Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#BookSpotlight Cinderella's Prince by @StacyDeanne #BWWM #IRRomance

Book Title Cinderella’s Prince

Author Stacy Deanne

Genre(s) BWWM, Interracial Romance

Publication Date February 7, 2017

Publisher Self Published

Print Length 320 pages


 Book Blurb

Thirty-four-year-old supermodel Gabrielle’s world comes crashing down when Futero Cosmetics fires her as their spokesperson because she’s too old. Suddenly, Gabrielle finds her life at a crossroads not sure what to do next.

Hugh is the hottest director in Hollywood and can’t control his appetite for beautiful women to save his life. Hugh has wanted Gabrielle for years and sees her current misfortune as the vehicle to get close to her. He offers her the starring role in his upcoming film hoping it’ll lead her to his bed. Unfortunately, Hugh’s plan hits a snag when he realizes Gabrielle wants nothing to do with him because of his womanizing ways.

Despite Gabrielle’s disdain, Hugh believes they belong together and won’t stop chasing until she’s in his movie and he’s in her heart.

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Author Stacy Deanne

Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is an award-winning author of sweet to sensual romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women's fiction books. She's written Amazon Top 100 bestsellers, and her work has been praised and reviewed in USA Today numerously. She loves writing stories that focus on main characters who rarely get the spotlight such as characters with physical disabilities, mental illness, and terminal diseases.

Stacy is known for bringing versatile stories to her readers. With her you never know what you're gonna get, which separates Stacy's work from the pack. Stacy's books are full of passion, thrills, intriguing characters and so much emotion you can't get enough! If you want something different and unpredictable then definitely check out her work.

With Stacy every book is an adventure.

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