of them to deny.

As she’s preparing to start a new journey at Mississippi State, Ashanti and Kentay’s relationship is tested. Kentay notices her pulling away and tries to get himself together to make sure she remained with him but it may be too late. With test after test and betrayal after betrayal, the question remains if their relationship is strong enough to withhold what’s being thrown their way or has Kentay pushed Ashanti too far?

Truths will be revealed. Secrets will be unmasked. Pain will be inevitable. Relationships will dissolve. And, some relationships will launch. When it’s all said and done, who will be standing tall at the finish line? Check out Pretty Lips That Thugs Love and see what storms are brewing in this urban fiction love story between Ashanti, Kentay, and Ahmad.

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Author Twyla T.

To date, Twyla has almost a dozen books published, with We Both Can't Be Bae being her debut novel that lit up the Urban & Romance charts. All of her series have been bestselling novels and she is currently working on more to deliver to the wonderful readers around the world. She resides in Mississippi with her beautiful daughter. In her past time, she enjoys playing softball, she's an avid football fan, loves spending time with family and friends, and of course reading and writing.

Finally taking the time to sit down and write and become a published author has been a dream come true to her. She says that the journey has been exciting and satisfying all because of God and her awesome support system. Twyla feels so grateful to be able to finally do what she loves.  She has far too many people who have encouraged and inspired her to name one by one, but she appreciates and loves each one. It is her hope that each of you enjoy her books as much as she enjoys writing them and she would like to thank each of you for taking a chance on her.

Twyla would LOVE to hear your feedback and use your critique to create better stories for everyone. You may reach her via email at or via the social media links below. She looks forward to hearing from you guys.

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