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Sneak Peek | Diamond In The Ruff 3: Relief by Yolanda Diamond

Available January 13, 2016


YOLESE, is tricked by her first love and hustler, CETRON, to return home to Atlanta with their son, TAY TAY. He feeds her addiction, beats her and sends her back to the strip to sell dope.

RITA, her cousin, robs a businessman, who purchases dope from Yolese. He attacks and rapes her for the debt of Rita.

Yolese breaks an irrational, conning addict’s foot that owes her as the geeked junkie drives off dragging Yolese onto her knees while pregnant. She gets the shock of her life when she gives birth to a bi-racial baby created by the violent rapist.

SEAN, a young addict reunites with TIMMY, a career criminal friend of his that takes Yolese hostage. She is drugged and repeatedly raped for days before being forced to drive away from a burglary at gunpoint. Timmy threatens to kill her children, taking police on a high speed chase. They crash, killing a family of four. Ultimately, going to trial gains her a lengthy sentence. While serving time, Yolese tracks down the victim’s family to make amends.

Yolese dreams of becoming a bestselling author is at stake when she signs a triple deal. Now she faces her most deceptive betrayers yet, and it will take every ounce of strength she has to walk away and overcome the devastating hurt to see her dreams come true and make it back home.

Yolese is no longer the naïve inmate who has her heart smashed to pieces by Raw, her ex-fiancé.  Now as a successful writer, she finds peace, support and is granted parole after nearly two decades.

