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Swirling Around Love #Multicultural #Romance Event: Author ReNita A. Burgess

Hello everyone. Welcome back! Did you enjoy yesterday’s featured author? I hope you did, as well as all of the others. Today we have author ReNita A. Burgess with us.

ReNita A. Burgess

A native of South Carolina, ReNita A. Burgess is a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author. She has published a diverse variety of 29 books for people and children. ReNita has been featured on television and radio interviews regarding her talented work. Today she holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ashley University. She manages her own cosmetic brand, ReNita Cosmetics and is currently pursuing a medical assisting certification in plastic surgery from Herzing University. Her goal is to transition into the world of Cosmetic Nursing after completing her current tasks.

Growing up as a child, ReNita became interested in writing whenever her mother told bedtime stories before bed. She then started to write her own stories and make her books using cardboard paper. She took the homemade book to school and shared it with her teacher and class. It was her third-grade teacher, Ms. Yvette Dukes, who noticed ReNita's talent and urged her to become an author someday. ReNita kept that promise and made it came true in 2010 with the help of a friend/author. She published her first book, which was a collection of horror stories she saved from high school. People find it hard to believe that she has a collection of nearly 700 poems in a spiral notebook she's saved for years, unpublished.

Writing isn't the only talent ReNita has, she has a history of competing in numerous pageants and acting in short plays growing up. She has always been creative when it came to drawing and painting, it's her form of therapy. ReNita is a fan of rainy days, long walks, the beach and watching many reruns of The Golden Girls. When she isn't busy pounding away at the keyboard, she enjoys visiting the deep country side where she grew up.

Author Interview

1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

Being in interracial relationships is the number 1 reason why I write BWWM romance books. J But I love to reach out to diversity and everyone, so I write all genres and my books are for everyone.

2. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

I enjoy baking cakes, painting, gardening and doing hair.

3. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Well, I’m inspired by my good friend and author AlTonya Washington. Another author I admire is K. Victoria Chase.

4. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

Oh my! I read a little of everything except historical. I read suspense, romance, inspiration, horror and a little erotica. Right now, I am currently reading Cole for Christmas by Darlene Gardener. I have had this book since 12th grade and I am FINALLY reading it. Lol I keep sooo many books saved up. I love Christmas romance. I could read them all year around!

5. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

Hmmm well, I always love television and radio interviews. I’ve had a book signing last year at the Florence County Library. I am trying to land another television interview towards the end of this year and another book signing.

6. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

Well, I’d like to be at the top by then. Hopefully, a New York Times Best Seller. That’s the goal! Whatever it is, I’m going to try hard and show for it. ;)

7. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

The best advice is to bloom where you are planted. Keep writing and keep looking for connections with the RIGHT people to help grow your work. Most of all, you can’t give up.

Special message from Renita to you …

Dear readers, Picking up a book was my place of escape throughout my life. I became so attached to reading and entering into the lives of characters that I decided to become an author. I hope that when you read my books and learn about me, that you will see my desire and passion as an author.  When people ask me where do I get my ideas for writing, I tell them that I pick up ideas from my own experience with a little twist of fiction. It’s amazing when God can put ideas in your mind, it’s like a special power of a gift. Every time I write, I put in so much energy with hopes to connect to my readers; leaving them feeling the way I feel as I write. I love interacting with new fans and hearing from my readers. Please continue to support me and be on the lookout for upcoming giveaways.

Sincerely, ReNita A. Burgess

Book Catalog

Stranded With A Soldier

A South Carolina journalism student has packed her bags and is on her way to Nashville, Tennessee for a much-needed getaway. But when she encounters an annoying, but handsome, Army soldier at the airport, things become hectic. He is the most aggravating person she has ever met, and she is the most paranoid and whiny woman he has ever met. The two of them both find themselves missing the flight from Charlotte and are stuck with each other for hours until the next flight. Somehow through all the arguing and the bickering, they start to develop something that leads a little more. What happens when it's time for them to depart? Will their short encounter fly away with a memory? Or will they allow their hearts to travel above and beyond with the clouds? Fasten your seat belts and prepare to take off into the clouds of romance. This will be one flight you wouldn't want to miss!

Available for purchase here.

I Love This Vanilla Candy Cane

41 year old Janay Jones has her heart set on Matthew Coldman; the 24 year old seasonal chairman at her job. While Matt's uncle is on Christmas vacation, he's now the one in charge; even if that means demanding Janay to visit his office most of the time. The sexual chemistry between he and Janay is very strong and out of this world. Whenever he's around, she completely throbs in places other than her heart.

This Christmas she only seeks something different, exciting and with a little adventure. (One sexy snow bunny, please!) Will she be able to keep up with his vanilla candy cane? Or will he be able to control this experienced sex- vixen? This is one December they will be sure to remember. These two are already on the naughty list!

