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Swirling Around Love #Multicultural #Romance Event: Author Xavier Neal @XavierNeal87

Welcome back all. Hope you all are having a great start to your week. We’re back with the Swirling Around Love Multicultural Event. Today marks Day 15 and we have author Xavier Neal with us today. Let’s give her a warm welcome to Vaneka’s Book Blog.

Here she is …

Xavier Neal

Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

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Author Interview

1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

I write those types of books, along with others outside of the category, because writing is my passion. It's why I wake up in the morning. It's what gives me joy and drive, and it's a duty to myself as well as the higher calling, to follow your deep passions.

2. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

I love movies and television shows. To me it's writing on a different medium and I LOVE that.

3. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I enjoy reading all types of books. It's definitely a story line idea that grabs me more than a specific genre. At the moment I'm reading a fun spiritual book “Thank and Grow Rich” and working my way through “Girl on The Train”.

4. Are you working on anything new? If so, when can we expect it to be released?

Always, lol. My next book does not have a confirmed release date yet but I would guestimate towards the end of October.

5. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

I have a book signing in Toledo, Ohio, Oct 8th!

6. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

Still writing. Still waking up every day pleased and joyful I get to deliver stories to people willing to listen. As far as HOPE where I'll be, maybe a Netflix original or a movie? Lol. Never stop dreaming...

7. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Know the reason WHY you write and remember it. LIVE it. And BELIEVE in it. Many things come and go but your drive for what you do will always be what makes the stormy days worth it.

Special message from Xavier to you …
Hey! Thank you for looking into me, reading me, and swinging by! I hope you find something by me that makes you fall in love with reading all over again.

Book Catalog
Senses Series
Blind (Book 1)
Aside from being blind to the fact his best friend, Maxx Hughes, is madly in love with him, Logan 'Unbreakable' Kellar has it made. He's the best amateur fighter at TKO, has a buffet line of women desperate to be taken by him, and three friends that are his family. However, when Maxx crosses over from Logan's blind spot on the side lines to the dead center of his vision, he realizes that he can't stay blind to the fact this girl, is the girl.
Available for purchase here.

Mollify (Book 2)
Dean "Mr. O" Kellar has been following closely in the footsteps of his famous adopted father for years, but when Megan Davis pops back into his life suddenly he starts following him in a new light. She was the girl who saved Dean when they were children and the girl he needs to save now. Will the two of them be torn apart once more or will their hearts be allowed a chance to finally mollify?
Available for purchase here.

Blear (A Senses Series Companion Novel)
Aside from convincing his three year old daughter the importance of eating vegetables and his older son the necessity of space in relationships, retired MMA world champ, Logan "Unbreakable" Kellar, has one important goal in life right now, and that's making sure his pregnant wife knows how much he loves her. However, when their family vacation takes several unexpected turns, unforeseen decisions will have to be made. Will Logan be able to take the sucker punches life throws or will everything he knows as family become just a blear?
Available for purchase here.

Senses Series Box Set (1-5)
This box set contains Senses Series Books 1-5. Blind, Deaf, Numb, Hush and Savor.
Available for purchase here.

Prince of Tease Series
Prince Arik (Book 1)
Members only.

A simple rule but a valuable one.

The Castle is the most exclusive and illusive male strip club in the country. As dancers we're treasured like royalty and as clients, you're treated like it.

I'm the cocky, playful, green eyed dream boat whose body makes ladies hit high notes. Every man that walks out onto the stage is loved like a prince.

I'm Arik and this is my story.

(This is the FIRST in a series of STANDALONES)
Available for purchase here.

Hollywood Exchange Series
Already Written (Book 1)
When clumsy romance writer, Minka Knight, is asked out on a date by Pierce Wyatt, famous T.V. star, she finds herself in the all too familiar story line where opposites attract. Between their different lifestyles, crazy schedules, and unpredictable meddling friends, being together doesn't seem like the right option. However, as the weeks go by the two discover reality really is stranger than fiction and no love story is already written.
Available for purchase here.

Havoc Series
Havoc (Book 1)
When Clint "Grim" Walker, started Operation: Save Haven Davenport, the beaten, bruised girl who fell into his life, he had no idea it would turn him into an unbalanced, enraged, insecure idiot.
The mission objectives seemed simple. Make her feel safe in his home. Fail. Protect her from the neighborhood playboy. Fail. Shelter her from the ex-girlfriend. Fail. Not fall in love with her. Epic fail. And while Clint could learn to live with those failures, there's one he can't. And that's the objective that matters most. More than his side duties of making amends with his father, more than accepting motherly love from his meddling neighbor, and more than attempting to relate to his brother's in arms off the field. That objective is life or death.

Available for purchase here.

