Sunday, January 10, 2016

#SundayExcept 002 Deadly Secrets Revealed by E. Bowser #Paranormal #Romance

Available January 18, 2016

The Deadly Secrets is an exciting series focused on Taria, Michael, Quinn, and LaToya – friends and lovers, who are fighting against the forces of evil. Deadly Secrets Revealed is book II in this series and it begins where Deadly Secrets finished off at.
This book presents many questions, such as: will Quinn get to LaToya in time to save her life? How will being kidnapped affect her and her baby? Will Taria die from her plan to bring Damon down or will Michael be able to save her - both from herself and Damon? Michael’s secrets has come back with a deadly bite to haunt him. His brother Damon is targeting everything he holds close to him. With unseen enemies around every corner will they all make it out alive? Will more secrets be revealed to turn their lives upside down once again? Or, will this be their end?


I felt the heat on my face, but I couldn't open my eyes. I heard someone calling my name, but I couldn't make out who it was. The heat irritated me, and I couldn't hear witched pissed me off even more. That damn Toya had the heat on again as if it was zero degrees outside. It grew hotter, and the voices got louder, but they sounded as if they were drowned out. Why the hell were they yelling anyway I'm trying to sleep maybe if I keep ignoring they will go away? I felt myself being lifted up to be carried somewhere, and I fought to open my eyes. I was so tired and weak, but I didn't know why. Damn, he must have taken way too much blood this time. I smiled to myself until everything that has happened over these past months came crashing back. I opened my eyes to see Michael carrying me and I could hear Toya screaming to Quinn to run faster. I couldn't understand why it was hot. I opened my eyes wider and saw the fire raging behind us trying to engulf us along with the building. "Michael," was all I could get out before dizziness hit me like a ton of bricks.
"Taria, don't talk you need to get to a hospital just hold on," he gritted as he ran through a door leading to an alley. I tried to tell him how much I loved him, but I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer. I knew death was approaching but as long as Damon was dead it didn't matter. Death was closer as the growing darkness neared making my vision was fade faster. Damn this would have made hell of a book I thought then it was black.

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