Monday, February 8, 2016

Upcoming Release | The Hand I Was Dealt by Latitta Waggoner

The Hand I Was Dealt
Author: Latitta Waggoner
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance
Publisher: Tiece Presents
Expected Release Date: February 2016

This is the prequel to ‘Can't Stand The Rain’ series.


The Weber family was living life happily until a raging storm of a mistress came and shattered their false reality. Unable to deal with the drama caused after this visit, daughter of the adulterous father leaves home at the age of fourteen and leaves her twin sister behind. Once she is out in the world on her own, she realizes that life isn't the beautiful portrait she envisioned for so long. Her journey teaches her that in this game of life, you can't always choose the hand that you are dealt, but you must play your cards right.

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