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#SneakPeek The Wife of A Texas Hustler by Mesha Mesh #UrbanFiction #AARomance

Available January 8, 2016


Chapter 1
           Kush clouds smothered the air as I drove down Martin Luther King Blvd with Montez in the passenger seat of my 2003 Nissan Maxima, bumping a local rapper named Seven Tha Great through the speakers. The way he spit his lyrical genius, mixed with the weed, elevated our minds to new heights; much like outer space. I never was much of a smoker but I indulged sometimes with my baby when we wanted to kick back, relax, and get freaky. Heavy eyelids, a dry mouth, and a choking cough after inhaling a puff of the Kush caused me to swerve into the inner lane. Being that I had a fast reflex, I was able to quickly get us where we needed to be. The fire from the blunt had begun to burn the tip of his fingers, so Montez quickly opened the window to throw it out and an abundance of smoke went right out with it.  
           From the corners of my eye, I secretly admired the way my Latino papi sat in the passenger seat looking sexy as shit. His thick black curly hair peeked from under his Dallas Cowboy's snapback, looking all silky smooth, and I couldn't wait to run my fingers through it. His deep hazel eyes bore into my soul each time he glanced in my direction and the way he licked his full pink lips sent chills running down my spine, straight to my panties. He wore a Troy Aikman throwback Dallas Cowboy's jersey, some starched down Guess jeans, and a fresh pair of blue Chuck Taylors on his feet. His six-foot two-inch frame was one of nothing but pure sexiness with tattoos covering his chest and arms. Unadulterated lust completely captivated me, causing my eyes to linger on him a little too long and I swerved in the inner lane once again, but quickly regained control.
           Loud sirens and red, white, and blue lights glared in the rearview mirror, alerting me that the hot boys were on my tail. Nervousness seemed to devour our highs as we sluggishly started to panic. In an attempt to clear out the clouds of intoxicating smoke, I expeditiously tapped the control on my door to let the windows down. Fresh air instantaneously breezed inside my vehicle and I deeply inhaled to relax my lungs.
           "Where the weed at?" I asked Montez, who was sitting in the passenger seat shaking his head, while silently preparing himself for his trip to jail.
           "It's right here," he said as he held it in front of him where I could see.
           "Hurry up and give it to me," I instructed as I pulled into the parking lot of Erykah Badu's club, with the police right on my tail.
           His eyebrows rose with suspicion of my request. "What you about to do?"
           "Just give it here, damn," I fussed and then snatched it out his hand.
           Tonight's smoke session wasn't his fault at all; it was actually my idea, so I wasn't going to let him go down for it. With haste, I stuffed the Kush in the seat of my panties and got the air freshener out of the arm rest to spray the car. After I was done, he handed me a piece of gum and then placed a piece in his mouth. My jaws hurt from vigorously chewing the piece of gum like it would contain any remnants of marijuana on my breath. While waiting for the officer to arrive, I scolded myself for being so careless. I impatiently waited for him to get out but he wasn't coming fast enough. Out of curiosity, I sneakily glanced out the side mirror to see if the officer was a man or woman, so I would know which way I would approach the situation. My prayers were answered when I saw that it was a man and I sprang into action. I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my shirt, exposing my black lace bra, and pushed my breast up so they could stand at their highest point. Since the officer was still sitting in the car running my plates, I had time to gloss my lips and run my fingers through my hair. Montez eyed me while I got ready for my performance and I winked my eye; watch me work.
           "Hello ma'am," the officer greeted as he approached my car. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" he asked as he flashed the light in the car, so he could get a better view of Montez.
           I slightly leaned further back into my seat, in order to block his view of my man. "No sir, I honestly figured you pulled me over because you saw a cute face that you wanted to meet," I flirted while biting my bottom lip and openly checking him out.
He was rather nice looking; I must admit. He stood at about five foot ten, caramel skin, with muscles in his arms that seemed to be too big for his shirt. On his face he wore a neatly trimmed goatee with a thin beard that connected along the jawline. He had full chocolate lips, thick bushy eyebrows, and his hair was cut low with waves that were clearly visible.
He slightly smiled at my statement. "You are nice looking but that isn't why I stopped you. The reason I stopped you was because you swerved into the inner lane and when the window came down, a cloud of smoke flew out."
"Sorry about that, officer. I just picked my brother up from the airport and we had to smoke a blunt to clear our heads before we made it to our dad's wake. He was killed a few days a go by an officer in North Dallas," I replied as I leaned closer to the window, so he could get a good look at my succulent breast.
He licked his lips as his eyes zoned in on the prized melons that sat nicely on my chest. "I'm sorry to hear that. Since it's such a tragic time in your life and your dad was killed by an officer of the law, I'm going to let you off with a warning this time. The next officer may not be so nice, so I suggest you save the recreational drug use until you get home."
"Thank you, officer," I replied as I stuck my head out of the window to get a better look at his badge. "Officer Jackson. I promise we will not do anything to get in anymore trouble tonight." I smiled brightly.
"Okay," he replied as he wrote something down on a ticket. "Is it okay if we exchange numbers, so I can take you out some time?"
"Sure, Officer Jackson. My name is Vic and you can reach me at three-six-seven-zero-eight-nine-two."
"Okay, I got you. You two be careful and stay out of trouble," he warned as he stepped away to go to his squad car.
"I sure will sexy, make sure you hit me up tonight," I replied as I cranked up the car.
I wasted no time smashing the gas and burning out of the parking lot, leaving the officer behind. I congratulated myself for a job well done, patted the twins with love, and turned up the radio, celebrating to a Lil Wayne jam. I was so engrossed with myself that I wasn't paying any attention to Montez. Everything was cool and I was on cloud nine, once again, until I glanced over at my boo. Seeing that he still hadn't said a word kind of made the nervous feeling return. I needed to find out what's wrong with him.
"You alright Papi?" I asked, somewhat afraid that he would be upset that I gave the officer my correct number.
I don't know what came over me when I did that. Yea, it was out of line but damn, he was sexy as shit. Although he didn't have a chance in the world with me, I still wanted to keep him in the pocket for a rainy day.
"I'm chilling girl! Just tryna get my heartrate to slow down. I was scared as shit," he laughed.
"You not mad at me for giving him my number?"
"Hell nah, we may need that nigga one day," he said as he leaned over to kiss my cheek.
That's why that nigga is my nigga, we be on the same shit at all times. I so love that man.
"Do you still want to go to the hotel or just go home?" I asked as I made a right on Robert B. Cullum.
"It's up to you Mami, it's your night. It's all about you."
"Well, I say we just go home. It will save us some money, plus, I'm not really feeling like kicking it anymore after that close encounter."
"Are you sure? It's all up to you. We're good, so we can splurge a little if you really want to, Mami."
What he said was all great but after almost getting caught up with the officer, I just wanted to go home. Being that close to losing your freedom can kind of put things in perspective for you. Yeah, true, we did have the money to spend at the moment but I was looking at the bigger picture. All I got to do is let my baby stack his bread now and we play extremely hard later.
A week later, I finally received a call from the officer who I had met that night and he wanted to meet me for lunch. Montez told me it was cool if I go, so I got cute and headed on out. While having a nice lunch, we lightly talked about our lives and come to find out, we were cousins. My dad's older half-brother on his father's side is his father. What a blessing that is! After learning our family ties, I went on and told him the truth about Montez and he stated he already knew.

Available January 8, 2016

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