Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#NewRelease Secrets & Lies by @CareyTheWriter #AAFiction

Title Secret & Lies 

Author Carey Anderson 

Genre African American Fiction 

Release Date December 20, 2016 

Print Length 625 pages 

Publisher Self-Published


Secrets & Lies is the story of two young couples. Although each couple had plans for the future, neither one of them start off as they planned. Royce and Alaina try their best to hold on to the dream. Tavio and Eva figure out that the plans of children can be too difficult to execute. Both couples learn that their secrets become bigger than their relationships, while their lies tear them apart. 

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About The Author 
Carey Anderson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. At a very young age she learned that she had a natural gift for storytelling. Carey would entertain her family and friends with stories about anything going on in her life or theirs. 

One classroom assignment forever changed her life opening an unmarked door. Her teacher, who brought out all things creative within her, read her story aloud to the class. 

Carey started writing stories as an outlet for the things going on in her life. Once she was in high school she began receiving extra credit from her English teacher for writing stories during her free time after school and on the weekends. Her English teacher suggested that she look into writing children's books, which she still, may do one day. 

During a really turbulent time in Carey's life she began writing what is now known as Tracy's Complications, on her iPhone just as a little doodle. 

Quickly after finishing Tracy's Complications, Carey began Sometimes Love Isn't Enough and Love Is Just Enough, the story of her life. Carey comes from a large family of cousins, and siblings so having such a large family on Amber or Malcolm's side is not strange or unusual for her. "The Latour's and the Wallace's in a lot of ways are like both of my parent's families, with lots of sprinkles of imagination. Neither side is directly represented in one family, but they're all in there." Again using only her iPhone, Carey crafted this master piece losing lots of sleep because Amber or Malcolm would wake her up to tell her more about their story. 

Thus far Carey's stories have been relatable and entertaining. They have been received well by the public and she looks forward to continuing to entertain you. 

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