Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#BookSpotlight Angels and Diamonds by @TKLawyerAuthor #Paranormal #Romance

Title Angels and Diamonds

Author TK Lawyer

Genre Paranormal Romance

Publication Date October 22, 2016

Publisher Foundations, LLC

Print Length 100 pages


Angels and Diamonds spins seven heart-warming tales of finding love when you least expect it and the struggles of holding onto true love. Each fun tale depicts ardor, attachment and dedication while staying true to the theme of a Diamond and an Angel.

Puppy Love- Petra, an owner of a dog rescue group in need of financial assistance finds an unlikely funding source.

Bride to Be- Diamond, a bridal shop owner meets a man who seems vaguely familiar. Little does she know he will change her future.

Promise- Tauria’s relationship with an Archangel leads to her forgotten past.

The Gift- Celeste’s gift is more than her Angel can handle.

Hunted- Natasha’s encounter with a mercenary has an unexpected, mutually beneficial outcome.

New Home- Marisole’s home search for a ‘friend of a friend’ thrusts her back into the life of a man she once craved. Sadly, he doesn’t know she exists.

Make a Wish- Are Stella’s dreamy adventures genuine or vivid imagination?


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TK Lawyer

TK Lawyer has always had an interest in the strange and unusual and was a romantic by heart. Lawyer never pictured herself as a writer, she kind of stumbled into writing. Sometime in 2011, craving some kind of excitement and adventure in her life; she jotted down a few notes for a book idea and never looked back. Funny part is, the notes she wrote never became a book. Instead, she took on subjects as wolf-shifters and angels and created their worlds and has loved every minute of it.

Lawyer writes passion-filled paranormal romance- weaving tales of alpha males willing to do anything for the one feisty, curvaceous, strong-willed woman who has won their heart. They will go to any length to please their mate, in and out of the bed.

Lawyer invites you, lovely readers, to enter her world. Relax in an easy-chair, sip a soothing beverage, stay and be entertained. She writes for you.

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