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#NewRelease Spotlight: Feenin' For His Love by Jessica M. #UrbanFiction

Book Title Feenin’ For His Love

Author Jessica M.

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; African American Fiction; Urban Romance

Release Date May 7, 2017

Publisher Leo Sullivan Presents


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Book Blurb

What do you do when love just doesn’t love you anymore? This was how Jessilynn Proctor has felt the last few years of her life. Hooked on a man who doesn’t really appreciate her, but instead degrades her because of her size, she still continued to hold on for her children’s sake. Being with one man her entire life and in hopes that she would become his wife had faded and was now a thing of the past. Damon had cheated far too many times and now Jessi was at the end of her rope. She knows that she should’ve left Damon a long time ago, but her heart just wouldn’t allow her too. The last infidelity had done it for her, but Damon refused to give up easily. When the unthinkable takes place Jessi realizes she must get away from Damon and his bad ways for good.

Kingland and Charli Sinclair seemed to be the ideal couple, but what most didn’t know was that behind closed doors they were miserable. Kingland was brought up with a father that had firm beliefs in if a man started something he stuck it out and made things work. He didn’t want to disappoint his father and leave Charli or disappoint the three kids that they share, but he was tired of his wife and her hood ways. He was a business man and hustler all at the same time and didn’t need all the extra mess that his wife brought along with her. She was jealous and vindictive which were two things he couldn’t stand in a female. He made a good name for himself with his businesses and in the streets and he didn’t need Charli in the way. He married her because he actually thought he could change her. He knew Charli had the potential to be a good woman and he had high hopes for her as a hustler’s wife. When he went to business school, she went to school to be a social worker. They both loved to help others, but when Charli allowed her ghetto friends and family to get in her head, she began to use her connections as a social worker to hurt people instead of helping them.

When unforeseeable circumstances arise and these people encounter each other, lives began to change and not for the good. What one man won’t do another one will. And what one woman takes for granted another would appreciate. Jessilynn has been feenin’ to be loved and loved right. If a man treats a woman the right way and caters to her heart, she would forever be his.

Will these people weather the storms of love or will they come crashing down as they search for the love they have all been feenin’ for? You don’t want to miss this rollercoaster ride as everyone looks for love in all the wrong places.

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Author Jessica M.

Jessica M. was born and raised in Spartanburg, S.C. where she still lives with her husband and two sons. As she spend many of her days reading and writing she also has a degree in Early Childhood Development and she teaches kindergarteners with disabilities. She has loved to read and write since an early age but never pursued a writing career until January of 2016.

For the past year, she has been with Leo Sullivan Presents where she currently has ten published books including the one that went live today.
Her first series was A No Good Love Affair 1, 2 and 3, followed by Risking it All For Love 1, 2, and 3. Her favorite series thus far is, I Need A Boss In My Life 1, 2, and 3.

She thanks everyone for their support and is truly grateful to her readers. She knows without the readers her career would be nothing. Jessica has many titles ranging from wife, mother, sister, daughter and many more, but the title she holds most dear is being a woman of God. She is truly blessed that God has given her the gift of writing.

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