Havoc Box Set (1-3)

What happens when a broken Marine collides with a girl running from a haunting past? Will the two be each other's saviors or will the havoc, chaos and insanity from their lives consume them?

Available for purchase here.

Adrenaline Series

Classic (Book 1)

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and live happily ever after, right? That is unless boy is a criminal and girl is the daughter of the man trying to catch him. With circumstances this unforgiving, is there anyway their love story will have an ending that we've come to know as classic?

Available for purchase here.

Error (Book 5)

Destin McCoy has a flawless reputation behind the keyboard and in the sheets. However when he is put to the test by the Drug Lord who is responsible for his brother's deaths, he has a choice to make. Save the girl who has helped him heal or take the vengeance he deserves. Will Destin make the right choice or will this just become an error?

Available for purchase here.

Adrenaline Series Box Set (1-3)

Follow legendary street racer and career criminal, Merrick McCoy as he creates a classic love story with a vintage girl that can only end in a dark tragedy or a beautiful masterpiece.

Available for purchase here.

Blue Dream Series

Blue Dream (Book 1)

First love. Last love. Only love. Well, at least that's how Ryder Collins thinks of the girl he lost because of his addiction ten years ago. While Ryder is battling the demons of his past to save his future, he will start to question the nightmare that has become his reality and the illusive blue dream that he swears started it all.

Available for purchase here.

Purple Haze (Book 2)

Second chance. Last chance. Only chance. Well, at least that's how Ryder Collins feels when he's reconnected with the lost love of his life. While Ryder is battling the grim reality outside of rehab, he will be forced to face his past mistakes and the possible pitfalls of his present. Will the purple haze he's relit be enough to keep him moving towards a beautiful future or will Ryder Collins repeat his misguided history?

Available for purchase here.

Rub Me Series

Rub Me The Wrong Way (Book 2)

What happens when a female CEO of an Erotic Publishing company relinquishes control of her heart and her body?

Available for purchase here.

Rub Me Series Box Set

What happens when a female CEO of an Erotic Publishing company relinquishes control of her heart and her body?

Available for purchase here.

Standalone Novels


Perfect body. Perfect car. Perfect life. So, what could a girl like that ever want from a guy like me? The guy with holes in his sneakers. The guy who can barely afford to eat. The guy with an unexpected secret. What could a princess like that want from me? After all fairy tales don't exist in real they?

Available for purchase here.


Jaye Jenkins is dealing with the death of her fiance, an overbearing mother and an awkward social existence when a green eyed stranger stumbles into her life. For some reason she can't stop thinking about the mysterious man she knows she has no right to be fantasizing about. Suddenly an uncontrollable situation occurs, and in a single moment, one simple act of kindness changes everything.

Available for purchase here.

The Gamble

3 friends. 2 players. 1 bet.

When Luca Larson makes an expensive wager, guaranteeing the bedding of his only real female friend, he's expecting the situation to go as smoothly as sleeping with any other woman would. It doesn't take long before he realizes his usual plays won't work. She knows them too well. She knows HIM too well. If Luca wants to win, he'll have to do things he's never done before. Friendships will be challenged. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be inevitably changed. But one question will remain. Was it all worth the gamble?

Available for purchase here.


For June Bailey, life is all about meeting outlandish requests for her billionaire boss which includes keeping an eye on the woman's artsy, nomad nephew, Tucker Frost. June highly underestimates how difficult spending time with Tucker will be. Between his good looks, irresistible charm, and a way of helping her see the beauty beyond her check-list life style, she begins to lose herself in more than just his artwork. However, when the time comes for the wanderer to drift away once more, will their love be forced to comply with traditional goodbyes or will it be allowed to exist in freeform?

Available for purchase here.

Just Out Of Reach

There isn't much Theo Convington wants but can't have. His charms and green eyes have gotten him everything, from an easy job to his choice of easy women, and that's exactly how he prefers to live his life. Easy. However, when one wrong decision lands him on house arrest, he's forced to start his life over with an estranged aunt. As if trying to settle into his limited lifestyle wasn't hard enough, Theo makes the mistake of meeting the woman of his dreams, who happens to live right next door. With so much already stacked against him, will he put in the work it takes to win her heart, or will she join the long list of other things that are suddenly just out of reach?

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ Prince Hunter

Mirth fills his eyes. “A woman who's not afraid of a good hunk of meat?”

I wet my lips seductively. “Obviously...”

Hunter swallows another animalistic sound and declares, “Steak it is. Any other requests?”

Remembering the excitement from our first time together, I add, “Rope. Next time you get an orgasm out of me, I want there to be rope.”

As if I opened the gates of heaven, he whispers, “I thought that was a given...”


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