Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sneak Peek | Tomahawk 2: Cat's Claw by Erica Hale

Available January 11, 2016


Victor Moore thought he had finally found happiness. The woman that he loves is back in his arms, his team is stronger than ever. But in his line of work hope for the best but expect the worst. The team will take on a ruthless drug dealer, whose means to get back the ones he love will put Moore's family in danger. 

Cat's Claw moves at jet speed blurring the lines of what you would do for love.

Sneak Peek

I thought about the first time that her and I made love.  I was working for the secret service then, I had to go to Vegas for a stupid training class.  Tonya and I had only been dating for a few months but it didn't take long for me to get hooked on her.  Without a second thought I invited her to come with me and to my delight she agreed to come.
I played it cool, offering to pay for her own room.  Under the guise that she didn't want to waste money, we registered into the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Moore.  The flight was exhausting, the humidly equaled Hell.  By the time we got into the hotel, both of collapsed on the king sized bed.
Recalling, her eyes fluttered up catching me staring down at her.  "Stop it." She said pushing me on my chest but kept her hand in place.  My mind was racing, I didn't want her to think that I carried her over two thousand miles to bed her.  I searched her face for an answer, for the slightest hint of want, anything.  Tonya scooted closer to me, tucking her head under my chin.  "You smell so good."  Brushing her little nose on my Adam's apple.  I nearly lost it.
She kissed my neck, soft little pecks moving up under my chin to my jawline.  Giving tiny bites on my bottom lip.  I couldn't move this woman had left me completely paralyzed. I willed my hands to move up her waist pulling her closer to me.  The nuances of clothes was killing me.  "Do you want this?"  I whispered in her hair.  "Tell me, do you want me?"  Tonya had me weak, still fully clothed I was naked before her.  Vulnerable.
Tonya nibbled on her own lip-eyes dilated.  "Do you want me?"  If she wasn't less than an inch from my face I wouldn't have heard her. She whispered softly. Those big, timber brown eyes traced every one of my features.  As I did the same.  The big deep dimple on her left cheek, button nose, full pouty lips.  When God created woman he was thinking solely about her.  My Tonya.
"I want you more than water."  And just like that, clothes and time melted away.  I was nothing close to a virgin; but I had never made love like that.  The moment was perfect, sheets rumpled up.  Tonya's hair fanned over my pillow.  The smell of her sex was intoxication.  She had put her mark on me and I was stuck.
Needless, to say the training courses were forgotten other plans were cancelled.  At the end of that weekend I knew that I couldn't live without her.

Part 1 is available now on Amazon.

Tomahawk 2: Cat's Claw will be available January 11, 2016

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