Available for purchase here.

In The Middle Of Love’s Crime

Columbia, SC news anchor Simona Cox has it all. She's a local celebrity, she's beautiful, she's smart and she's engaged to a VERY SEXY army lieutenant, Benjamin Myers. It's a strange coincidence that whenever a beautiful woman is murdered in the neighborhood, Benjamin randomly disappears; his excuse is that he's busy with work in the army.

Simona becomes frustrated and confused when Ben disappears for days, sometimes weeks, without telling her anything. What is Benjamin hiding? Could Benjamin be a Jack the Ripper murdering women?

Simona's ex boyfriend, Detective Drew Slater, sure thinks so. Drew is anxious to take over the case with hopes of getting closer to Simona, but he's eager to get Benjamin behind bars. (Even if it means he has to do something dangerous.)

It all boils down to one question, who is the murderer? Drew, Simona and Benjamin somehow find themselves stuck... in the middle of love's crime.

Available for purchase here.

Girlfriend Of A Married Man

A struggling waitress falls head over heels for a top Miami lawyer. Once she discovers that he is married, things change and starts to become...DEADLY!!!

Available for purchase here.

A Captain For Christmas

The holidays seem to bring out the worst in people, well at least that's what Chrisette Rice believes. It has been a year since her mother disappeared on a trip to Fiji, not making it home in time for Christmas. Chrisette believes and faces the fact that her mother could be dead and undiscovered. Following after that, her fiance called off their long engagement. For a whole entire year, this caused Chrisette to suddenly become Ms.Scrooge. Chrisette's attitude is just as cold as the winter days and frigid as the winter nights. As the holiday season approaches again, she is crossing off her calender until it's over. The thought of Christmas brings back bitter, depressing memories and hurt in her heart. Her heart feels frostbitten, stale and lifeless. However, after meeting Captain Greg McCarthy, he is willing to change Chrisette's mind. It is impossible for him to do so when she doesn’t even consider giving him a chance. Will she have a different view on love? Or will she see Garret as just a toy soldier to throw in the toy box?

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ Stranded With A Soldier

"What are you doing in here? Are you crazy?” I asked him, startled.
I had forgotten to lock the door to the airplane restroom. Brian placed his index finger over his lips, signaling for me to be quiet.
“If you get us in trouble for being in here do you know what could happen?” I asked. I could feel the fear racing throughout my complete nervous system.
The sound of his combat boots sounded like heavy thunder as he tried to fit into the secure room. I could feel the weight of his breath covering my personal space and the scent of his masculine deodorant. It trapped me, pulled me in deeper and deeper into him. I had sunken into his web, and I wasn’t able to get out. All I could do was stay there in the place he made my lair.
For some strange reason, I was afraid of being caught. The same fear I had when we were in the vending room back at the airport, but this time, it was much more intense. Over my feeling of nervousness, and the fact that we were 28,000 ft in the air, my arousal was magnetic towards his.
He didn’t say a word as he came in closer to me. He walked me back further and further, sinking his nose into my neck and inhaling ALL of my natural scents. His tongue traced against my neck. Lick after lick. Kiss after a kiss. My heart was beating and pounding like a thousand drums as he discovered me. He kissed and sucked my neck, his hands pinned against my breasts. He massaged me, arousing every nerve in my body.
“Brian,” I whispered in his ear.
He didn’t say a word. The only language he spoke was with his body.His hands glided up and down my curves, feeling every line that God had drawn on me. I could tell that he wanted me. He desired me, and it was like a cauldron of burning fire between us down there.
Our lips found each other, dancing to the rhythm of lust created by human nature. The deep attraction between man and woman was a role to be played and acted out without practice. We sure wasn’t practicing, and this wasn’t an act at all, it had been the real thing.
I moaned, running my hands through his blond hair and removing his camouflage hat. He bit my bottom lip, cupping my ass and pulling me in deeper to his body.
Still, he didn’t say anything.
I was both puzzled and desperate, living in two different worlds. What did I want? What did he want? Would this go anywhere?
Those questions easily escaped my mind when he yanked me by the waist with his manly hands.
Still, he didn’t say anything.
What if the flight attendant were to walk in?
What if she caught us?
What if she noticed we were missing from our seats?
My heart raced.
Skipped a beat.
Skipped triple times.
I felt the crevices between my thighs starting to liquefy as he quickly lifted my little dress. He bit roughly into my neck like an escaped beast from a prison.
Brian removed my little hot pink panties and squeezed my ample ass. He groaned as I felt him pinning his manhood against my wet spot.
The turbulence from the plane was now unnoticeable to me.


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