Sneak Peek

Chapter 1

My stomach knotted up at the thought of being back in Atlanta and knowing I would have to face Cetron gave me diarrhea. It made me nervous as hell. I can’t believe I agreed to come back home to him. After all I did for him; he just kept on pushing me and kept on cheating. Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out the reason I’m giving him another chance after he took my baby away from me.
I’ve heard it said on many occasions, that when you’re in love, you’ll do foolish things; things way out of the ordinary? Things that you wouldn’t normally do if you weren’t blinded by that four letter word, LOVE. And since I’m being real about it, denying that I stopped loving him didn’t get me far.
I waited until the two guys walking by were gone before I went back into the house. It was a beautiful town house with a large living room and large kitchen. Three bedrooms, 2- ½ baths, hardwood floors and the ceiling were almost cathedral. It was better than the little house I’d left out in Colorado, but not as nice as my old house. Money was tight for the moment, especially since I wasn’t quite over my addiction.
I maintained my hour glass figure and round butt. My blondish braids stopped right at my shoulders. I hadn’t been to a gym in a long time, but I still had thick thighs, voluptuous hips and shapely legs; though my best asset was my sexy full lips that are every man’s wish and many women’s vision of an oral fantasy. I could definitely bring pleasure if I must say so myself. 
My family was happy to have me home, though I had stayed in touch with them the few months I was gone. After the first month of having some peace I thought I would go crazy the second month from boredom, loneliness and being away from my best friend. Her name was cocaine.
I got fixed right up the second day I was back in the ATL after I’d dropped my son off over at my sister’s crib. I know what you’re thinking, but I couldn’t help it. Besides, having to face Cetron was enough to make me want to do a Scarface and snort up a platter. I found out later, luckily that I didn’t kill his trifling behind or shoot his wood off. The bullet hit him in the thigh. When we talked it through, over the phone, he promised that he had forgiven me. We’ll see when he arrives.
I’m figuring Cetron will arrive a little later than he said just to throw me off. He’ll do it just to try to make me think he’s not anxious to see me. When how many other times before I left him did he remember to come home on time? Or come home at all for that matter? If I hadn’t known any better, I would have really thought that he’d forgotten the address. Believing him would be one job I’ll gladly dispute. I hadn’t learned how to ignore his creative ego. He could be very artistic when it came to scheming. 
I went to shower, then lotioned up. I checked to see what time it was, then double-checked the window. Over the last hour, nervousness had grown from slight to huge. At five I warmed up one of those cheap box pizzas that you get for 89 cents or two for a dollar. I still hadn’t learned how to cook and it didn’t matter any way because I wasn’t trying to be romantic with a candle light dinner. My meeting with Cetron was to clear the air, try to have some normalcy and be a family.
Cetron should be here by six and if money is really green, he’ll be gone by seven. Luckily, we had gotten through the hard part by phone. That gave me one less problem to deal with. I didn’t need the headache. I had given our situation a lot of thought. I still had love for Cetron; he was the father of my child. I just loved him.
So I told myself. But don’t even get me started on that subject; if I could turn back time.
My stomach was torn up and I couldn’t stay off the ceramic throne. So once my stomach was completely empty again, I took another quick shower. I stepped out with my bronze body dripping wet and flopped on my bed not caring that my sky blue comforter was getting wet because I was too busy day dreaming about Cetron.
To calm myself down I cut some music on. Johnny Gill’s sexy voice never let a woman down. I rubbed some scented body lotion on that was seductive and ten minutes later I was feeling refreshed. I stood in my closet naked trying to figure out what to put on, my heart pounding like crazy in anticipation of seeing Cetron.
When I heard the doorbell, I scrunched up my face. I wondered who in the hell it could be because Cetron slow ass was never on time. He’s so slow he’ll miss his own funeral.
I snatched the fluffy pink towel from the corner of my bed and wrapped it around me. I walked past Tay Tay’s toy filled room, past my neutral colored den and into my mahogany and white living room. I opened the door ready to give a verbal attack to the clown interrupting my time and was knocked clean off my square. Cetron stood there dressed in green Guess jeans and a short sleeve, white and green shirt to match. He looked like a chewy caramel stick of Twix and I was ready to take a bite. “Cetron…”
“Yolese, you look surprised and ready to get into something,” smirked Cetron, touching my neck.
“Technically, I am,” I stuttered.
“Ready to get into something?” he questioned, licking his full lips.
“Surprised that you are earlier.” A smile eased across my face at his flirting, which made me blush. And looking into his sexy hazel eyes didn’t help either. As many times as I’d tried to get over him, I couldn’t. He still had that hypnotizing effect on me. I still loved him.
“Are we gon’ stand here or what?” questioned Cetron. I stepped back so he could come in. As I turned and started walking back to my room, I could feel his eyes watching my booty bounce from side to side. He followed me to the bedroom. I knew that was dangerous, but oh well. I’d rather flirt than fight. I needed to see where his head was and if he had changed at all. He talked a good game over the phone, but what gangster didn’t?
“Who told you to come past the living room?” I said, turning to face Cetron.
Before he answered, I noticed him taking in everything. My bedroom was decorated in blue and peach. I had a wood bed with thick carved post. The hard wood floor was to a high shine. A full length mirror was always mandatory; it covered the wall closest to the closet. A few pictures lined the wall with two paintings. I called his name, snapping him out of whatever he was thinking about.
“Where is my son?”
“With Colese,” I responded while turning to go to my closet. Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” was playing. “We’ve had this conversation before and I hope we have an understanding that Tay Tay is my son too.” Here his slick ass go.
“I’m sorry. You’re right baby, we’re a family,” he said trying to coax me into not getting mad. My baby meant everything to me. I had slipped too many times already and hoped I never had to be separated from him again over something stupid. So, as long as Cetron didn’t try to serve me with his imaginative temperament, I could tolerate anything else. I really hoped I could handle the agreement. More than a dozen times I’d had Cetron to trick me…to betray me.
“We both agreed to forgive and let the past go. All I’m asking you to do is stick to it,” I said firmly, walking from the closet with a one piece blue jumper suit in hand.
“I got something I want to stick,” Cetron said, walking towards me with mischievous smile on his face. “I miss yo candy box.” Talking slang was a habit for him.
I stopped, cocked my head to the side, grinning, one raised eyebrow and replied, “Oh, do you really?”
Sex had been the last thing on my mind while I was out in Colorado. I was trying to keep my mind from wondering how many more women Cetron had been sticking his pole in. Hell, catching him red-handed with the Jap was what almost made me shoot it off anyway. They should be happy I didn’t kill them. Men ain’t shit, but the power of their magic stick is a whole different story.
“You know I do,” he answered seductively, reaching for my towel.
He was leaning in so close his cheek rubbed against mine. He would only have to kiss me to gain full control.
“Show me,” I said grazing my lips against his neck, then his ear.
Now Al Green was singing about love and happiness that made me not care that I was standing there ass-butt naked. When Cetron’s tongue started dancing with mine that was all she wrote. Our bodies were close and trust me; it only took a hot minute to help him out of his clothes. My mammilla’s and joy button were at attention. My pleasure cove instantly became moist, it pulsated. I couldn’t stop the waves of heat that was drowning me. S~~~! I couldn’t help it. He slid his hand like a credit card and greedily took my peaches in his hot mouth.
“You ain’t said nothing but a word.” Cetron removed his hand and put two fingers in his mouth before he kneeled and let his tongue become my Visa Gold card. Dayum…
I didn’t have anything to balance myself on so I attached my hands to his head and planted my feet to the cool floor. My body contorted in bliss as he gave me a tongue bath. I couldn’t fight that fire if I wanted to. He had some hellafied skills when it came to the cavity search with his mouth.
“Sss…” I cooed while utilizing his dome and broad shoulders for support. The desert was quickly nourished with my oasis. Cetron knew I liked being frisky and I didn’t bother to hold back how good he was making me feel when his tongue probed deeper, then firmly manipulated my pearl. When my body jerked and I let out a loud whine, Cetron knew he had accomplished his mission. 
He had for me, but I knew he would never just let me enjoy the pleasure without him getting his too. A lot of times he’d just leave me hanging. Cetron would bust one, get up and go. So I’m incompletely shocked. Maybe he is serious about changing and loving me.
“Turn around,” said Cetron; standing up. His face was covered with sweet juices. I obeyed as he placed his sturdy hands on my waist and walked me toward the mirror. I could feel his hard muscle pressing against my apple bottom as he leaned me forward. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he had a devilish look on his face. The half-cocky smile he displayed told me exactly what he was thinking as he spread my seasoned roast.
The side of my face and peaches were pressed against the sparkling glass as I felt him press me from behind. 
“You couldn’t wait?”
“No baby. You’ve been away from me long enough,” responded Cetron, pressing closer. His hands were getting a little bit busier. One was concentrating on my joy button while the other one would smack my roast between breaths. Together we rocked rhythmically until we both experienced explosion after explosion. 
Sweaty and exhausted we crashed on the bed. We stayed on replay for the next four days. On the fifth day, Cetron moved back in. Within two weeks after generously giving me all of the powder I wanted to feed my addiction, he had me agreeing to push his dope through the dangerous streets of Atlanta again. I began to feel as if I was running short on time. Time in my life. I should write a book about my life and all I’ve been through before it’s too late, I thought, making another fat line disappear up my nose.

Part 1 and Part 2 are both available on Amazon.

Diamond In The Ruff 3: Relief will be available January 13, 2016.

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