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#BookReview Bulletproof Gods by @Tysha_Jordyn @MissGemini83 @Its_Me_Virgo

Bulletproof Gods: Money Over Everything

Author(s) Tysha Jordyn, Shameka Jones & Virgo

Series Book 1 of 2

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Romance

Publication Date December 14, 2016

Publisher Royalty Publishing House

Print Length 191 pages


Book Blurb

Miami...the city of sun, sex, money, and power. The streets never sleep and the block is always on the come-up, but only one name send chills up the spine of the entire east coast—DiBiasi. Street kings by birth, the three brothers are Cuban royalty, and the next generation of a dangerous dynasty that has brought the city of Miami to its knees for decades—there is no Miami without the DiBiasi boys.

Zeus, the eldest brother, rules with a power so brutal that he can issue a kill order without uttering a single word. As the true leader of the DiBiasis, every king needs his queen, right? Zeus has just that in his fiercely loyal wife, Xiomara—Zo to her family. A true mafia princess who’s been down for him since their first kiss, Zo is even more ill with an AK than Zeus, but her venomous bloodthirst has taken a back seat as she plays dutiful wife and doting mother to their two daughters. One contraction away from giving birth to the first male and next heir in the DiBiasi dynasty, Zo is something that the streets least suspect—Zeus’ secret weapon.

Titan is every bit the boss as his older brother. A more than meets the eye kind of guy, his flawless combination of book and street smarts make him a force to be reckoned with. A believer in death for dishonor, he moves with a tech-savvy stealth so brutal that you feel his wrath long before you see him. Titan’s only weakness is the elusive love he feels for Zipporah, big sister to Zo and the one that got away. Affectionally known as Po to her family, she refuses to bow down to the DiBiasi domination as long as Titan is playing house with India, his live-in girlfriend. Po puts Titan on notice that it’s her way or no way, but Titan has a trick up his sleeve that just might force her to submit to his stroke.

Ares is the baby and wild card of the family. Arrogant, cocky, and the true muscle of the DiBiasis, he thrives on the dangerous path that his reckless temper seems to lead him down on the daily. Ares doesn’t believe in a clean shot and would much rather leave a trail of bodies for even breathing too hard in his direction. Guys wish to end him, and chicks long to feel him get in, but he’s got a ruthless energy that fuels his motto: smash and pass. He’s on a mission to bed as many chicks and dead as many enemies as possible to keep his family on top.

Every hustler in Miami knows their role and place, and the DiBiasis have ruled the city with ease, but that all comes to a screeching halt when they trip and fall headfirst into an unexpected war with a ruthless Mexican cartel. Small things to a giant, though, and the DiBiasi boys plan to prove just why they’re the undisputed bulletproof gods of Miami.

My Review

Tysha, Shameka & Virgo collaborated on an amazing action-packed urban story. I absolutely loved the theme that flowed in this novel. Three powerful brothers, all named after Greek Gods, are now running the 'family business'. The DiBasi brothers work very well together, however, they are faced with many challenges on both personal & business levels.

I personally loved this story, especially the brotherly love between the brothers. Zeus, the oldest, is my favorite. I love his relationship with his wife as well as his powerful and calculated demeanor. Titan is pretty laid back. He not only has to deal with the family business, but is faced with making the right decision in his life personally. I'm happy about the 'great news' he has received but he needs to do what is right to get what he's always desired. Hopefully, he will make the right decision. Ares cracks me up. I like his little hothead, bad boy nature although it does get him into plenty of trouble. He's the shoot first, ask questions later type of guy. Smart. But crazy! These three DiBasi brothers are all smart, well respected, and very powerful. They are certainly a forced to be reckoned with.

That cliffhanger at the end thou. I just had a feeling something was going to go down after the DiBasi brothers made that power move. Personally, I would have left for Cuba the same night. I'm anxious to find out how they are going to get themselves out of their current situation. I'm also dying to know what's to follow if they do. What's going to happen to the ladies in their lives?

Overall, this story was a great read and I recommend that you read it. You will not want to put this book down. It is well written & flows very nicely together. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I sure did.

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